Arjun Mali

There lived a gardener named Arjun in Rajgrih like a home of all treasures. Skandashri was his dear and beautiful wife.

Arjun gardener’s clan deity named Mudgar Pani Semi-gold having a hammer in his hand was living near by Arjun gardener’s gate of the garden.

Arjun gardener was worshipping that semi-god-yaksha very respect fally with the flowers of his garden. He was pleasing by fragrance of flowers also all the people.

Once upon a time his wife- Skandashri after srving alunch to him was approaching with flowers to wards the temple of that semi-god-yaksha.

Six men mad with lust and intoxication were chattering in the temple of yaksha with vulgar
words. They happened to see her.

Oh ! what a beautiful wife of Arjun gardener is ! chatch her saying thus they caught her ?

Then they possessed by passions took her to the temple and before Yaksha god they all inturn frequently seduced her and raped her very often.

Meanwhile Arjun Mali came for prayers to the temple on seeing him Skandashri said to the
licentious men as follows.

My husband is approaching now, so will you now leave and let me go ? On hearing her such
words the (lusty) lew men thought that really she likes an intercourse.

Oh timid lady ! We are not a afraid of this poor Arjun gardener. Saying thus they immediately
tied him up.

They tied Arjun Mali before Yaksha and the lewd men began rivatry before him and began to
fix her with intercourse very often.

Oh seeing the lewd persons fixing his wife before him began to think that he was worshipping with flowers Yaksha deva regularly.

Today in the presence of Yaksha deva I am humiliated so it is the fact that Yaksha deva does not reside in this temple.

If really Yaksha deva be in this temple he would not have ignored me enduring agony like an orphan during the crucial period.

Knowing that Arjun the gardener thinks thus Yaksha deva soon entared his body and broke the bonds.

He having a thousand K.G. hammer killed his wife and those six licentious men.

That Arjun mali was killing everyday one woman and six men wandering outside the city.

On hearing this fact the citizens did not move out of the city until Arjun mali has not killed down one lady and six men.

Once upon a time Lord Mahavir wandering passed through this city but out of fear from Arjun
mali nobody came out to receive and respect Lord.

On hearing about the advent of Lord Mahavir Sudarshan the chief of the city was extremely
pleased and he began to think thus.

People out of fear from Arjun mali do not come out to receive and respect even Lord Mahavir
who ike the sun evolves the heart lotuses of all. It is in deed very astonishing.

The chief of gods cannot kill the meditator of Lord Mahavir – the Protector of the three worlds,why then these people hesitate with fear to receive and bowl. Lord Mahavir ?

Suudarshan the chief master deciding what may come I will go to meet and greet Lord Mahavir with devotion came our.

Arjun mali too seeing the chief master – Sudarshan rushed towards him bearing a heavy
hammer easily as if a flower ball.

I Sudarshan Master for self Protection take shelter of Lord Mahavir who preached Jainism,
Arihant, Siddh and Sadhus who also followed and preached Jainism.

Further more if I am freed from the clutch of Arjun Mali I shall accept four typed food else I will give it up.

Saying thus taking a vow of fasting he stood in a state of a statue chanting Navkar Maha-

Then Arjun Mali immediately rushed towards the master Sudarshan but because of the power of the truth (religion) he could not do any harmful to him.

Then mighty Arjun Mali began to roam nearing Sudarshan the chief master bus he could not
attack him like a rabbit against a lion.

Then semigod Yaksha got tired of roaming ceaselessly. As an owl being blind in the day time ean not te sun in the same way that Yaksha also could not find the master Sudersan because his blemished eye sight.

Then Yaksha taking his mace – gada deserted Arjun Mali. Religion is mightier than a city.

After having been left by Yaksha Arjun mali fell down and within no moment he rose twisting
his limbs like awakened from the sleep.

Arjun Mali did not remember anything like the events during the dreams. He exclaimed with
wonder What did I do ? Where am I ? What is my positions ? etc.

Then Arjun mali asked the chief master – Sudershan standing in a state of statue about his structure Sudershan knowing that the nuisance has been over became free from the state of statue i.e. Kayotsarga.

Sudershan Master told Arjun mali the whole story on hearing which he repented much and
began to think.

Oh ! I am a fool who out of ignorance committed a nefarious deed leading to the hell. Thinking thus he again asked the master.

Oh dear Sudershan ! Why have you come out ? He replied,”I have come here to bow to Lord

On hearing the words of Sudershan master Arjun Mali said,”Oh wise Sudershan ! I also come with you to meet and greet Lord Mahavir.

Then Sudershan master being pleased and eager to see his Lord came with Arjun to Lord
Mahavir swami.

Both of them bowed at the Lotus feet of Lord Vardhaman Mahavir swami and heard the
spiritual discourse healing the worldly woes.

After sermons Arjun the gardener bowed to omniscient Lord and asked,”Lord ! I am a sinner
! How can I be Purified ?’

In reply to Arjun’s question Lord and “If you are desirous of self purification,observe the hard penance through continence samyam Vrat.’

As the fire removes the dust from gold, the swan singles out water from milk, in the same way the penance as story the dust of the deeds attached to the soul.

As the clouds are dispersed with a wind stroke in the same way the most nefarious deeds are destroyed by austere penance.

On hearing Lord’s words Arjun Mali got initiated through Lord Mahavir and began to wander
in the city Rajagriha to destroy the misdeeds.

He was observing the penance Of “Chhatha’ and thus became the ocean of impartiality and
fraternity. He observed all the vows of the ascetism perfectly.

He is the same person who killed our relative. Today wicked and a cheat having been besmeared with his missdeeds has changed his dressed and worn the saintly dress. By hearing the harsh words and facing a stone throw that saintly soul did not get dejected on the contrary he began to think thus.

If the people are satisfied with my slander it should be regarded as their grace upon me
because salvation seekers give up their wealth also for public satisfaction.

Thinking thus Arjun mali endured the criticism for six months and destroyed all misdeeds and attained the eternal knowledge and truth.

After attaining the eternal truth and knowledge Arjun Mali monk for long period preached to the desirous and blessed souls and obtained salvation. Thus other kind saints also should endure the public slander.