Aabhaasa Fallacy (Bhrama)
Aabhinibodhika gnaana Sensory knowledge; Matignaana
Aabhushan ornament
Aachaar Mimaanshaa ethics
Aachaara behavior, conduct; good conduct; sacred precept; rules of conduct prescribed by the scriptures or some authority; good manners, practice
Aachaarya Minister and Head of mendicants; Head ascetic of the holy order of the Jainas; The head of the order of the saints (Sadhus); Supreme head of all saints or ascetics; A Sadhu who has learnt, mastered, taught religious scriptures, follows them, and is now the head
of a Sangh; Head of a mendicant group, spiritual leader and monk-scholar
Aacharan conduct, behavior; character, practice, action, putting into execution
Aacharana Practice dharmaacharana i.e. religion
Aacharvu To conduct
Aadaan-pradaana Give and Take
Aadaana Property; Assimilation (mixing); Accept
Aadaana bhaya Fear of property theft
Aadaana nikshepana samiti (1) Actions careful to others; (2) Careful in lifting and laying down; (3) Carefulness in taking and placing
things; (4) Carefulness in putting clothes and other things on (5) Carefulness in laying and receiving
To receive and place any thing whatsoever after a proper inspection and proper cleansing of dust etc – Adaan Nikshepan Samiti
Aadaataa recipient
Aadanda Sinless activity
Aadara Adore; Respect, honor
Aadarniya deserving respectful treatment, respectable
Aadarvu begin, undertake; receive; respect, honor; welcome; court.
Aadesh order, command; directive; advice; [gr.] substitution of a letter or word for another; [math.] substitution.
Aadesh vashaat subject to spoken words
Aadhaar container, supporter, support, prop; refuge; proof; ground, basis; [phys.] fulcrum; [gram.] receptacle, location, sense of the locative case
Aadhaar aadhey sambandh mutual dependent relationship, relationship of container and contained
Aadhaarabhuta Authentic;Authoritative; Reliable
Aadheya contained, supported
Aadhi Mental distress (one of Adhi, Vyadhi and Upadhi trio
term Aadhi – mental worry, Vyadhi – suffering from disease and Upadhi – problem of old age)
mental anguish, psychological illness
Aadhina Subjugated; Obedient; Submission; Dominate
Aadi With beginning;Beginingful. first, of the beginning, initial; chief, premier; original; of the earliest time; beginning; primary, original, cause; [math.] first term.
Aadi purush first progenitor or ancestor of a clan or family; Vishnu; Brahma, the Creator.
Aadiman With beginning;Beginingful.
Aadinaatha Risabha The first tirthankara of the Jaina order, who was not only the first monarch on earth, but was first in all respects, because of which he is called Adinaatha, or Lord of
Genesis. He taught men arts and crafts and gave them the first Canons and the Brahmi script.
Aadinnadana See Adattadana
Aaditya the sun; any one of the twelve sons of Aditi; the number twelve (12).
Aadodaai crookedness; obstinacy, waywardness; intransigence
Aadya first; primeval; original
Aagaar exceptions
Aagam padddhati where there is description of transmigration and also karma bondage. auspicious, inauspicious, inflow bondage and non living description comes then it is known as agam paddhati. In Aagam paddhati there is karma related description comes. ( parmarth vachanika chapter 4 aagam and adhyaatma mein anantata).
The non living material karma and with the association of it there is inclination of infatuation in the soul is known as karma paddhati or aagam paddhati. This is the pathway to transmigration.
According to Niyamsaar ( page 24 in Kaaran Shuddh paryaay book) aagam paddhati means it is the one which deals with the transient nature of the mode. Soul has capacity in its mode to make deluded state. This information is there in aagam paddhati.
Aagama Jain Scripture; Jain Canonical literature; Original
Scriptures of Jain Religion; It is testimony of an authority that is pure and perfect; It is aptavachana; Verbal testimony scriptural knowledge, Aagam means nature of the substance- vastu ka swabhav ko agam kahate hai. (parmarth vachanika mokshmarg prakashak page 342). Principles as depicted in the scripture is known as aagam. Aagam paddhati means the tradition coming from time infinite in the past
( parmarth vachanika par gurudev shri ke pravachan page 39), Vastu no
swabhav te aagam, karma paddhati te aagam, paryaay swabhaav is known as aagam. What has come down from tradition.
The written form of the nature of the universal substances as propagated by Omniscient Lord. (Ref: Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanaamrut page 761)
Aagama pramaana Supported by Lord Tirthankar’s divya-dhwani or Jinvani; Scriptural proof
Aagamaabhaasa False/Pseudo-scriptures, fallacy due to scriptures: With inclination of attachment and aversion and with infatuation when one is making discourses is known as fallacy of scriptures. e.g. kids, please run to the river bank as there is heaps of sweets. He wants to get rid of kids. This sentence thus is with infatuation. There are hundreds of elephants sitting at the tip of a finger. (Ref: Pariksha mukh chapter 6)
Aagamana Induction
Aagamana Induction
Aagantuk coming all of a sudden or uninvited; adventitious; strange. m. guest; traveller; chance visitor.
