Naagendralord of the mansion dwelling celestial beings
Naalia unit of area and time measurement
Naam karmabody determining karma.
Naanaaof various kinds
Naasaarika country in west aarya khanda of Bharat kshetra
Naanaa dravyo naa swabhaavmany different types of deluding inclinations (samaysar stanza 217)
Naaradparticular super beings. They are nine. they are Bhim Maharudra    Kaal    Mahakaal Durmukh    Narakmukh Adhomukh.

one who is the ruler of three areas of bharat kshetra. their names are: Triprusta Purushottam Purushshinh Purushpundarik Datt Lakshaman Krishna.

Naasaagrato concentrate the eyes on the tip of the nose at the time of meditation.
Naasti avaktavyanegation cum indescribable.
Naastinon existence
Naasti bhanga type of seven fold predication saptabhangi
Naastikya vaaddoctrine of atheism. nihilistic doctrine.
Naastitvanon existence
Naigam naya

it is the partial point of view which considers the past mode or future mode as the present one and also some facts are partially born and partially not born and to consider as complete fact is known as Naigam naya.


When the action occurs in an affluent cause upaadan when upaadaan by itself transforms in the form of an act then at that time there is presence or absence of the instrumental cause. To show the relationship with this instrumental cause this act is known as naimitc. Same can be said to be upaadeya from upaadaan perspectives.

Naimitic karyaprinciple action
Naisargik mithyaatvaagruhit mithyatva
Naitikconcerning morality; moral ethical.

Nine such personalities who are the elder brothers of Narayan. They are : Vijay Suprabh Sudarshan    Nandishen Nandimitra Ram Balram.

Navdevtanine reverential and supreme beings. they are:Panch parmeshti
NavadhabhaktiNine fold methods of showing respect to a saint while offering meals. They are:Padgaahan
NavnidhiNine treasures of Chakravarti. they are: Kaal
Navpratinarayanwho is the ruler of three area of Bharat kshetra but will be killed by Narayan. They are: Ashwagriv

Fallacy of view point, To know a particular thing from one aspect and at the same time to make other properties secondary is known as naya. Instead of making them secondary, if one ignores them completely then it is nayaabhaash. It is also known as mithyaa naya or mithyta ekaanta. e.g. atma is always eternal in nature. Here we are ignoring the fact that soul is also transient in nature from modal perspectives. Therefore this sentence is mithyaa ekaant or mithyaa naya.

Nayaatikrantdevoid of any bias towards any point of views.
Nayagood conduct or character; politics; state policy; philosophical doctrine or system; morality; justice; [Jain.] determination of the nature of a multi
Nihsrut gnaana type of sensory knowledge, knowing some thing completely,
Nijown, proper, peculiar, innate, constant, continual, my own,
Nij parmaatmaaI am god.
Nijaanandjoy in oneself; spiritual joy.
Nij paramaatma dravyafrom innate substance perspective I am the god.
Nijswarupown natural state,
Nijrasown delight, own charm, own feeling, own pleasure, own emotions.
Nij Shakti Pramaan Tap Tyaag

internal strength is important, not the bodily strength. One can be having external clad monkhood but internally he does not have purity of the absence of three forms of passions then he does not considered himself as parmaarth muni.

With his own strength muni will have internal purity of three kasay absence. then it is known as nij shakti pramaan.

With two forms of passions absence, one has internal strength of householders strength. If one does not have internal purity of absence of two passions then he does not have internal strength of doing austerity.

Nij Shakti means the soul’s internal strength and not the bodily strength. So according to the internal strength one has to have to perform austerity and renunciation. (purusharth siddhi upaay gatha 60 Gurudev kanjiswami pravachan)

Nij VaibhavNature of my internal grandeur, intense experiencing of the intense super sensuous bliss, Aatmaa naa atindriya aanand naa prachur swabhaav nu vedan. (ref: samaysar stanza 5, Kanjiswami pravachan
Nikaachit karmaintense bondage of karma which has to endure.
Nikaaygroup, class, corpus, system, organization,
Niketaboding place, house, temple,
Nihkhandita type of renunciation,
Nikotlowest form of life, originating place for one sense living beings, nigodh,
Nikrustlower quality,
Nikrutia type of illusion or deceit.

analysis of truth, installation, attribution, imposition, there is worldly dealing occurs in easier way for seven reals and right faith etc. This is known as nikshepa. For example, to differentiate one human being from other, the name is given like Jindatt. He may not have quality to be Jina’s son but worldly affair gets going with this name nikshepa. It is called table and not matter, so this way one can differentiate from different form of matter from this “table”. This is name nikshepa. To establish Mahavir swami in an idol is sthapana nikshepa. Similarly to establish Mahavir swami as present entity is from Dravya nikshepa as He was in past but one establishes Him in present time. To establish Simandhar swami as present omniscient lord is known as bhaav nikshepa, as He is already Tirthankar at present time. Analysis of truth nikshepa thus is known by our different ways that is name, symbol, potentiality and actuality naam sthapana, dravya

