Homage to the Gods, Scriptures and Monks


M.A., Sahitya-Ratna, Kota


The rays of the sun of omniscience illuminate whose inner-self,

That voice of Jinendra expounds beautifully the fundamentals of our being,

The monks who proceed on the path of right faith, knowledge and conduct,

I bow to thee, oh God, scriptures and monks of the Digamber Jain order,

a hundred times.

I implore, of the trio to settle in my mind, while I am offering this homage.


Pleasures of senses are sweet poison, nevertheless one is attracted

towards this handsome human frame.

I have failed to comprehend that all this is the manifestation of matter alone.

Forgetting my own glories, I have adhered to attachments of the non-self.

Now I have come to you to wash off wrong faith with the pure water of right faith.

I offer to you this water for destroying wrong faith as it has not been able

to quench my eternal thirst.


All the sentient and non-sentient entities behave and act

in their own limits of existence.

Calling them favourable or unfavourable is a false attitude of the mind.

I have only lengthened the circle of life and death by becoming unhappy

with unfavourable associations.

I have come to you with a grieved heart to get peace of mind, as from sandalwood.

I offer to you this sandalwood to destroy the anger in me as this has

not been able to keep me calm and undisturbed.


I am pure and without any blemish, having no connection with the non-self.

Even then I always take pride in favourable associations of this world.

This is a homage of the sentient to the non-sentient elements,

destroying our modesty.

I have come to you, oh supreme trio for the realisation of my supreme bliss.

I offer to you this unbroken rice to achieve the undestroyable treasure of joy.


This flower is very soft; it has no crookedness or deceitfulness.

I accept that there is no straight forwardness in my own self.

My thinking, expression and action – all are different from each other.

I, therefore, implore you to grant me stability that washes off inner impurities.

I offer to you this flower to achieve supreme straightforwardness in my nature.


My hunger has remained insatiate even after consuming countless

inanimate articles.

The pit of greediness has been filled time and again, but it has remained empty.

I have been moving in the sea of desires and sinking therein from times immemorial.

Renouncing all pleasures of senses and mind, I have come to thee

for drinking deep of the intrinsic nectar of the soul.

I offer to you these sweets in order to win victory over my passion of greed.


I was under the impression that my life will be illuminated

with this inanimate lamp,

Which changes into deep darkness just in a heavy tempest of wind.

I have, therefore, come to place this mortal light at your feet,

And to light my own inner-lamp with your supreme light of omniscience.

I offer to you this lamp in order to destroy the darkness of my inner-self.


I have entertained the false belief that inanimate karmas are the

cause of my wanderings in the four phases of life.

As such I indulge in attachment and aversion, when these karmas

behave in themselves.

Thus, I have been passing through material as well as psychic karmas for centuries.

I have come to thee, oh trio, to burn external incense for

achieving the sweet spiritual incense of my own-self.

I offer to you this incense to destroy the antagonistic inclinations

of my existence.


Whatever material entities I call my own, leave me all of a sudden.

I, thus, become perturbed and this mental disorderliness leads

to others of the same kind.

I am perfectly peaceful, sentient and unruffled, the lady liberation

is my companion.

I want to see my delusions dashed to pieces, and

that is the purpose of my prayer to thee.

I offer to you this fruit to obtain the fruit of supreme bliss.


I wash off all imperfections of wrong belief after drinking deep

of my own sentient nectar.

Thus I destroy all passionate feelings and enjoy that

sentient drink of my own-self.

Matchless bliss is then born and sun of omniscience rises with

all its glory.

Sentient Perception and Vitality then appear in their fullness,

which is the state of the Arhantas.

Offering you this combination, I collect all the great attributes of my soul.

I am confident that I shall now achieve the glories of the

supreme omniscient being.

I offer to you this mass of eight substances in order to

achieve everlasting happiness of the soul.


I have wandered through this wood of life and appropriated

every particle thereof,

But I did not get even a ray of joy like the dear after mirage in the desert.



Transitoriness : All dreams of the world and the hopes of the mind are false. Body, life and youth are all transitory, they wither in a moment.

Forlornness : I did not get any joy in gold or sensual pleasures for a moment. The world is a vast ocean of turmoils, where pleasures are illusory.

Worldly Existence : Oh, Lord ! amidst the turmoils of the ocean of worldly existence, and its false and uncertain pleasures, I did not have an iota of happiness in gold, women and palaces, even for a moment.

Oneness: I came here all alone and so arrive all the souls in the world. I thought body and wealth give us company, but they leave us, as do other possessions.

Separateness : These possessions were never part and parcel of myself. I have always stood aloof from these. I am separated from all others, drinking deep the equality of the soul.

Impurity : I have been wasting my precious life in adorning the human frame, which impure form has absolutely, no connection with my soul.

Influx: I have always indulged in the trade of auspicious and inauspicious deeds, day and night. Door of influxes has been kept open for all mental and physical deeds.

Stoppage of Influx : My innermost has been burning with all sorts of merits and demerits. Let the rays of right belief enlighten me and bring spiritual vitality through non-flow of influxes.

Shedding of Bondage : Let the pure fire of penance burn the shackles of the karmas. Let springs of everlasting peace rise in all the spatial units of my soul.

Universe: Leaving this mundane existence let me rest on the boundary line of this universe; Let my existence alone be my abode and let me enjoy the elimination of all my misfortunes.

Knowledge and Perceptional Sentience : Let the three gems of faith, sentience and conduct appear in their full glory leaving the darkness of onesided thinking. Let me only have consciousness and perceptional sentience destroying all pride, deceitfulness and delusion.

Religion : Let religion be my eternal protector and give me company for ever. Nobody belonged to me in this world, I also do not want any company in this life.

I have approached thy feet to get supreme peace of mind.

Let the withered knowledge sentience rise again with the help of my own soul force.

I have been thinking that the fire of my desires will be extinguished with pursuit of pleasures.

The result, however, has been that they have only fanned that fire.

I have always cherished desires for pleasures of the senses with thy adoration.

I have never understood the real nature of the supreme happiness.

You are perfectly passionless, oh Lord ! away from this world and yet living in it.

The pleasure and pelf of this world have, therefore, fallen on they feet.

Thy divine voice is multifaced wherein springs of relativity rise,

On this happy ship of multifacedness, lacs of beings cross this ocean and reach the shore of full bliss.

A lighthouse tower for everlasting bliss, the monks have renounced all, including clothes.

This form of the nude monks is an illuminator of life’s transitoriness.

When we sleep neglecting our soul and seeking pleasures of senses and pelf;

Or when under cover of darkness we sow the seeds of poisonous thorns, in the blissful path of eternity,

In that loneliness of the midnights, when cruel animals roam about in woods,

You are engaged in metaphysical thinking over truths of life and immortality.

You perform penances on mounts, riversides and under the trees in rain.

You drink deep the fluid of equilibrium in hours of joys and sorrows.

Your kind voice that quenches our inner fire falls on us as sweet as the fireworks.

Shackles of bondage then are broken and the blossoms of the soul bloom.

There is no benefactor like you, you have given world treasures to the needy.

You distribute the gems of equality and peace day and night to all.

I offer to you, oh trio ! this mixed mass to get the everlasting bliss of the soul.

I bow to thee, oh supreme Lord, I bow to thee oh holy scriptures.

And I bow to thee oh, holy monks proceeding on the path of

everlasting glory with peace and abjurement.

Dr. H.C. Bharill