Yaachanaa Begging; Soliciting; Asking politely
Yachanaa parisaha Begging affliction
Yachchita kamandana nyaaya Maxim of borrowed decoration
Yadrccha-sabda: Words, which are proper names
Yadrichchha According to one’s own wish
Yadrichchhopalabdhi Overflowing; Accidental Cognition/acquisition
Yaga Sacrificial rite
Yagna sacrificial rite
Yagnopavita Sacred thread
Yaksa (1) Demigod; (2) A species of celestial beings residing in the uppermost strata of the Ratnaprabha hell, just bordering the earth; (3) A species of peripatetic celestial
 being residing on the uppermost strata of the
 Ratnaprabha hell, just bordering the earth
Yaksa: Demigod
Yaksha or yakshi A pair of attendant for each tirthankara
Yam renunciation of all consumables for whole life, restraint self control; anyone of the five yamas viz. non violence, trust, brahmacharya (continence), non possession and non stealing; Yama, god of death, abstentions.
Yama Basic vows; God of death
Yana Ship; Carrier
Yantra Mystical; Diagram; Machine
Yantra: Mystical diagram
Yapaniya An extinct jain sect
Yasahkirti Fame, a karma subspecies
Yash fame.
Yashah Kirti: Fame; bringing good fame even if one does not do good actions.
Yathaa just as, according as; according to
Yathaa jaat the naked body as the mother gave birth to.
Yathaa-vidhi Systematic; As per unit
Yathaakaal uday fruition of karmic nature on maturity. Yathaakhyaat chaaritra perfect conduct.
Yathaakhyaat sanyam revelation of absolute conduct
Yathaakhyaata charitra Passionless perfect conduct
Yathaapravritta karana The soul's ineradicable tendency towards spiritual growth; In eradicable tendency towards growth
Yathaapravrut karan When one ends up easily with involuntary dissociation of karma akaam nirjaraa then his wrong belief decreases a lot. As a result the duration of deluding karma reduces to less than one kroda krodi sagaropam.
Yathaartha accordant with reality, confirmable to truth, true meaning, genuine, right, real, original.
Yathaartha Accordant with reality; Confirmable to truth; True meaning; Genuine; Right
Yathaartha drashti genuine perception, true perception, right perception, real perception,
Yathaarthagnaana True knowledge, accurate knowledge
Yathaashakti To the best of ability
Yathaatattva As per tenets
Yathadrista Veridical
Yathajatarupa Nakedness; Naked; Natural form
Yathakalpa As per practice
Yathakhyata charitra Perfect conduct; Passionless perfect conduct
Yathakhyata sanyam Revelation of absolute conduct
Yathakhyata-caritra: Conduct conforming to perfect purity
Yathalandavidhi Time-bound course
Yathanupurvi Chronological order
Yathapatya Progenylike
Yathapravrtta-karana: The soul’s ineradicable tendency towards spirtual growth
Yathokt Just as mentioned,
Yati (1) Semiascetic, Monks of subsidential or destructional ladder; (2) A spiritually advanced layman of the Svetambara sect; (3) A monk
Yati: A spiritually advanced layman of the Svetambara sect
Yatkinchita To certain degree; Somewhat; of very small quantity
Yatna Viveka
Yatnaa effort, attempt,
Yatnaachaar attempt at good and careful conduct.
Yatra Pilgrimage
Yatra-matra vrittika With limited diet
Yatra: Pilgrimage
Yaugapadya: Simultaneity
Yaugik shabd To use the word with its intended meaning. e.g. Word “vardhmaan” Vrudh dhaatu hai aur uska shaanach pratyay shabd hua vardhmaan.(see shaanach pratyay in Sanskrit folder). dhaatu hai pratyay hai aur uske intenede meaning hai use hum yaugik shabd kahate hai. शब्द है: 'वधर्मान" उसमे व्रुद्ध धातु है और शानच प्रत्यय से वधर्मान शब्द हुआ. तो जो शब्द का जो अथर्
िनकलता है वोही िनकलेगा तो उसे यौिगक शब्द कहते है.
दशर्न शब्द सामान्य अवलोकन के रूप में उपयोग होता है तो यह यौिगक शब्द है.
