In a certain city named vijaini a king named Devliasuct used to serived he had a loving wife next to him, named Aanuracktlochna who had red colored eyes.

Once the king was sitting on the bed when his queen Aanuraktlochna began to play about with his hair by splitting them now and then. At that time she found one grey hair that is a sign of old age.

His beloved said”, Maharaj! a messenger has come. The king was startled and began to see here and there but he could not be seem.

Darling! where is that messenger ? asked the king she said”, A messenger of religion has come”. Then she palled a grey hair with her hand and placed before him.

The king covered it in a slky cloth keeping it in a gold plate conveyed to the citizens with a tear of death in mind.

My fore fathers got initiated before their dotage. Thinking thus he crowned his son Radmarath.

The king himself got initiated along with his queen Anurakta chana. Arumatika the maid and sangitak the servant too accepted initiation.

They all four went to sitgiri for penance After some period a maid and a servant left them behind abandoning vigilance.

Then the Queen’s hidden embryo began to develop. The king out of fear of defamation kept his queen in solitude.

On maturity she bore a baby but died because of her tender health. The baby girl then was nourished by other kind dies.

She was named as Ardhasankasha caradually she grew young. She used to remove her father’s fatigue on the return.

The king having been touted with her tender touch got attached to her and through of capturing her in the cause of time.

Once he ran after her for embraing and stumbled on the step of the house. Then he repented saying, “Oh! life upon me for being blinded with last.”

What will happen to me after death ? I do not know it. But the result of this act is quite upon. He thus having possessed samyak Both- the truth destroyed the deeds and achieved Arudhign as the knowledge.

Oh people one should before from all the worldly clutches. Rajarishi Derila’s has preached

Rajarishi the son of Devila having been detached handed over his daughter to the female monks and after achieving the external – entire knowledge became siddh a successful ascetic Arthasankasha too became happy.