Nyayopari Yashovarmanrup

Justice is the best treasure of people. The three worlds become happy through justice. As the
rivers flow towards the sea, all the riches rush towards the just people.

People remember Rama daily in the morning, Nobody remembers Ravana. What did Rama give ? What did Ravana take away ? justice the only reason. It seems.

Even beasts and birds come to help the one who behaves justly, but the one who takes a path
of injustice is deserted even by his brother.

“Oh ten faced Ravana”, those days when even gods were serving you, are now gone. Now the
time is changed even the stones float over water.

O hero ! stones which use to sink in water and drown others; the very stones float over the deep ocean and enable the monkey warriors to swim. This quality does not belong to the stones or to the sea or monkeys. This is the greatness of lord Ramacandra’s valour.

On whose command the falling walls remain stable and on whose name while recited the ghosts, gobling etc. are subdued.

Leave the life- sketch of Rama aside. None but his devotee King Yasovarma could be equally just.

In the city named Kalyanakataka the king named Yasovarma like lord Rama watering as a cloud the creeper of morality was ruling over his powerful kingdom.

For him a wicked son was for dismissal like mud on the body and a virtuous was worthy of respect like a flower.

He had got the justice-bell on the entrance door of his palace. Who so ever was whenever in need, can ring it.

He himself was taking more care of them than his life and even money. Thus he was spending his days (life) exercising justice.

Once the presiding deity of the state to test his sense of justice stood up on the high way taking the form of the wishful filling cow.

She bore by her supernatural power a beautiful, tender and attractive calf and kept it beside her.

Mean while the quite arrogant prince sitting in the beautiful chariot was coming there from the

He drove his chariot with a great speed over the calf. The poor calf died.

The cow began to bellow aloud. She shed tears profusely. The people began to shout with pity
on seeing the pitiable condition of the both (cow and calf).

Some one advised her. “O Cow, go to the palace; the justice bell is there; you ring it with your both the horns.

“So that the king will give justice for the injustice done to you, because this one bestows justice up on all and is the fifth Lord of the direction. (or the Lord protecting people).

She hearing these words went and rang the bell aloud in the palace. At that time the king was about to take his meals.

Oh hearing the sound of the justice-bell at an odd hours the king got disturbed and asked his attendants” who rang the bell untimely ?”

The attendants having checked reported to the king.” Lord, there is nobody except a cow”. “How a cow has come here ?” thinking thus he got up.

The king having come there asked the cow with compassion, “Oh ! Who is the wicked torturing, even you ?”

“Show me the person, who has harassed you”. But that helpless cow did not know to communicate like a human being.

But the cow went a head showed her dead calf to the king coming behind her.

The king asked the gentlemen sitting in the market, “which wicked person has done such a penetrating misdeed ?”

All men knew the one who committed the misdeed but out of fear of his harming them, nobody spoke out anything.

When the King asked many times but no body spoke out, the king getting his eye brows up in anger said this.

Oh, even though having seen such a censurable misdeed you do not speak out anything. So you too are sinister fie upon you who are partial.

“I shall take food only when the wretched sinner appears before me”. He took such a vow.

Having staunch faith in justice the king waiting up to the evening had to fast. Oh, what a great faith towards justice.

In the evening the prince came home and said to the king about the injustice been done by him, “O lord, punish me.”

Having heard that his own son has committed that misdeed, the king got dejected. In spite What is the use of that gold which causes ear-cut ?

In the morning the king consulted the legal advisers and asked, “Please tell me what punishment can given to this son ?”

They said “Lord, this son is your only heir, he is like your eye what punishment can there be for him ?”

For me justice is of prime importance. What to talk of a wicked son. I do not punish him, others will thus continue.

“So O Scholars, speak out the befitting punishment. No generosity should be shown for me. I assure you to be fearlessness.”

They said, “O king ! the scriptural declaration is-one who does whatever sort of deed, should be given that sort of good or wicked punishment.”

“Just as he his chariot over the calf, he should be punished in that manner. There is no alternative in his case.”

The king ordered to bring the chariot, seated his son on the road and said to the people, “Hey you drive this over him.”

When nobody obeyed such an order of the king, he said in the presence

This my wicked son may die. What is the use of even an intimate who has no inclination to justice ?

On saying thus he got up suddenly and himself sat on the chariot and has he drove it mercilessly over him, he did not see the cow and not the calf .The presiding deity appeared before him and praised.

“O best of the sprited, O just King, be victorious. Who does not admire your glory like that of Lord Rama? May your son live long. May your protect your kingdom. I tested you.” On saying thus, the presiding deity disappeared.

Thus the king and others must observe the rules of justice, because the wealth can be got through justice only. How, in the monsoon, can the grains grow without the clouds of the first two months ?