Nikshepaadhikarancleaning, act of wiping away,
Nikshepaarthknowing about the matters by nikshep vidhi (installation method)
Nikshepanmixing, installing some thing,
Nikshepinia religious story pertaining to presentation of self favor, a type of knowledge.
Nimagnadrowned, immersed; absorbed in,
Nimeshtime unit consists of innumerable samays, blink of an eye is nimesh.
Nimittconcomitant, instrumental, efficient, auxiliary cause.
Nimitt kaaraninstrumental cause, efficient cause, secondary cause, auxiliary cause, field cause, eternal causal agency.
Nimitta Naimittic SambandhLaw of synchronicity, Principle cause auxiliary cause relationship, cause and effect relationship
Nimmitta karaninstrumental cause, auxiliary cause, eternal causal agency, field cause.
Nimmittapurpose, reason, pretext, any apparent cause
Nindaacondemnation, blame or blaming.
Nindaancondemn, reproach, blaming,
Nindyacensurable, despicable, reprehensible.
Ninhavconcealment of knowledge, concealing the name of guru
Niraabaadhwithout any obstruction
Niraakaarshapelessness,having no form, formless.
Niraakaar upyogdarshan upyog.
Niraakaranend, canceling, cancellation, refutation, solution.
Niraaksharimystic monosyllable
Niraalambwithout support; friendless, forlorn; not depending on another
Niraamayahealthy. n. good health
Niraasravdevoid of attachments, ill feeling etc.
Niraavaranunveiling, uncovered,
Nirabhilaashwith no desires.
Nirangniraag, nirvikaar, without any attachment.
Niranjanawithout blemish, untainted,without collyrium; unstained; faultless.
NIrankushuncontrolled, unrestrained; impetuous, self willed, without any opposition,
Nirargalbeyond any control, uncontrollable
Niranshansh વગર'+; અખ+ડ. indivisbile
Niratichaarwithout any transgression, without any violations.
Nirbaadhfaultless, flawless, accurate, impeccable, precise, exact, correct
Nirbhayfearless, undaunted; free from danger, safe.
Nirdeshorder, direction; allusion, reference; pointing out.
Nirdeshakwho shows, directs or orders. m. director.
Nirdhaarandetermination, ascertainment. There are three steps to nirdhaaran. 1. uddesh means to know the names 2.lakshan nirdesh
Nirdhaardetermination; decision.
Nirdhaarvudetermine, ascertain.
Nirdishtshown; described; ordered, directed; determined, decided, to be spoken off,
Nirdoshinnocent, blameless, virtuous, innocent, perfect.

free from all ties, bonds or complexes; poor; helpless, alone. m. person free from ties or bonds; sadhu; unattached and possessionless saint.

Nirgranth muniNirgranth muni: one who has no passions at all. He may be at 11th spiritual development stage where passions are in the form of suppression or at 12th where there are no passions at all. It is passionless state
Nirgunawithout attributes, devoid of qualities
Nirlobhfree from greed, unselfish
Nirjaraadisintegration, shedding of karma, dissociation of karma.
Nirmaltaaserenity, clearness, cleanliness,, clear; purity; holy
Nirmagntotally engrossed, absorbed or engrossed (in); pleased, delighted.
Nirnaya shaktivolition
Nirmohiattachmentless, free from illusion, detached, indifferent, disinterested, a character of saint.
Nirmudharational, one who is capable of knowing super soul of self, nij param tatva ko janne me samartha hona.
Nirnayadecision; determination; verdict, judgement.
Niraxariwithout letter. divine ohm sound of Tirthankar bhagwan.
Nirodhrestraining, obstruction; stoppage; restraint; prevention.
Nirpexanon relativistic, without any reference, independent, without any expectation.
Niruktti etymological meaning of the word, actual meaning of the word, to separate the words and then to understand their meanings, nirvvachan
Nirupaadhikone without any alien attachment, pure
Nirupanexposition, describing properly, description;

apexaa, consideration of, reference, expectation,regard, kishi dharma ko mukhya karna is apeksha, To give importance to some property of a substance is known as apeksha

Niruparaagwithout uparaag. purity, without any impurities. without vikaar,
Nirupraag vishuddimatvarup

નિરુપ્રાગ વિશુદ્ધિમત્વરૂપ without any distortion of nature    vikaar rahit    and with purity of nature.(pravachansaar gatha 118)

Nirvachansee nirukti
Nirvadyanirdosh, anindya, unblemished, faultless, without defect or shortcoming, omniscient lord,
Nirvartya karmanew research by performer, to produce something new,
Nirvargathat which is unseen or invisible forever.

indifference to the world,detachment, aversion from worldly affairs, disgust, depression of spirit, discouragement, fade up, manoglaani, shed, sham, vairaagy,

Nirvichaarnot reflecting, thoughtlessness, inconsiderate

non-repugnance at the afflicted ones, free from doubts or reflection, to have reverential belief with free from any disgust on viewing excreta of saints.

