Shila: Sir, I read in a book that “Respect (Vinay) is complimentary to knowledge”. Can you please explain that to me?

Teacher: That is a very good question. It is important for everybody. to learn to respect others. You cannot retain knowledge, if you do not respect your parents, teachers, and religious books, etc.

Respect is expressed in several different ways, for example worshipping the Tirthankars, bowing down to monks and elders, taking good care of your books, paying attention in class, listening to your parents, being polite to everybody, and having good manners are all examples of respect.

Respect destroys the ego, brings forth good thinking, results in the use of polite language, and showing kindness towards other living beings. All these factors help in elevating the soul.

Ravi: Sir, can you tell us how to show respect to elders?

Teacher: Anybody who is older than you is an elder to you. Parents, teachers, uncles, and aunts are your elders. You should greet them with “Jai Jinendra,” “Hello,” or “Hi” whenever you see them. You should offer them a seat when they visit you. It is always polite to offer them a glass of water or juice. Listen carefully to your elders without interruption and answer politely.

Ravi: Sir, are there any other types of elders?

Teacher: Yes, those people who have more knowledge are also called elders. They may be our teachers. Those who teach and practice ethical values are also our elders. All the monks and nuns are our elders. They may not be very older in age, but they are at a higher spiritual level. So we should respect them.

Ravi: Can you tell us more about how to show respect towards elders?

Teacher: When elders leave, walk them to the door.

Do not laugh or giggle at them.

Do not interrupt them when they are talking.

Do not argue with them.

Do not make fun of them.

Never say bad things about elders.

You know, respectful children are praised by people everywhere. And when they become elders, they also receive respect from elders.


1) What does Vinay mean?

2) What happens when we pay respect to elders?

3) What are some different ways we show respect?

4) Who should we show our respect to?

5) How do we greet friends, teachers or elders?

6) Can you give a few examples of showing disrespect?