Abraham Lincoln

There was an ordinary farmer who had a son. He studied hard and became a lawyer. He was simple and humble. He did not have an ego. He stayed on the path of truth. One day he became the President of the United States. This man is Abraham Lincoln

How did the son of a poor farmer become the President of the United States? He possessed three good qualities: kindness, humbleness, and truthfulness. He always did his own work, and never waited for someone else to do his work.

One day while President Lincoln was going to the Congress, he saw a helpless pig stuck in the mud. He felt pity for the animal and wondered how he would feel if he was in the pig’s place. He decided to help the pig. He told his driver to stop the carriage, so that he could pull the pig out of the mud.

The driver stopped the carriage, and President Lincoln got out. The driver said to the President, “You wait, I will take him out. I don’t want your clothes to get dirty.”

The President replied “I do not care for my clothes. The pig’s life is more important.”

The driver said, “Please wait and let me try. If I fail, I will ask for your help.”

The driver tried very hard, but he could not pull the pig out of the mud. So the president helped the driver pull the pig out. While doing that the President’s clothes became very dirty. The driver offered to take him back home so that he could change his clothes. The president however told him that he did not want to be late for the meeting, and asked him to drive towards the Congress building.

When he reached at the meeting, everyone wondered what happened to the president. The driver explained everything. He told them how the president saved the life of a helpless pig. Everybody in Congress praised the president for his kindness.

When you show kindness, friendship and love towards other living beings, you get lot of happiness and satisfaction in return. You also get regards from others. 


1) What kind of child was Abraham Lincoln?

2) What did Abraham Lincoln become?

3) What did he do while going to Congress?

4) Why did Abraham Lincoln not change his clothes?

5) What lesson do we learn from this incident?