Men achieve happiness and wealth merely out of desire to bow at the feet of lord Jinesvara. For example even a frog desirous of bowing at the feet of Lord Mahavira became an affluent god in the heaven.

In the city named Rajagrha there lived a wealthy jeweler merchant called Nandi who received the initiation (of at house holder) and Jaina used to practice it daily in the following manner.

He observing daily religious rites like samayika, pratikramana, pausadha etc. and being keen for salvation used to spena his time.

Once in summer he observed three fasts with pausadha. By the end of the three fasts he felt at night thirsty and began to think.

The wealth of those who get wells, ponds etc. filled with water is praise worthy as it serves all the beings.

After that Nandi Manikar sheth after a accomplishing pausadha in the morning, ended fasting and got a beautiful – well shaped well constructed.

Spending much money he got constructed the free-food-supply-centers, hermitages, temples and gardens all around the step-well.

Due to his being attached to that well, his respect for religion got decreased and in his old age he was afflicted by and suffered from sixteen types of diseases difficult to be cured.

Sixteen diseaserlike coughing Ashthama, fever, burning with pain in stomach, fistula, anaamin, digestion, dim sight, backache, lack of appetite, itching, dropsy, headache, ear pain and leprosy are enumerated as serious diseases in the scriptures.

As his mind was deeply attached to that well, the jeweller Nandi was reborn as a frog in that well. Which is that intelligence who is not ignored by his Karma ?

Once on seeing that well the frog remembered his previous birth. I disrespected the duty in my past life and therefore I got this result.

Then being detached, that frog began fasting sastha and on the day of breaking fast he used to drink water with mud which was purified by people’s bathing.

Once that frog hearing the here say that Lord Mahavira has arrived in the park (of the city). the frog set off to bow down to him.

Then the king Srenika also being eager to bow to Lord Mahavira and set out from his capital with his army of four fold divisions.

And the frog hopping on the way was crushed by the hoofs of the horses of the king srenika and died. Then he was born as a duty in heaven called Saudhrmakalpa.

There were four thousand Samanika gods under that frog. In fearing on this, one should know all of his prosperity etc.

Even in the heaven when he came to knows that “Lord Mahavira has come”, he with his divine lustre covering all other lustres, came to bow him.

When Devendras, kings and others were seated on their respective seats, Lord Mahavira with his speech reaching 8 miles began preaching.

That Dardura (frog) god sitting beside Lord Mahavira showing his leprosy – affected body to others was anointing Lord Mahavira’s body with divine sandal paste.

On the contary King Srenika and others had an impression, “Oh ! this evil-minded one affected with white leprast is anointing with fluids oozing out from this body” (affected by leprusy)”.

Then king Srehika thought, “As soon as this sinister insulting Lord Mahavira goes out from this place. I will kill him.”

On the other hand (while king Srenika was planning to kill Dardura god) Lord Mahavira uttered following words addressing the king, Abhaya, Saukarika and Ksuta respectively.

(1) You die soon. (2) You live. (3) You live long or die. (4) You may not live or die. Hearing this the king got very angry.

When the preaching was over, the Dardura god disappeared like the streak of lightening, king
Srenika asked Lord Mahavira, “Please tell me, who was that one affected by leprosy ?”

The wicked man who has humiliated you; his head must be cut off even in the presence of public.

Lord Mahavira spoke : “Oh King, he has not committed any offence, on the contrary he has anointed my body with sandal wood paste.

Lord Mahavira explained to the king Srenika and others the secret of the sentences uttered through preaching.

In this world, some like death some prefer life, some love both equally but some like Dardur a Deva (frog) prefer neither of the two (death or life).

After deviating from Saudharma heaven this Dardura Deva will proceed to Videha territory and will attain salvation: on hearing such words, all people being wondered went their homes.

Hearing that such is the benefit of meditating only on Lord Mahavira, (you all) try for that so that
you may get blise.