Shitaparishahe Sadhuchatushka

There was fopur traders-master in the city of Rajagrihe who were with and loving, reciprocally
remaining friends to one another.

On hearing about Jainism from Bhdrabaha swami all these four people appreciated nonattachment worldly detachment and got initiated.

On serving guru-guide Bhadrabaha they became experts in religions scriptures -Agamas and
they accepted the discipline ten own as (pratima) Ekakitva Vihar.

They all unanimously decided the code of conduct that inevitable functions, Vihar (wandering), Ahar (consumption) etc. routine works must be done during the third period (Prahar) of the day.

In the beginning of the fourth period (Prahar) of the day the monk (sadhu) must stay and stop in statue state where he is.

Thus accepting kalpa they all the four monks wandering on the earth once again came over to the city Rajagriha.

Then through snow falls paining all the people, drying down the trees full of leaves, fruits and flowers freezing all the lakes like ghee during the night, turning the helpless beasts and birds into the wooden form freezing them He man. Antama season set in.

The poor out of server cold lacking woolen clothes began to tremple-(shaze) with kud kud utternes. As if playing the dental violin they terrorised all the people through terrible cold. Suffers like bitualist vedic Brahmins began to take the shelter of fire. couples on not speaking terms began to embrace each other. such Autumn appeared terrifying the whole world through severity of coldness.

During the cold season all the four monks for (Ahar) food came over to the city from the mount Vaibhargiri during the third period (Prahar) of the day.

These all four monks after having taken their lunch returned through different aways of the city to approach Vaibhar Parvat.

Then one of the four monks came to the cave of the vaibhar mount the second one came to the garden nearing the town the third one came to the mount-Vaibhar parvat and the fourth one came to the city. Meanwhile the fourth period of the day commenced and all the monksmunis- stopped there is self in the pose of statue.

One of the four monks staying near the door of the cave of the mount of Vaibhar parvat because of his high position (he) caught severe cold.

That monk’s body because of coldness caused from the top of the mountain, began to tremple but his mind did not deviate at all.

Suffereing the pain of cold with fortitude that great monk Mahamuni in the first period of night expired and realised the heaven.

The monk staying at the garden in the nether part suffered the pain of cold somewhat less and for that reason he expired in the second period of the night.

The monk who had stayed at the garden having the protection from the pain of coldness was reduced and therefore (he) expired in the third period of the wight.

The fourth monk settled down in the city so he received the least pain of coldness out of warmth of the city. The therefore expired in the fourth period of the night.

Thus all the four monks of patience suffered coldness and realised the heaven. In the sameway the victorious over sexuality and the monks desirous salvation should suffer the pain of coldness.