Kathorvachanopari Jananiputra

The wise people should speak less and quite beneficial, they should never utter harsh words. Both the mother and the son one by one out of harsh words became contemptible.

I shall cut your hands and fect, I shall just burst your eyes I shall get you out you die away etc harsh words should not be uttered by the wise people.

There lived a waelthy master named Ratisar in the city named Tamralipti adorned with a copper castle. He had a wife named Bandhula.

They had a daughter named Bandhuamati, Right from child hood she was fond of wearing pompous clothes and gold ornaments, she was very dear to her father.

Her father said,”Daughter! do not wear exciting dress. It is not proper for shrawaks like us. However she did not discontinue to wear exciting dress.

Once a trader named Bandhu dutt for trading purpose came from Bhrigukutch to Tamralipti. Some day with celebration Bandhumati was married to him.

After marriage with a desire to earn more Bandhu dutt leaving Bandhumati behind set out for Ratnadweepvia sea- route by boat.

After covering a little distance in the sea his boat baffled with rising waves immediately broke down.

Then by luck he found a piece of wood he sat on it and tried to cross the sea because of convenient waves and wind he reached the sea share.

He with frightened eyes began to see in all the directions he found the park of his own city.

Oh! what a strange destiny! in which a man gets ashamed. Now in this position how can I go
to my father in law ?

Thinking thus he remained in the temple “By chance I have reached hence in this position.’ such a news was conveyed to his father in law.

On hearing such an unpleasant news “,Oh! what happened ? he exclaimed and suddenly rose.

He got ready to receive his son in law but members of his family because of night hours stopped him.

The master with proper dress and ornaments set out in the early morning hours to meet his son in law.

Bandhumati also beautiful with gold bangles on her hands set out with her father to meet her husband.

At that time some greedy thief broke down both the hands of Bandhumati following her father because the deeds done in the past life never go fruit less.

When the people made a bustle police party rushed there on seeing the situation they ran after the thief.

The master came home back. Many people expressed the sorrow saying “, Deeds never get escaped without receiving their results.’

The thief at this point on seeing the police party was afraid and took shelter in the same temple where Bandhudatt was already there.

The theif leaving all wealth behind near Bandhudatt ran away. Police saw the wealth and decided that he must be the thief.

Without thinking policemen hanged him whom do the deeds do not deceive ? All have to suffer
the results of the deeds.

Then regretting the master came to Bandhudutt meanwhile Bandhudatt died.

On seeing his son in law dead the master asked the policemen, “Oh men! what have you done ? you killed my son in law!

After that incident policemen regretted and thinking on the destiny they went home.

On seeing his son in law and daughter facing the results of the deeds the master got detached to the world liness and got absorbed in the religious life and became Dharmasaar.

Someday into Tamralipti a precepta named Sayasha having four types of knowledge including
mati etc came on hearing sermouns from him he asked about the prebirths of his daughter and son in law.

The learned preception said,”There was a poor lady in the village named shaligram she had a
young son he was abandoned by his family.

She used to wash vessels and clothes for live lihood her son used to graze cattle calves.

Once when he came home back after grazing cattle calves his mother being busy, did not turn
up home in time.

His mother was late in coming home her son was unhappy out of hunger when she came he spoke harsh words to her.

Were you placed on the gallows up till now ? oh hard hearted! Do you not know that I have
been restless because of hunger ?

Iam dependant I got delayed what is my fault ? Thus the quarrel took place between the two.

Mother and son without carrying for sins died and are reborn as your daughter and son in law. This is the birth story.

Oh master! as you speak so you face so one should control the tongue.

On hearing the words of the monk Ratisar master got initiated and became happy. Those mother and son wandered in the end less world on hearing it a man should always speak less but sweetly.