Nirviddhacompact, not to be pierced through,
Nirvignawithout impediment.

pure undetermined sensation, indeterminate perception, without particulars, not capable of mutual relation, recognizing no distinction as that of subject and object or knower and known, exclusive concentration on one entity without distinct and separate consciousness of knower, known and knowing, free from all confusion, fixed, settled, primary abstract comprehension, indeterminate perception, admitting of no alternative, changeless, free from distinctions,

Nirvikalpa dhyaanabsolute meditation.
Nirvikalpa gyaanindeterminate knowledge
Nirvikalpa pratiticonviction of indeterminate perception type.
Nirvikalpa pratyaksha

indeterminate sensory cognition, pure sensation, according to Buddist logicians, only pure sensations which are indeterminate cognition devoid of all thought element what so ever are the nature of perception,

Nirvikalpa samaadhiabsolute meditation, the state of indeterminate ecstasy, meditation in which nothing is realized besides soul.
Nirvikalpa sukhindeterminate enjoyment, supreme bliss
Nirvikalpa swasamvedan.pure undetermined direct self consciousness.
Nirvikalpataastate of un confused ness, without perplexity, serenity,
Nirvikaar free from modifications or change. immutable, passionless state, unchanged, unchangeable, disinterested, pure, without any defect, free from modification, free from change, immutable; passionless.

Nirvikruti aahaartasteless food.
Nirvikaariunchangeable, immutable; passionless
Nirvikaari paryaaypure mode., passionless mode
Nirviratihaving attachment, attached, passionately,
Nirvishankhaving no hesitation, with no doubts or misgivings.
Nirvishhaving nonvenomous symptoms.
Nirvishtexperience or used, obtained as wages, one maintaining sacred fire,
Nirvrushtempty after raining,
Nirvrutt paryaaptak

The soul, who initiated the powers to develop, but has not yet completed the development is called the possessor of the power to accomplish complete development (Nirvutya paryaptak).

Nirvrutiundisturbed, repose, satisfaction, happiness,
Nirvrutti formative sense, subtype of physical sense, origination, growth, completion, accomplishment, good condition, well being, having no occupation or earning sources,
Nirvrutti aksharwords pronounced by living being, they could be expressive or non expressive. thus of two types.
Nirvrutti Bhaktidevotional prayer for salvation of one. from Niyamsar.
Nirvrutti indriya dravynedriya, material sense organ, formative sense organic structure of any matter. they are of two types bahyantar means material particles taking shape as a sense organ. Abhyantar means the soul taking shape according to the external sense organ.

Nirvrutti maargpath to salvation
Niryuktianalysis in detail of a scripture

निसिह while entering temple one recite this word. It is praakrut word. It means: while going to temple, one checks to control his worldly activities. to check the inauspicious activity.

Nisarg kriyaaencouraging for sinful or wrong activities.
Nisargajby itself.

fallacy of absolute point of view, vyavhaar ko jo sarvathaa nishedh kare voh. perceived absolute point of view, fallacy of absolute point of view, When mode is putting its attention to the self and believes that it has constancy and is complete then it is known as nishchayaabhaas. पयार्य पयार्य का लक्ष्य करती हुई, अपने को ध्रुव या पूणर् माने तो निश्चयाभास होगा.When one believes the  sentence from absolute point of view as always true and conventional point of view is always to be false then it is known as nischayaabhaas.  e.g.

1: soul in present mode is pure like liberated soul, that means it is without

inclination of attachment and aversion.

2: In present mode of the soul there is omniscient mode present, but is covered with karma particles.

3: Soul is always devoid of psychic karma, material karma and quasi karma

4: Vows, virtuous conduct, restraints etc are the causes of bondage and therefore they always need to be discarded.

5: study of scriptures are dependent on alien substance and therefore needs to be


not to have any doubts at all, determined, decisive, knowledge not having any doubt sansay, viparyay illusion or anadhyavasaan indecisiveness., Vyavashaayaatmak knowledge.

Nishchayaabsolute conception, or belief, determination
Nishchaya aalochanaaabsolute introspection.
Nishchaya amudh drastiabsolute non deluded view
Nishchaya Ahinsaaabsolute non violence.
Nishchaya anashanabsolute fasting with conquering worldly desires.
Nishchaya anuprexaareflection about absolutism
Nishchaya aaraadhanaaabsolute spiritual prayer or meditation.
Nishchaya chaaritraabsolute right conduct, absolute meditation.
Nishchaya guptiabsolute purity of soul (with mind speech and body)
Nishchaya Gnaanabsolute or right knowledge of self.
Nishchaya kartaa karmaa view point of taking self as the doer of own pure inclinations.
Nishchaya guruone having absolute perception of knowing himself.
Nishchaya kshamaaabsolute liberal conduct, free from agitation on other’s misconduct.
Nishchaya kaaltime factor causing transformation of any entity.
Nishchaya naya

absolute point of view, the mode of the knowledge which knows the eternal pure nature of the substance. Nishchaya naya knows the true nature of the soul. It does not make soul pure. Absolute point of view:

1: Shows the nature of the each substance the way it is

2: It tells the mode of the substance to belong to the same substance.

3: It tells the nature as well as cause and effect kaaran kaary of the substance as it is and does not mix it with other substance.

Nischaya Shrut Kevali

absolute scriptural omniscient, One who knows the soul directly with his sacred knowledge shrut gnaan, is known as nischay shrut kevali.

