Danshmashahe Shramanbhadramuni

There was a city named Champa which was well established and beautifying the earth. Jitashatru having significant name was the king of that city who had enquered all the enemied.

Jitashatru – the emperor had a son named Shramanbhadra who was the most spiritual of all people. That prince like the moon was appeasing all the people of the world (the sabjeen of his reign)

On hearing the moral precept of Jainism from the priest – Muni named Dharmaghosha that pious prince Shrmanbhadra became detached to all worldly luxury. (Lustyu life) and he got
intiated in Jainism. He used to observe Samyam vrat – Penance.

Once upon a time wandering in low lenelled lands that Muni Maharaj during the period of Sharad (before winter) stood in the pause of statue at night in the rast wildevness.

Thousands of mosquitors in this place stuck with their pin pointed mouths to the body at Shramanbhadra and started to suck his blood.

Because of the bite of mosquities which deeply stuck and spread all over Muni’s body his gold like lustrous body seemed to be red like iron.

That Muni felt very severe pain when the mosquitaes were biting him acutely. He tolerated all torture- bite pains but did not more or kill them.

And he began to think that the pain caused by the bite at mosquitoes is negligible i.e. next to nit (nothing) but the pain in the hell will be countlessly much more than this (pain).

The pains (torture) caused in the hell by the nefarious beings, caused by Mithojas (reciprocally created) as well as by Kshetrajas (copula ereatures) can not be described even by the erudite (learned).

This body is seperate from the soul and the soul is different from the body. The body is
inanimate (Jada) and the soul is animate (chetan). Will any wise person be associated or
attached to the body even after having known it well ?

This body is transitory. What is the use of this transitory body ? If there mosquitoes are satisfied by sucieing such a morta body what have I not pbtained – I obtained all and everything.

Thus thinking and bearing the pain that learned Muni (Monk) expired in the same night
following the compute blood suction by mosquito bites.

That Shramanbhadra Muni after having to lereted the bite torture who obey the command of
God – Jineshawar also mast bear the bite pain.