Ibhya Worship
Icchaanirodha Desire control
Icchaarasi Three rule solution; Requisite set
Ichchaa Desire
Ichchaa nirodha Restraining of desires
Ichchhaami I desire
Ihaa Speculation; It is a stage of sensation; It may be called associative integration by which are stimulations are received and organized.
Ihaa-bhavika This wordly
IIraretarasraya Logical seesaw
Indra Soul; Karma; Celestial deity; Lord of deities or heavens
Indra-dhanusa Rainbow
Indradhvaja-vidhana An 8-day ritual performance of this name
Indrakila Master nail; Column of indra
Indriaygraahya Tangible substance
Indriya (1) Senses; (2) Sense organs; (3) Sense organs through
which sense-experience is possible, due to the contact of the sense organs and the manas.
Indriya avagraha Sensory apprehension
Indriya bala Sense strength; Sensory strength
Indriya paryapti Sense completion
Indriya rodha Sense control
Indriya sanyama Desistance from sensual pleasure
Indriya sukha Sensual pleasure
Indriya-avaya Sensory judgement
Indriya-gnaana Sensory knowledge
Indriya-jaya Sense restraint/subjugation
Indriya-pratyaksa Sensory perception
Ingini-marana Fast into death
Iraavata A name of kshetra or region
Iriyaavaahiyaama While walking
Irya Movement, Manner of moving, care in walking.
Irya samiti Careful movements
Iryapaatha Karmic influx without passion
Iryapaathakriya Irya means yoga (activity). The karmic flow, which is accrued due to one type of activity, is called Iryapathakarma and activity is called Iryapathakriya.
Iryapaathika Passionless influx
Iryasamiti Movemental or walking carefulness
Isat-pragbhara Slightly bent, Slightly concave
Isitva rddhi Miraculous power of supremacy
Ista Desired
Ista devata Desired deity; Chosen deity
Ista saadhana Desired conclusion
Ista sanyoga Union with the desired
Ista viyoga Separation from the desired
Isu gati Straight motion; Bow-like motion
Isvara The perfect soul which has attained kevalajnana and which has reached the highest stage of perfection is called Isvara.
Isvarvaada Theism
Itaretarabhaava Mutual/reciprocal non-existence
Itarnigoda, anitya-nigoda, chaturgati-
Variable lowest forms of life
Iti Updravaya; Calamities
Iti-bhiti Calamities and fears
It-tham-svarupa Definite/regular configuration
Itvarika-parigrahi -tagamana Enjoying married woman
Isht sanyog coincidence with desired
Iindhan coincidence with desired
Isht vishay sevan abram to be of loose character
Isht viyog separation from desired one
Isht viyogaj origination of sorrow by separation of the desired one
Ishtaarthvaad conative theory
Ishugati straight motion, arrow like motion
Ishwar majestic in spiritual glory, owner of the supreme infinite attributes.
Ishwar shakti power of having majestic spiritual glory
Itaretaraashrya dosh interdependency fault, mutual dependency fault, for one unproven thing one takes refuge in the another thing. For the unproven thing in the other thing one takes refuge in the first one. this is interdependency faults, where there are two things involved which have mutual dependency on each others.
Ilaa name of a summit and a female deity.
Iindhan firewood, fuel.
Indra lord of the heaven, olympian monarch, Celestial deity, lords of deities. They are 100 in numbers as follow:
Mention dwelling – Bhavanvashi dev- Indras are 40 Wandering celestial living beings- vyanta dev- Indras are 32
celestial living beings of 16 heavens- kalp vaasi dev – 16 swarg- Indras 24. Stellar celestial beings- planetary dev – jyotish dev- indras 2- sun and moon One indra for humans- chakravarti- universal monarch
One indra for subhumans – lion.
Irya samiti careful movements, walking with attentive consciousness, upyog purvak chaalvu. To move about cautiously so as to cause trouble to no living beings – Iryaa Samiti
Ish samarth, capable
Ishat faintly
Ishtaanisht auspicious and inauspicious.
Isht desired, wished for; dear, beloved, of one’s liking; imaginary, supposed; proper; beneficial; honored or worshipped by a sacrifice. wish; vow of maintaining the sacrificial fire; merit accruing from performing a sacrifice, etc., beneficial
Isht dev omniscient lord, presiding deity of the family; god of one’s faith.
Isht saadhan desired means
Ibh elephant, one of the 14 jewels of chakravarti, Ibh karna – name of a demigod,
Ibhpur former name of Hastinaapur, Ibh vaahan – elephant as a conveyor
Ibhyaa worshipping
Ichchhaa desires, will
Ichchha nirodh restraining of desires.
Ichchha yog yog by intention. It shows the intensity of intentions of saadhak. The keener the intentions the speedier is he on his way to the goal.
Ihaa interest, conception, curiosity, speculation, striving for knowledge of specific characteristic of the object cognised by avagraha
Ih bhavik of this world.
Ih lokaashansaa prayog desire to become a king etc related to this world.
Ikshaa bhikh, to beg
Idantollekha: Indication
Iha: Speculation
Indrasthapana: Which has the shape of India
Indriya: An organ of sense, sense, That through the instrumentality of which one can attain cognition is known as indriya, Sense organ
Indriyaja: Sensuous
Irya: Care in walking.
Irya-samiti: Care in walking
Iryapatha-kriya: walding carefully, i.e., looking on the ground for protecting living beings which may be trod upon and thus injured.
Isat-pragbhara-bhumi: Slightly bent region, the name of the final abode of the liberated souls [the siddhas]
Ista-devata: Chosen deity
Isvara: God