Bad Result of gambling

There was a city named Hastnapur, where lived the Kauravas and Pandavas. They ruled together but the Kauravas were fraudy and the Pandavas were honest. The Kauravas were not satisfied with their half kingdom. They thought to snatch the whole kingdom from the Pandavas. One day Duryodhan called the Pandavas by fraud in his palace and told by a honey toung to Yudhister for gambling. Yudhister agreed.

Duryodhan defeated Yudhister in gambling. Yudhister lost his treasure, country, elephants, vehicles, army, animals etc. He also lost the ornaments of his Queen Draupadi. At the same time Dushasan came to the palace of Draupadi and started disrobed her saree and insulted her. But Draupadi prayed god for her safety and God saved her.

So ladies and gentleman there is no sin like gambling in the universe. The Pandavas avoided the gambling in their whole life and after abdication, thePandavas became Digamber saints and Draupadi also became a lady saint.