Mayopari Papabudhi

There lived two merchants named Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi in the city named Sritilaka. They were interested only in making money.

The first of them Dharmabuddhi was straight forward and well wisher of all. The latter – one Papabuddhi was fraudulent deceptive and even a betrayer to his trust holders even.

Friendship developed between the two engaged in trade. The people used to say that their friendship is like the friendship between a wood and a saw.

Yet Dharmabuddhi being generous by nature, did not desert him because should the moon forsake the spot disfiguring him?

Once they both went to some city with a purpose of business, because business becomes a wish-fulfiller to those whose wealth has decreased.

Both-one crooked and the other straight earned a thousand of Dinaras (gold-coins of Muslim reign) each and started to return to their city.

When they were near their city, the rogue Papabuddhi said to the straight Dharmabuddhi, “Why should this much amount of money be taken in, to the city ?”

So let us hide some amount here only, We shall take when we need it, because in case of money there are various points of danger from the king, relatives and thieves as well.

On hearing such words, straight forward Dharmabuddhi kept five hundred gold coins hidden, there only Papabuddhi too to win the other’s confidence kept his five hundred gold coins hidden there only.

Then they both went to their homes. There they were received with warmth welcome. Then after several days, Papabuddhi the money hidden, in the soil brought home.

Then one day seeing an opportunity, Papubuddhi said to Dharmabuddhi, “Oh friend, Come Let us now bring that wealth.”

On seeing (finding) both the places devoid of wealth that deceitful Papabuddhi exclaimed, “Hey, our life like dearly wealth has been stolen by some one !”

Fie upon the thief ! May that wicked die ! What should we do ? Thus weeping artificially he made a show of real lamentation.

That crafty Papabuddhi said to Dharmabuddhi, who was of straight forward religious nature – “O religious hypocrite, O Wicked, this is your fraud.”

Dharmabuddhi also said, “Oh friend, what do you say ? This contemptible deed can not be done by the persons like me but may be of some sinister.”

A dispute took place between both of them and both of them knocked the doors of the court . There Papabuddhi said, “This Dharmabuddhi is a thief.”

The Judges asked, “I have you any witness ?” Then Papabuddhi said, “Goddess of the forest is our witness.”

Then pious minded Dharmabuddhi began to think, “Oh ! what a great cunningness of this ! How his skilled (tricky) fraud is !”

Now in this regard the region only can come my to my help. What is the need of other supporters ? The king and other people said, “This will be tested to morrow morning

Then at night, Papabuddhi said to his father “This fraudulant controversy is started by me.”

When his father asked, “How will you do now?” that wicked said, “Father, go to the forest and hide yourself in the hollow of a tree.”

When in the morning the king and others ask you, You should say, “Papabuddhi is innocent while Dharmabuddhi is a thief.”

His father did all that he was instructed by him and when in the morning the people met there,
he reported all that as it was (decided).

All the people being wonder struck began to hear with keen ears up, and began to see here and there, but nobody was found.

Then Dharmbuddhi suddenly got an idea and told the king, “The hollow of this tree should be

As soon as the hollow of the tree will get burnt the spirit or a man resting within will be visible directly. “Saying thus, Dharmabuddhi rose suddenly and as he set it on fire, Papabuddhi’s father rushed out of the hollow, just as an embodied soul drawn by his own deeds rushes out
from the embryo of his bearing mother.

Then the king asked him, “Oh ! What a miracle ?” He then narrated the whole story of encouragement and so on of his wicked son.

All the people hated Papabuddhi and his father saying, “Oh why did you plot this fraud of malice preperise against a friend ?”

Then Papabuddhi being beaten by the King’s command was saved by pious hearted Dharmabuddhi by kneeling before the king asked (to set then free).

Then the king and others praised Dharmabuddhi and condemned Papabuddhi Plotting against others leads undoubtedly to miseries in this World.

In this way two friends, One straight and another crooked got happiness and misery respectively. Hence, O pious people, abandon the thought of treachery immediately like a  female snake.