Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

F is for Forgiveness

Forgiveness means pardoning someone

who may have done something bad to you.

In Jainism, just as Ahimsa* is the main goal, forgiveness is the main action. We will find a lot of people who have done, said, or thought something bad about us. But no matter how they hurt us, we should forgive them. We should always think that may be we did something bad to them first, and now they’re getting back at us. No matter what, we should stay calm and not get angry, and we shouldn’t try to get even. In the picture, Lord Mahavira** is forgiving Chandkaushik, the snake, even though he bit Mahavira. This shows that if Mahavira can forgive we, his followers, should also forgive those who hurt us. Forgiving helps our soul and anger will only pull us down.

Just as Ahimsa is part of our life, forgiveness should also be part of our actions.

* look under A

** look under M