Nischay swarup bhagwaan aatmaaabsolute form of eternal true nature of the soul.
Nishchaya tapabsolute austerity, completely engrossed into self.
Nishchaya upaguhanabsolutely free from all passions.
Nishchintataafreedom from care.
Nishchindetermined; certain; definite, free from care of worry; care free
Nishchidetermined; certain; definite.
Nishedhaatmakprohibitive; negative.
Nishedhanegation, negative element, prohibition, interdiction; prevention; denial, refute, disprove.
Nishedhikaaentering temple etc places with permission of the governing deities, saying nishhi nishihi nishihi while entering temple.
Nishedyaprohibitor prohibited, prevented,
Nishedya nishedhak sambandh

prohibited prohibiting relationship, prevented preventing relationship. Here absolute point of view is nishedhak forbidding and conventional point of view is nishedhya prohibited. (ref: samaysar gatha 173 and 272). Here it does not say that one must totally discard conventional point of view. Conventional point of view by itself is not the ultimate truth. When one understands this point then he has done negation nishedh of conventional point of view. One does not give up conventional point of view but knows that that is not the ultimate reality.

Nishedhak Prohibiting

For: Ashuddh Nishchaya Naya        "Impure absolute point of view,
 the nishedhaak is:—>"" Upcharit and Anupcharit Asadbhut Vyavahaar Naya"        "Figurative and literal impure synthetic conventional partial point of view.
For: Ek Desh Shuddh Nishchaya Naya"        "Absolute Partial point of view showing the partial purity of a mode the nishedhaak is:

Nishedhya Prohibited Upcharit Sadbhut Vyavahaar Naya"        "a figurative empirical point of view expressing difference between soul and alien belonging virtues
For: Param Shuddh Nishchaya Naya"        A view point believing in Supreme pure soul, the nishedhaak is:—> Anupcharit Sadbhut Vyavahaar Naya Literal empirical stand point expressing the differentiation between virtues and virtuous one:
Nishedh roopprohibitory form
Nishiddhawarded off, kept back, restrained,checked, prevented from, forbidden to,
Nishkaaranawithout any cause of purpose.
Nishkaaran karunaacompassion without any cause of purpose, purposeless compassion
Nishkala type of meditation, supreme soul salvaged one, devoid of all attachments
Nishkampamotionless, steady.
Niskapatguileless, fair; ingenuous, frank, innocent, without deception
Nishpaxtaaneutrality, non, partisanship.
Nishkarmadevoid of karma,doing no work; inactive, idle; non attached., independent of karma.
Nishkriyainactive; doing nothing.
Nishkriyataainactivity, inertia.
Nishkriyatvarise of mode of inertia, vibration less and tremor proof
NishpaadakNishpanna karnaar, producer, one who completes the act, accomplisher, matured one, obtainer
Nispaapsinless, name of 13th future tirthakar’s name
Nishpannaborn, produced; completed, accomplished; ready; mature, proven, obtained,
Nishpattisiddhi,completion; end, termination; gain; accomplishment; outcome; maturity, origination, certainty,
Nishphalfruitless; useless; unsuccessful.
Nishpruhfree from desire; detached; indifferent
Nishthaafaith; devotion; loyalty; confidence; concentration; absorption; aim, object intent.

िनसीिह while entering temple one recite this word. It is praakrut word. It means: while going to temple, one checks to control his worldly activities. to check the inauspicious activity.

Nistushpure, unbroken, clear, one without any husk, Fotaraa vinaanu, without any bran.
Nityaanityapermanence cum impermanent
Nityaaloka summit situated at eh Ruchak mountain,
Nityaanandeternal bliss, path to salvation,
Nityaeverlasting, eternal, imperishable, unchanging.
Nitya dravyaultimate entity, primary or simple substance,
Nitya kriyaaessential duties of saints and householders etc
Nitya mahato regularly worship omniscient lord with 8 auspicious substances. It is also known as sadaarchan
Nitya nayastandpoint of eternity,
Nitya nigodh

everlasting lowest form of life, one sense lowest form of living beings from eternity, permanent lowest form of life,

Nitya sahacharyauninterrupted agreement
Nitya samaajaatiparity per eternity, permanence, eternalism,
Nitya Taadaatmya sambandh

eternal inherent relationship e.g. attributes and soul substance. (see also sambandh). In Samaysaar in Karta Karm Adhikaar this relationship is also known as Taadaatmya siddh sambandh.

Nitya idiotemitting light of knowledge forever.
Nitya vaadeternalism,
Nityataa vipaakunfailing frution of karma
Nityatvapermanence, eternity
Nivaaranwarding off; prevention; removal
Nivartakturning back; returning; warding off.

quietude, peace of mind; leisure; retiring or retirement from service or active life; abstaining from work, inactivity; ceasing to take interest in worldly matters and going into seclusion.

Niyaamakregulating, directing, managing. m. director, manager; senator; helmsman; pilot; charioteer.

