Adopted and Inherited


(The present portion has been taken from the second Dhal of famous Chhahdhala.)

Student– Whose life has been described in the Chhahdhala ?

Teacher – It is a life story of all living creatures. It relates the story of the roamings of this soul in this vast universe. This soul of ours has been wandering in all the four phases of life but it never attained happiness. This has been shown in the first Dhal.

Student -Why is this soul wandering in this world and why is it unhappy?

Teacher-This question has been answered in the second Dhal. This soul, thus wandering in the world, has been facing the miseries of births and deaths, on account of wrong faith, wrong knowledge and wrong conduct.

Student-What are these wrong faith, wrong knowledge and wrong conduct due to which this being is unhappy ?

Teache– Perverted faith of the seven elements including the soul is false belief or wrong faith. You have studied the attributes of animate and inanimate objects and other elements. To regard these essential elements as different from their real nature is perverted faith.

Student-Since when are we in the grips of this wrong faith ?

Teacher– This is since time eternal, but we have been supporting this with external activities. This is of two kinds : (i) Inherited wrong faith and (ii) Adopted wrong faith.

StudentKindly explain these .

TeacherThe feeling of oneness that living beings have with their bodies and attachments towards external objects since times eternal, is inherited wrong faith, and the perverted beliefs that we have developed, being influenced by unreal gods, scriptures and monks is adopted wrong faith.

Student-There must be inherited and adopted non-consciousness also?

Teacher– Yes, it is just like that. Ignorance of living creatures regarding the seven elements from times immemorial is inherited wrong knowledge and adopted wrong knowledge is to study the false scriptures, wherein attachments and other passions have been regarded as desirable and to regard their teachings as correct.

Student-Shall we understand wrong conduct also likewise ?

Teacher– Yes, of course. Indulgence of ignorant creatures in several activities is inherited wrong conduct, and the external conduct which is observed for the sake of fame and good name is adopted wrong conduct. External activities that are devoid of faith and knowledge of the animate and inanimate beings are all of no avail. It has been said :

“The activities of the body including those that inflict physical pain performed with a view to gaining fame, profit or respect and that are without the knowledge of soul and non-soul beings-all lead to the weakening of the physical structure only.”

Student-Why are all the activities of the ignorant irreligious ? If they are good, they should be called religious.

Teacher-Pandit Daulatramji replies thus :

To accept the psychic violence arising out of the feelings of attachments and aversions, that rise in the soul, and the material violence of killing or causing pain to moving or stationary beings as religion is wrong faith. Entities having faith in these are unhappy.

Student-What is the remedy of saving oneself from these ?

Teacher – We can protect ourselves from adopted wrong faith by understanding the real nature of the God, the scriptures and the monks, and from inherited wrong faith by true knowledge of the essential seven elements and thus obtaining inner experience of the soul.

Student – Then please explain the nature of all these.

Teacher-Some other time….

Dr. H.C. Bharill