Importance of Company

A parrot had two offsprings. One day a padari took them away. He sold one parrot to a Bhil another to a saint. One day the king was passing through the Bhil’s house on his horse. Then the parrot said,” Oh Bhil, this man has a bad sole in him”. Hearing this the King got scared. The King went ahead and reached the saint’s ashram. Then that parrot said, “Oh saint the King has come, respect him. The king asked the parrot, “Oh Parrot! I heard your words and Bhil’s parrot words also, but there is great difference between the two. The parrot said, “Oh King we both parrots were born of the same mother but our company is different. I live with a saint and I am well behaved. My brother is in the company of Bhil and is ill behaved”. Therefore, one must live in the company of good people to learn good behavior.