Aagiyo glow-worm; kind of white juwar; a disease attacking it; a plant which causes a burning sensation if touched, ammanina vesicatoria; the king of ghosts or evil spirits, Vetal.
Aagnaa order, command; permission, revelation, discipline
Aagnaa aaraadhan adoration of command
Aagnaa ruche Instructional predilection(predisposition in favor of something)
Aagnaankit obedient
Aagrah earnest desire, earnestness; importunity, pressure; strong determination; insistence; obstinacy
Aahaara Meal; Food; Intake of food; Nourishment; Intake
Aahaara daana Food donation
Aahaara hetu Purpose of food
Aahaara mudraa A monk with his thumb and four fingers of right hand for begging food is called food pose.
Aahaara sangnaa Food instinct, animate feelings for food
Aahaara varganaa Intake variform; Food variform; Body making, a kind of karmic molecule causing body formation
Aahaarak mishra kaay yog vibration in the soul’s space points during completion of aahaar sharir
Aahaarak sharir angopaang primary and secondary parts of aahaarak sharir
Aahaarak sharir bandh bondage of aahaarak varganaa for formation of assimilative body
Aahaarak sharir naam karma prakrtuti a type of physique making karmic nature causing formation of translocational body- assimilative body
Aahaaraka Assimilating; Capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution; Assimilative; Projectable body
Aahaaraka kaayayoga Activity of translocational body
Aahaaraka labdhi Extra-ordinary power of translocation
Aahaaraka samudghaata Translocational body emanation/extrication
Aahaarana Invocation; A prayer asking God’s help as part of a
religious service; Invitation, desire to invite the holy one.
Aahaarank varganaa a kind of karmic molecule causing body formation
Aahaarya brought it from out side, artificial,
Aahvaanan invocation, invitation, desire to invite the holy one
Aakaankshaa desire, hope; aspiration; [gr.] expectation, expected presence, of word necessary to complete a sense.
Aakaar form, stature, shape, self and non self substance, their attributes and modes ( pravachansaar gatha 124)
Aakaasha dravya Space substance
Aakaashgami Walking in sky
Aakar granth reference book (of information)
Aakhyaan tale, story, (esp. mythological); legendary story.
Aakultaa perplexity, mystified, confused, happiness associated with restlessness.
Aalamban support, prop; shelter.
Aalingan embrace, clasp
Aalochan intuition, intuitional recognition, perceptual cognition,
Aalochanaa Repent; Criticize, soul’s experience of separation from the fruition of karma in present state, self criticism, confession, the report of sin committed.
Aalochanaa praayaaschit repentance for self criticism
Aalochanaa shuddi modification by criticism
Aalochavu to know and not to join in the fruition of karm a. – embrace, clasp
Aalochit one who has confessed his faults
Aalok prakaash, light,
Aamnaay the Vedas; the Vedas inclusive of the Brahmanas, the Upanishdas and the Aranyakas; religious sect or doctrine; good manners, etiquette; tradition, usage.
Aanayan bringing; sacred-thread ceremony
Aankichanya Possessionlessness; Non-attachment
Aanth drasti eight stages of personality growth. Eight stages of evolution
Aanupurvi naam karma migratory form of body karma
Aanupurvi puva Regular order
Aapadaa calamity; danger; sorrow; difficulty
Aapt – authentic, related; connected by consanguinity or affinity; reliable, trustworthy; authoritative; obtained, acquired. m. trustworthy, reliable, authoritative,
Aapt kise kahate hai? Who is called the trustworthy soul? Jo pratyaksha gnaan se samast padartho ka gnaataa (sarvagna) hai aur param hitopadeshi hei, vah aapt hai. One who has knowledge of all the objects with his direct knowledge
( experienced knowledge) and one who gives discourses for helping others is known as trustworthy soul – aapt. Arihants are aapt.
One who knows all the universal substances and then lets others know about the nature of these substances in right manners is “aapt”. (ref. Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanaamrut page 761)
Aapt is the one who has obtained complete passionless state and also is all knower and giving discourses to others to further their spirituality is known as aapt. Vitraagi, sarvagn ane hitopadeshi ne aapt kahevaay chhe. He is without 18 faults like hunger thirst etc. ( Ratnakand Shraavakaachaar slok no 5)
Aapta One who has attained spiritual authority; Authentic; The authentic authoritative source of true scriptures i.e. (Arahanta, Jina Kevlin, Teerthankara).
Aapta mimaanshaa The creation of the scripture by Swami Samanthbhadra. It describes Tirthankar’s sarvagnataa and also syaadvaad principles are explained
Aaraa One of the six divisions of time in one half of the time cycle. Runs from thousands to billions of years. We are currently in the 5th ara of the descending half of the time cycle, which started some 2500 years ago.
