King And The Gardener

There was a King named Sher Singh of an old country. He was very famous for his justice. One day, he went out with his ministers. He saw an old gardener planting a walnut tree in the garden. The King entered his garden. He asked the gardener, “Are you a servant or owner of this garden?” The gardener said, “I am not a servant. My forefathers planted this garden”. The King then said, “You are planting these walnut trees. Do you think that you will be alive to eat the fruits of these trees? The walnut trees give fruits after twenty years”. The old gardener said, “I have eaten many fruits of trees planted by others. Therefore I should plant trees for others. It is selfish to plant trees for eating the fruits oneself”. The King was very pleased to hear the gardener’s answer. He gave him two gold coins as a gift.