The one which is qualified to perform jo niyam karne yogya hai woh niyam hai. Knowledge, faith and conduct are niyam, observances, rule; law, regulation; usage, custom. vow; bond, restraint; resolution.


knowledge, faith conduct are niyam and saar means to remove any  thing which is contrary. That means one has to perform knowledge, faith  and conduct and any thing contrary is to be discarded is known as Niyamsaar. Genuine way to qualified to be performed is triple gems of knowledge, faith and conduct and that is Niyam and any thing contrary to be discarded is known as Niyamsaar. Written by Aachaarya Kundkund and has 187 stanzas and Padma Prabh Mal Dhaari Dev wrote tikaa and is known as Taatpary Vrutti.

Niyatstable,immovable; fixed; firm,fixed, determined; established; well Niyat stable,immovable; fixed; firm,fixed, determined; established; well restrained; appointed, prescribed, nischay naya
Niyat pradeshatvainvariable territory.
Niyatifate, fortune, destiny.
Niyogsambandh, relationship.
Nokarmaquassi karma

quasi toxic emotions. nine types: 9 quasi passions of laughter haashya, indulgence rati, dissatisfaction arati, sorrow shok, fear bhay, disgust jugupsaa, male female and hermaphroditic dispositions purush, stri and napunshak ved.


logic, axiom, logical reasoning, school holding a philosophy of logical realism. The distinctive contribution of this school is its fashioning of the tools of inquiry and its formulation of the technique of argumentation, system of philosophy which deals with logic, nyaay leads to attainment of knowledge of self, To lead knowledge towards the real nature of the self is known as nyaay. “Ni” is dhaatu and word “Nyaay” is derived from it. “Ni” means to lead one to it. The soul is with embodiment of knowledge. To take knowledge towards this soul ( with embodiment of knowledge) is known as Nyaay.

Nyochhaavarsacrificed; offered in charity. n. in pushti marg present.
Naama karmaAn aghati karma that determines the body; Physique making karma
Naama karmanasaDestruction of physique-making karma.
Naama niksepaIt refers to the understanding of a thing by mean of its
 name, i.e., proper names without reference to their nature.
 (2) It is the dialectical process (3) . Namal posting/Installation.
Naama paripaatiNamal order; Nomenclature
NaarakiHell beings
NaastiNon existence; Negative aspect; Is not
Naasti avaktavya(1) Is not and is inexplicable
NaastikaNihilist;  Atheist
Naastiktaa(1) Nihility;  (2) Non-belief in jain principles; (3) Non-
 beliver in paapa punya and supreme soul
NabhaSky; Space
NagaraCity with four gates; City
NagendraLord of the mansion dwelling celestial beings
NagnarvaPopular / Figurative standpoint
NagnatakaNaked aajivikas
NagnyaPopular / Figurative standpoint
Naigama nayaThe point of view which has a purpose or an end
Naimitic karyaPrinciple action
Naimittika sambandhaCausality effect relation
Naisargik mithyaatvaAgruhit mithyatva; Inborn wrong belief
NaischayikaReal; Proper; From the nishchaya point of view
NaishthikaJain by conviction
Naisthika sraavakaModel stager; Pledged votary
NaliTunnel; Channel;  A time unit
NamahaBow; Salutation
NamaneeBent; Bowing;  Angerless
NamaskaaraReverential greeting Prostration; Bowing; Salutation;
Namaskaara mantra

(1) Reverent salutation to the five holy beings –  arihants, siddhas, acharyas, upadhayas and sadhus/sadhvis; (2) A prayer consisting of nine lines, which is the most meaningful of all Jain prayers in that it allows the follower to pay homage to all teachers; (3) This is the core mantra
 of the Jainas, if it can be called by that name.  Translated into English, it's only an obeisance to the five agents of well-being, called pancha- paramesthi.
 (4) The daily prayer of Jains

Naminaatha21st Teerthankara
NamoObeisance; A posture of reverence with folded hands and bowed head
Namokaara mantra or mahaa mantra(1)  This is the core mantra of the Jainas, if it can be called by that name.  Translated into English, it's only an obeisance to the five agents of well-being, called pancha- paramesthi.
 (2)  The daily prayer of Jains
NamostuBow and salutations to three

(1) Expression of respect to the virtuous gurus; (2) Respectful expression for teachers of virtues


A forest, well known for its beauty, said to be located somewhere between Mount Meru and Devakuru.

Napunsaka  dravyaPhysically neuter gender
Napunsaka bhaavaPsychically hermaphrodite; Psychically neuter
Napunsaka lingaHermaphrodite libido
NaraCarriers of objectives; Human destinity;  Human
Naracha sanhananaA bone joint; Osseous structure
NarakaPain carries; Hell
Naraka(1) Hellish duration (2)  A karma (3)  The nether world
 where hellish beings reside.
Naraka anupurviHellish succession
Naraka bhumiHellish residence
Naraka gatiHellish-destinity;  A karmic result
 As per the Jaina view of cosmos, there are seven hells as follows:
 1. Ratnaprabha
 2. Sarkaraprabha
 3. Valukaprabha
 4. Pankaprabha
 5. Dhumaprabha
 6. Tamahprabha
 7. Mahatamahprabha
NasakDestruction; Ksaya

Diagram is the circle of the Siddha, the omniscient one consists of a stylized lotus with eight petals. It is also called Siddhachakra.

