Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

W is for Worship

Worship means to pray.

The reverent love accorded to an idol, statue, diety or sacred objecy is called worship. This love is expressed by a set of ceremonies or prayers. The Jains show their ardent devotion to Arihant (Jina) and Siddha Bhagwans* who have freed themselves from the cycles of birth and death. We worship them to remind ourselves that they are liberated souls and have now become our model and that we want to be like them. Worship is to help uplift our soul and realize that if they can be free from attachment and averson through the practice of Ahimsa, Truth, Non-stealing, Celebacy and Non-accumulation, we can also be free.

The worship is done by prayers, meditation, fasting etc. The worship can be done in the temple, upashraya, Jain centers, or even at home.

We should worship with our full heart and mind and not just for show.


* look under I