Nabho-Vargana: Sphere-molecule
Naicayika: Transcendental
Naigama (Naya): Non-distinguished
Naigamabhasa: False point of view of the non-distinguished
Nama Body-making Karma
Nama (Niksepa): Symbol of name
Nama-Jaina: Nominal Jaina
Nama-karma: Karma that determines destinies and body types
Namadinayasamudayavada: Combination of the points of view of name etc.
Namadiniksepa: Symbols of names etc.
Namajiva: Name symbol of soul
Namaskara-mantra: Reverent salutation to the [five] holy beings
Namaskaraniksepa: Symbol of salutation
Namatmaka: Form of the name
Namendra: The name `Indra’
Nandyavarta: A kind of diagram
Napumsaka Veda: Common sex.
Napumsakaveda: Sexual cravings for a hermaphrodite
Naracha-Samhanana: Unbreakable joints and bones.
Naraka: Hell; the world of infernal beings Hellish.
Naraka Anupurvi: Hellish–migratory form.
Narakayu: hellish age.
Narakayu karma: Hellish age karma
Naraki: Hell beings
Narayana: A Jaina literary type; the hero’s companion and slayer of the villian
Nasti: Does not exist; the second member of the sapta-bhangi-naya
Nastitva: Non-existence
Naya: Partial truth
View; partial expression of truth
Nayabhasa: False point of view
Nayana: Sight
Nayavada: Doctrine of nayas
Nayavakya: Statement from a point of view
Nicha Gotra: Low family.
Nichaih Vritti: an attitude of humility towards one’s betters.
Nidana: Seeking worldly gain from the performance of good deeds and austerities
The thorn of desire for future sense-pleasures.
Nidhatti: Energy that renders karmas incapable of all activity save changes in fruition time and intensity
Nidra: Sleep
Nidra-Nidra: Deep sleep.
Nigamana: Conclusion
Nigantha: Nirgrantha
Unattached, without possessions; ancient name for the Jaina community
Nigoda: The lowest form of life
Nigraha: Defeat
proper control over mind, speech and body.
Nigrahadhikarana: Place for defeat
Nigrhita: Defeated
Nihkamksita: Freedom from anticipation
Nihksepa (Niksepa): The different ways of putting a thing
Nihnava: Falsehood, heresy
Nihpratikara: Unavoidable
Nihsankita: Freedom from doubt
Nikacana: Energy that renders karmas incapable of all activity
Nila: Blue
Nila-lesya: Blue karmic stain
Nimitta-karana: External efficient cause
Nir vichikitsita: Free from repulsion from anything.
Nirakrta: Refuted
Niranvaya: Discrete
Nirjara: Dissociation of karmas
The falling away of karmic matter from the soul.
The gradual shedding of the matter already boundis shedding
Nirjara anupreksha: Shedding. Karmic matter must be shed from or shaken out of the soul.
Nirmana: Formation; proper formation of limbs and minor limbs in relation to their situation and dimensions.
Nirnitavipaksavrttika: Whose existence in the hetrologous is decisive
Nirukti: Etymology
Nirvana: Release from bondage; the final death of an enlightened human being [arhat] followed immediately by moksa
Nirvana-bhumi: The place at which a Tirthankara attained nirvana
Nirvicikitsa: Freedom from disgust
Nirvrttindriya: Physical sense-organ shaped like Kadamba flower
Niryukti: Prakrit verse commentary
Nisarga: inborn error
Nisarga Kriya: Admiration of hurtful or unrighteous things.
Nisargaja: Agrahita
Niscaya (Naya): Consideration
Niscaya-naya: Nonconventional view
Niscayabhasa: False real point of view
Niscita (Matijnana): Determined
Nisedha: Negation
Nisedhakalpana: Negative aspect
Nisedhasakhaka (Hetu): Which proves negation
Nishkankshita: Free from wordly desire.
Nisshankita: Free from all doubt.
Nitya: Eternal
Nityavada: Eternalism
Niyati: Fate
Niyativada: Fatalism
No-kasaya: Subsidiary passions
No-kashaya: Quasi-passions; slight or minor passions.
Nyag rodha parimandala: Banyan-like; short in lower but large in upper extremities like a banyan-tree.