Navadha bhaktiNine-fold devotion.
NavakaarA prayer of nine lines
Navakaara mantra

(1) This is the core mantra of the Jainas,  if it can be called by that name.  Translated into English, it's only an obeisance to the five agents of well-being, called pancha-
 paramesthi. (2) The daily prayer of Jains


Nine fundamental principles of Jainism.  A precise knowledge about these is essential for the liberation of the
 soul which is in bondage. These nne categories are:
 · Jiva (souls)
 · Ajiva (non-living substances).  In this group are dharma (motion), adharma (rest), akasa (space), kala (time), and pudgala (matter- particles).
 · Asrava (influx of karma in the form of matter-particles which stick to the soul spaces and act as fetters)
·  Bandha (bondage)
 · Punya (virtue)
 · Paapa (vice)
 · Samvara (arresting karma influx)
 · Nirjara (exhausting accumulated karma)
 · Moksa (liberation, which takes place when the soul is liberated, perfected and enlightened because of the total release from the clutches of matter-particles)
 These nine can be reduced to two major categories,  jiva and ajiva, which are the very basic of basic principles. Others simply help to understand the process of karma bondage until liberation.

Naya(1) Standpoint; (2) Viewpoint; (3) Partial point of view; (4) a particular opinion or viewpoint
NayavaadaDoctrine of view point; Standpoint; Standpointism
NayavivakshaA point of view with object’s primary characterstics in focus
Neminaatha22nd Teerthankara
NibandhaConnection; Operation
Nicha gotra

The lower and miserable state of an individual with reference to its individual and social status.

Nichagotra/NicairgotraLow status;  A karma type
NichavaraPropitiatory offerings

Desire for future or  future pleasure with performance of good deeds; Desire sting;  A thorn; Longing for enjoyment

Nidana salyaSting of desire for enjoyment

It is the state of condition (karmic) in which the increase or
 decrease of the intensity of the karma is determined by the capacity of the karmic condition.  It does not refer to the rise (udaya) or any other karmic state.

NidhattiThickening, Incapability of activity/Processes  except augmentation
Nidra karmaKarma of sleep Ordinary sleep  karma type
Nidra nidraDeep sleep,  a type of karma.
Nidra or NindraSleep
Nidra yogaMeditated sleep
NidranidraDeep sleep
NigamanaDeduction; Conclusion
Nigganth(1) One without worldly possession; (2) One who does not believe in scriptures

(1) Lowest forms of life, Mmcro-organisms, general plants.
 (2) The particular state of jiva or soul is nigoda, in which state it may reside for infinite period of time.

Nigoda jivaMicroscopic life immobile (sthävar) onesensed soul Nigodha jiva Soul in its purest form
Nigoda sariraBody of micro-organisms and  general plants
Nigoda, ItaraNon-permanent lowest life
NigrahaControl; Censure; Restriction
Nigraha sthaanaReasoning flaw; Blamed point
NigrahanaControl; Censure; Restriction
Nigudha tarkaAbstract reasoning
NihaaraExcretion e.g urine, stool etc.
NiharimaDeath within human habitation
NihkankshitaDesirelessness of worldly pleasures
Nihkantkshita angaNot  to expect material returns for serving religion
Nih-sahiMay my sins be off; Reverential request for Jina temple entry
Nih-salyaDevoid of stings; Devoid of thorns
NihshankitDoubtlessness in the elements
Nihshankti angaStrong faith in Tattvas as rationaled by jainism.
Nih-silatvaDevoid of conduct
Nih-silavratatvaNon-observance of vows
Nih-sreyasaSpiritual enjoyment, Spiritual welfare/Prosperity, Salvation.
NikachanaaCementation, Incapacitation

It is a state of karmic particles in which there is neither
 increases nor decreases in the intensity of the karmic effect. Nor is there transformation of karmic process. (2) Sticking

NikalaWithout corporeal body
NikayaGroup, Class, Corpus
NikritiDeceit; Maaya

It is a dialectical process which presents the various aspects for understanding the nature of the things through the point of view of substance, dravya, its qualities and proper name etc.; It is a method of knowing the nature of a thing from various points of view; Posting

NiksepaInstallation; Posting
Niksepa dravyaSubstantive posting
Niksepa bhaavaModel posting
Niksepa, dristiPositional viewpoint; Definitive standpoint
NikshepaAnalysis of truth, installation, attribution, imposition,
NilaBlue; A number  (10)
Nila-lesyaaBlue aura
NimesaA time unit, ¼ second.
NimisaEye brink; Wink
Nimitta(1) Cause; (2) Instrumental; (3) Concomitant; (4)
 Instrumental; (5) Efficient; (6) Auxiliary cause
Nimitta gnaanaScience of omens; Prognostics
Nimitta kaarana

Contemporary external cause appearing to influence the event; Instrumental cause; Efficient cause; Cause secondary to one’s own self cause;  Auxiliary cause; Field cause; Eternal causal agency

Nimitta Naimittic sambandhaLaw of synchronicity; Principle cause of self and
 instrumental  or auxiliary cause relationship
NimmittaPurpose; Rreason; Pretext; Any apparent cause; Instrumental
Nimmitta kartaa

Ignorant soul becomes does of its own infatuation. This
 infatuation is the nimmitta in the matter particle’s mode. This is nimmitta karta of the ignorant soul. In fact nimmitta can not do any work for matter particles. Ignorant soul’s yog and upyog are known as nimmitta karta, external cause.

