Suvrat Muni

Long ago there was a very wealthymaster named shishunag in the city named Sudarshan he
had a very loving wife named Suyasha.

Their son named suvrat fondled by his parents became expert in science and other studies.

He gradually grew young attracting young ladies by the by he developed the sense detachment towards worldliness.

Surat with a very great difficulty persuaded his parents to allow him for initiation and also accepted the wandering in loneliness.

Once upon atime Devendra leader of gods, saw him in a state of statue and praised him very
much other gods didn’t believe it and in a disguise of a human being, came over the earth.

Some gods complimented him for his celibacy but some gods remarked that he was destroyer of his denasty.

On hearing the comments from gods he was not pleased nor was angry with a balance mind he remained silent.

Then to deviate him the gods began to show his parents sexual like.

Gods demonstrating their power showed him beaten by the crowd. They were shown crying but Suvrat muni live on ocean was not disturbed at all.

Heavenly nymphs with their sexual symbols and thirsty eyes embraced him firmly.

As the storm can not move the mount summer gods could not deviate him with many hindrances.

On the contrary he became steadier in meditation and realising the eternal knowledge obtained salvation.