Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

K is for Karma

Karma is the end result of what we do.

Every moment, we doing something physically, verbally or mentally. We should remember that while we do things, we always get karmas. There are two kinds of karmas: good and bad. When we do good things, like helping or sharing, we get good karmas. But when we do something bad, like getting mad, screaming, or cheating, we get bad karmas.

Both of the karmas give results. If you get bad karmas, then you will have to suffer. Your life could be sad and very hard. But if you get good karmas, your life will be comfortable and happy. In the top picture, the man is shooting a bird and is getting bad karmas. In the bottom picture, the girl is donating clothes to the needy people and is getting good karmas.

Be sure to do good things that will help your soul. Be careful of what you do and how you do it, because you are always gathering Karmas.