NimmittakaranaInstrumental cause;  Auxiliary cause; Eeternal causal
 agency; Field cause; Efficient cause
NindaCondemn (2) Criticize
NinhavaConcealment; Heresy; Concealment of knowledge.
NiraNegative (Nakaar)
NiraakaraFormless; Indefinite; indeterminate (conation)

One who stays in Adhyaatama or pursuing the goal of self
 i.e soul without any instrumental cause; Self guiding and supporting; Not dependant on other causes

NiragaraRenouncer of household
NirakaranaExclusion; Elimination; End; Cancelling; Cancellation; Refutation; Solution
Niraksharimystic monosyllable
Niranjanawithout blemish; Without Raaga
Niranjana niraakaraOne without raga and body
Nirantara siddhaContinually salvated.
Niranvaya ksanikaMomentary without residue
Niranvya parinama, pravahaFlow of transformation without residue.
Nirapeksa sanyamaUnqualified restraint.
NirbadhaUncontradicted; Incontrovertible
NirdesaDescription; Instruction
NirdeshakaPointing at
NirdhutamohaWith delusion expelled
Nirdosha(1)  Innocent,  (2) blamelss, (3) Virtuous  (4) Perfect.
NirdvandaSolitary; Devoid of duality

(1) Those having no books referred to Jains; (2) The follower of Jainism; (3) One who believes that absolute truth can be known only to omniscient and written and
 spoken preaches by others can not have absolute truth;
 (4) Unattached; (5) Possessionless; (6) Knotless

Nirguna  niraakaraFormless; Quality less

(1) Dissociation causes; (2) Dissociation of karma; (3) One of the nine tattvas; (4) Disintegration; (5) It is a
 process of the removal of the accumulated karmas; (6) Partial dissociation of karmic matter from the soul Nirväna i.e. The liberation of the soul from samsara ; (7) Salvation

NirjaranupreksaReflection on dissociation
NirlepaWithout  moha or attraction
NirlepanaCompleting completions
NirlobhaGreedless remains
NirmaanaTo make; Create; Ascertain;  Physique making karma; Of formation; Formation
NirmohiAttachmentless; Free from illusion; Detached; Indifferent; Disinterested
NirodhaHindrance; Cessation; Stop
NirpexaNon relativistic; Without any reference; Independent; Without any expectation
NirupabhogyaNon-reducible age
NirupadhikOne without any alien attachment

Discourse; Description; Exposition; Explanation;
Description; Elucidation; Explication; Interpretation; Account; Commentary;  Appraisal; Assessment; Discussion; Exegesis


Freedom from bondage of the worldly existence; The highest liberation of the self;  Liberation; Salvation;
Emancipation; Moksha

Nirvaana bhumiSalvation place
Nirvaana kalyaanakaHoly event of salvation
NirvartanaFormation; Dispelling
NirvedaIndifference to the world;  Negative feelings
NirvichaaraNot reflecting; Thoughtlessness; Inconsiderate

Nonrepugnance at the afflicted ones: Free from doubts or reflection; Freedom form disgust; Nondisgust

NirvikaaraImmutable; Passionless state; Unchanged; Unchangeable; Disinterested; Pure

Without Thought; Pure undetermined sensation; Indeterminate perception; Without particulars; Not capable of mutual relation;  Recognizing no distinction as that of subject and object or knower and known; Exclusive concentration on one entity without distinct and separate consciousness of knower, known and knowing .

Nirvikalpa gyaanaindeterminate knowledge
Nirvrti, indriyaFormative sense; Subtype of physical sense
Niryanitya avaktavyaPermanent-cum-impermanent-cum-indescribable
NiryapakaPreceptor of voluntary death
NiryukiA type of prakrita commentary
NisargaNature; Inborn error
NIsarga kaalaThe time to leave or abandon
Nisarga ruchiNatural predilection
Nischalaimmovable; Fixed;  Firm

Absolute; Non-conventional; Ultimate/ideal; Determination; Resolve; Decision; Assurance; Certainty; Certainly;  Positively

Nischaya hinsaaDefinitive violence
Nischaya naya

The noumenal point of view; Absolute point of view; Non-conventional view; Ideal/essential view; Transcendental (Supernatural) viewpoint; Absolute standpoint