दशर्न शब्द को श्रद्धा के रूप में उपयोग करना वह रूढ़ है, तो उसे रौढ़ीक शब्द कहग.
क्योिक दशर्न शब्द श्रद्धा के रूप में हो गया है इस िलए रौढ़ीक कहा जाएगा। सच्चा यौिगक अथर् से तो सामान्य अवलोकन के रूप में ही उपयोग होता है.
Yava A unit of length
Yog activity of mind, speech and body, vibration of space points of soul, spiritual evolution, union, a process or path or discipline leading to oneness with the divine or with oneself, meditator who is deeply engrossed in the real nature of soul, integration of mind and personality, vibratory activity of the soul.
Yog bal blessings
Yog drasti yog view point, yog by intention by scriptures and by exertion and insight.
Yog rudh shabd The word used as yaugik as well as raudhik meaning. योग रूढ़ शब्द : व्याकरण के रूप से भी वही अथर् िनकलेगा तो उसे यौिगक कहा जाएगा और रूिढ़ से भी उसका उपयोग वोही तरह से होता है तो उसे रूढ़ भी कहा जा सकते है तो उसे योग रूढ़ कहगे।जैसे अभूताथर् या भूताथर्। उसे हम योग रूढ़ शब्द कहगे।दोनों ओर से एक ही अथर् िनकलता है तो उसे योग रूढ़ कहगे।
Yog sthaan in karma particles there is “types of karma and quantity of karma particles bondage” prakruti and pradesh occurs. The soul’s vibratory activity of the space points are the instrumental cause in this phenomenon. These vibratory activity of the soul’s space points are known as yog sthaan, grade of physical vocal and mental actions are known as yogsthaan.
Yoga (1) Activity of body, mind and speech; (2) Vibration or Activities; (3) Meditation; (4) The vibration of soul; (5) Yoga is the Hindu system of philosophic meditation and asceticism designed to bring about the reunion of the devotee's soul with the Superior Reality. Yogi is a devotee male or yogini is a female devotee of yoga.
Note: (In original Jaina terminology, yoga implied activities of the body, mind and speech which create fetters, and was therefore to be discarded. In later periods, however, many Jaina monks have practiced yoga in the Hindu sense.)
Yoga contemplation: Vibration, Activities
Yoga nigraha Control in activity
Yoga nirodha Cessation of activity
Yoga-duspranidhana Misdirected activity
Yogaang yog factors, yog components.
Yogavakrata Crookedness in activity
Yogi one who practices yoga, yogi, ascetic.
Yogi Non-Jain male meditator
Yogi gnaana Mediator’s supra-knowledge
Yogini Non-Jain female meditator
Yoginis 64 or 64 Yoginis Attendants of the Mother-Goddess in the Hindu pantheon
Yogishwar the best or the greatest of the yogis, muni, monk, swarup naa jodaan maa iswar jchhe te.
Yogya proper, becoming, fit; qualified.
Yogya Proper; Fit; Qualified
Yogyataa ability, fitness, qualification, merit, propriety, power to express intended meaning, eligibility, dharma.
Yogyataa Ability; Fitness; Qualification; Merit; Propriety; Power to express intended meaning
Yojana (1) Measure of distance, 4 Krosas, app. 8 miles; (2) prthakatva 2-9 yojanas; (3) A measure of distance equal to
 about eight or nine English miles. 2 miles make one kosa, and 4 miles makes one yojana
Yojana: A measure fo distance equal to about Eight or nine miles
Yoni female organ of generation; vulva; uterus, womb; source; origin; first cause; form of being or existence, birth place,
Yoni kurmonnata Tortoise-like raised birth place
Yuga A time unit, 2 kuksis
Yugaantara Measure of length
Yugal pair, couple
Yugapat: Simultaneous
Yugapata Simultaneous
Yugmaa Even number; Pair
Yugpat unitedly, together, simultaneously,
Yuka A length unit, 8 liksas
Yuktananta An infinity type
Yukti knack, tact; skill; device, contrivance; trick; logic; argument.
Yukti Strategy; Device; Trick
Yut siddh panu associative relationship, sanyog sambandh.
Yuthika Heretic; Alien creedar; Alien viewer
Yuti Union