Aaraadhak one who is worshipping, worshiper, aspirant
Aaraadhan adoration, worship; propitiation
Aaraadhanaa worshiping, worship; service, (1) Acts or activities specifically religious of achieving or accomplishing desired religious or spiritual goals; (2) Divine service; (3) Worship to lord; (3) Adoration to lord; (5) Strong admiration; (6) Kriya
Aaraadhya one who gets worshipped.
Aaradhaka Worshiper: Aspirant
Aarambh samaarambh to inflict violence to animal is aarambh and to acquire the material to inflict violence is known as samaarambh
Aarambha Commencement; Activities of cutting act; Sinful activities and Occupation; Commence or Commencement; Commission, beginning, start, preparation; undertaking, to inflict violence to animal, to perform act of violence, wherever is aarambh, there is parigrah. Aarambh and parigrah are ekaarth vaachi.
Aaratee Waving lamps; Ennui i.e. The feeling of being bored by something tedious; Worship of idol with waving lamp; The Lamp waving ceremony before idol
Aarjava Straightforwardness unavoidably in the performance of various duties and rituals
Aarop imputation, accusation; charge of guilt
Aaropan attributing the properties of one thing to another; accusation, charge; founding, establishing; planting.
Aaropavu attribute the properties of one thing to another; ascribe; put a false charge on, accuse; string, thread, beads etc.; insert; plant, implant; apply, devote.
Aaropi the accused
Aaropit aupaadhik rupe, altered inclination due to alien belonging
Aarta Sorrowful
Aarta dhyaana The lowest form of meditation as identified by the Jains. Its object is two-fold: a desire to get rid of an undesired thing, and a desire to get back a dear and coveted thing. This characterizes the thinking of all human beings.
Aarthic prayojan, motive
Aartra pain, trouble
Aartra dhyaan painful meditation, painful concentration, mournful concentration
Aarya Noble people; Civilized people; A human race.
Aarya bhumi place where noble persons live.
Aarya desa Arya land or basically India
Aarya-staya Noble truth
Aarya-vachana Nobleman’s teaching; Novel teaching
Aaryaa respectable woman, woman of a noble family
Aaryaahaa tirthankar, gandhar, acharya, upaadhyaay, muni, pancham gun sthan varti shraavak, samkiti jiv
Aaryikaa female ascetic
Aasaadana Disregard, denial, disregard for knowledge
Aasakti attachment, deep love
Aasana posture, Asana literally means ‘seat’ but in broader
sense they refer to various body postures. Patanjali dwells only on seating postures in Yog Sutra.
Aasana-pana-khadim-swadim Four food items as follows:
Bread, rice that constitute the main meal
All drinks, Fruits, Betel, chewing spices taken after meal, jaggery, honey, etc.
Aashankaa doubt, suspicion; apprehension, the inclination that the thing which is been told is not understood by me.
Aashcharya surprise, wonder; wonderful incident, miracle, marvelous
Aashcharyakaarak surprising, wonderful
Aashrama Life stage (total four); Hermitage
Aashrava (1) Influx; (2) Accumulation; (3) Passional dispositions; (4) Inflow of karma; (5) See Navatattva; (6) nflux of karmic matter towards a soul to stick with it; (7) Influx of the karmic matter into the soul passionnel disposition (8) Karmic influx ne of the nine tattvas
Aashrava anupreksaa Influxal reflection
Aashrava bhaava Passionate dispositions
Aashrava-nirodha Cessation of in-flux
Aashravadvara Channels for in-flux; Influx doors
Aashraya Refuge; Shelter; Support; Basis; Substratum; Repository; Support;
Aasrav inflow
Aasravan coming, arrival
Aasray shelter, refuge, support, temaa tenaathi thaay chhe ane par thi nathi thaatu Aashray rup- supporter
Aasrit dependent
Aasthaa Faith; Trust; Belief, leaning
Aastikya faith in Omniscient lord, holy scriptures and enlightened true teachers
Aasvaad tasting; enjoying, eating
Aataap inauspiciusness , paap
Aatam-raksaa Self protection, self restraint from karmic bondage
Aatap warming light
Aatm aadhinataa self dependency
Aatm aashrit to protect the soul by perpetual judgements
Aatm bhaava dispositions of the self, aatma tatva
Aatm bhut integral, identical, integral virtue, self natured, indigenous quality
Aatm brahm omniscient lord, all knower soul
Aatm dravya soul substance
Aatm gnaani self enlightened
Aatm hanan self deterioration
Aatm hatyaa suicide
Aatm kalyaan happiness for soul, prosperity of soul, welfare of soul, well beings of soul
Aatm linataa self absorbedness
Aatm maya nij swarup, own natural self
Aatm nishth concerned with self subjective, engrossed in the self, experiencing the true nature of the self.
Aatm prabhaavnaa influence of the pure soul
Aatm pradesh space points of soul