Nischaya purvakaResolutely; With determination;  Definitely; Certainly
NischayabhasFallacy of absolute point of view; Perceived absolute point of view
NischayatmakaDetermined;  Decisive
NisekaSpecific karmic aggregate; Drippings
NishchayaAbsolute real existent  exact
Nishchaya kaalaReal time; Absolute time
Nishchaya nayaAbsolute point of view
NishchayamaargaAbsolute path
NishedhaNegation; Negative element
NishhkashhayaWithout kashhaaya
NishhkriyaPassive no action
NisidanaSit; Seat
NisidikaFoot-prints; Foot marks
Nisitha sutraSecondary canon of inflationary punishments.
NiskriyaInert (motionless), Inactive.
NisraSupport; Shelter
NisvaasaOut breath; Exhale
NityaPermanent; Constant; Eternal
NityatvaPermanence; Externality
NivaaranaSolution; Remove; To break or satisfy doubt
NivesanaPersuasion; Investment
Nivritti baadaraState of gross-passions eradication
Nivritti maargaSelf-realization
NiyamaReal right conduct passionlessness; Restraint; Vow
NiyamasaaraJain sacred book on real right conduct
Niyata vipaakaAscertained fruition
Niyata vrattiFixed stratum; Fixed abiding
NiyatiFate; Destiny; Fortune.
NiyativaadaDeterminism as a theory; Fatalism; Determinism
NoNegation; Partial affirmation; Quasi
NoaagamaProcanons; Quasi-canons
NoindriyaQuasi-sense; Mind
Noindriya pratyaksa

It is the form of pratyaksa which is due to the noindriya i.e. mind, without the help of the sense organs.

No-jivaQuasi karma
NokarmaQuasi karma particles
NokasaayaSubsidiary passion; Quasi-passion
Nokevala3rd and 4th cognitions
NyaasaInstallation; Posting

It is a method of knowing the nature of a thing from various points of view; It is also called niksepa; Posting

Nyaasa apaahaaraMisappropriation
NyaayaThe perception scripture of Gautam swami
Nyaaya darsanaNyaaya philosophy
Nyagrodha parimandala sansthanaPartly symmetrical configuration; Banyan-tree
Naigama (Naya):Non-distinguished
Naigamabhasa:False point of view of the non-distinguished
NamaBody-making Karma
Nama (Niksepa):Symbol of name
Nama-Jaina:Nominal Jaina
Nama-karma:Karma that determines destinies and body types
Namadinayasamudayavada:Combination of the points of view of name etc.
Namadiniksepa:Symbols of names etc.
Namajiva:Name symbol of soul
Namaskara-mantra:Reverent salutation to the [five] holy beings
Namaskaraniksepa:Symbol of salutation
Namatmaka:Form of the name
Namendra:The name `Indra’
Nandyavarta:A kind of diagram
Napumsaka Veda:Common sex.
Napumsakaveda:Sexual cravings for a hermaphrodite
Naracha-Samhanana:Unbreakable joints and bones.
Naraka:Hell; the world of infernal beings Hellish.
Naraka Anupurvi:Hellish–migratory form.
Narakayu:hellish age.
Narakayu karma:Hellish age karma
Naraki:Hell beings
Narayana:A Jaina literary type; the hero’s companion and slayer of the villian
Nasti:Does not exist; the second member of the sapta-bhangi-naya
Naya:Partial truth
View; partial expression of truth
Nayabhasa:False point of view
Nayavada:Doctrine of nayas
Nayavakya:Statement from a point of view
Nicha Gotra:Low family.
Nichaih Vritti:an attitude of humility towards one’s betters.
Nidana:Seeking worldly gain from the performance of good deeds and austerities, The thorn of desire for future sense-pleasures.
Nidhatti:Energy that renders karmas incapable of all activity save changes in fruition time and intensity
Nidra-Nidra:Deep sleep.
Nigantha:Nirgrantha, Unattached, without possessions; ancient name for the Jaina community
Nigoda:The lowest form of life
Nigraha:Defeat, proper control over mind, speech and body.
Nigrahadhikarana:Place for defeat
Nihkamksita:Freedom from anticipation
Nihksepa (Niksepa):The different ways of putting a thing
Nihnava:Falsehood, heresy
Nihsankita:Freedom from doubt
Nikacana:Energy that renders karmas incapable of all activity
Nila-lesya:Blue karmic stain
Nimitta-karana:External efficient cause
Nir vichikitsita:Free from repulsion from anything.
Nirjara:Dissociation of karmas, The falling away of karmic matter from the soul, The gradual shedding of the matter already boundis shedding
Nirjara anupreksha:Shedding. Karmic matter must be shed from or shaken out of the soul.
Nirmana:Formation; proper formation of limbs and minor limbs in relation to their situation and dimensions.
Nirnitavipaksavrttika:Whose existence in the hetrologous is decisive
Nirvana:Release from bondage; the final death of an enlightened human being [arhat] followed immediately by moksa
Nirvana-bhumi:The place at which a Tirthankara attained nirvana
Nirvicikitsa:Freedom from disgust
Nirvrttindriya:Physical sense-organ shaped like Kadamba flower
Niryukti:Prakrit verse commentary
Nisarga:inborn error
Nisarga Kriya:Admiration of hurtful or unrighteous things.
Niscaya (Naya):Consideration
Niscaya-naya:Nonconventional view
Niscayabhasa:False real point of view
Niscita (Matijnana):Determined
Nisedhakalpana:Negative aspect
Nisedhasakhaka (Hetu):Which proves negation
Nishkankshita:Free from wordly desire.
Nisshankita:Free from all doubt.
No-kasaya:Subsidiary passions
No-kashaya:Quasi-passions; slight or minor passions.
Nyag rodha parimandala:Banyan-like; short in lower but large in upper extremities like a banyan-tree.