Kshullaka Muni

There was a city named shree saket beautified like a diamond tied in a braid of a woman in a form of the earth. There ruled a king named pundarikaksha whose eyes were as big and broad as a lotus leaf.

He had a brother named Kundarikaksha Yashobhadra who was very winning by nature, benevolent and sweet tongued.

Once upon a ime Pundarik having seen tender bodied Yashobhadra in solitude with open limbs he was allured with passion of lust.

Pundarikaksh just to please her, sent a present she too considering it agree of an elderly accepted innocently.

The next day the king shameless proposed his lust passion to her yashobhadra in her turn retorted, “Oh king! don’t you not get ashamed even of your brother ?

Then that licentious king killed his brother. Kundarikaksh the faithful wife to protect her chastity joined the group of merchants and proceeded with them.

She took initiation in the presence of the nun-named keertimati the follower of Acharya Ajit sen.

At that time only she came to know of her pregnancy she thought if the nun-Sadhviji would know of it she would not allow her to be initiated so she did not tell her anything regarding this development.

On seeing her pragnancy maturing day by day Sadhviji scolded and asked her with a contempt about that all. In reply she told her that she was already pregnant before initiation.

To save the spiritual situation sadhviji protected her in solitude on maturity she bore a child who became known as kshullakumar.

Gradually he grew young and began to think of continence vigilance. Desirous of sexual pleasures I am not able to observe such a strick vigilance so I ask my mother’s opinion.

Then the mother persuaded her son Ksulla who was unable to stay and longer. He consented
her to wait for twelve years.

After twelve years he repeated the same question to his mother. Then she told him,’ Oh son!
You ask this respectable sadhviji because now a days I am under her control.’

“Mother! I want to enjoy sexual pleasures.’ He proposed to the nun-Sadhviji. In reply she said to him. “Let me have a period of twelve years to decide.’ Then he again agreed.

He thus promised the same period to Acharya and upadhyay and in this way he remained observing the vigilance up to forty eight years.

After forty eight years when again he tried to set out his mother Yashobhadra persuaded him not to go else where she recommended him to contact his uncle king Pundarik in the city of saket.

Then the nun-Yashobhadra his mother out of attachment towards her son gave a ring and a show! shining with gems.

He too taking a ring and a showl approached Saket to meet his uncle in the morning.

A Drama with dance by actresses was on while he entered the royal assembly in the late night
all the actresses were found asleep.

The main actress having seen other actresses asleep began to think that the audience had been pleased with performance and the earning has been plenty.

If I take rest and stop the performance for a while the audience will contempt me and my team thinking thus she again began to sing with as very lofty sonorous and a melodious voice.

She sang thus, “O black beauty, you have sung very sweety uptill now and played musical instruments very nicely. You have also danced very attractively So now it is not advisable of present to be lazy and asleep.

Meanwhile Kshulla Sadhu presented the actress dancer with a beautiful blanket. Yashobhadra the prince gave an ear-ring as a gift. Yatisandhi the minister gave a gold bangle the master’s wife shrikanta gave her a marvellous necklace karnapal an elephant controller gave a pointed iron bar. All the presents valued a lakh gold coins separately.

In the next morning the king called all and asked Kshullakamar “Why did you give a beautiful blanket to the lady dancer’ He soon spoke how his father was killed and why his mother had to flee from the home and become a nun. He also expressed his desire for sexual pleasures. He told him everything at a time.

If so, oh son! accept this kingdom. He then asked, “Oh uncle! for me what is the use of this sovereignty root of all evils?’

I shall die within a few days so why should I commit a blunder by accepting the responsibility of rolling doing it I shall have to fore go the the benefit of the strict vigilance observed in the presence and guidance of gurus.

Oh prince why did you give her an ear-ring? Then he said, “This old king would not hand me over this ruling power so I decided to kill him.’

On hearing the prince’s words Pundarik the king said, “Oh son! accept my kingdom’ He then said, “I do not want it because it leads to the hell.’

He asked the minister why he had given her a gold bangle In reply he said, “His Highness? I had decided to leave you and have the other king’s shelter.’

Oh shreekanta why did you give her your necklace ? she then said twelve years elapsed after my husband’s demise but I did not remarry any other man.’

Oh elephant master! Why did you give her a pointed rod ? He then said. “Some time back several people told me to lead the elephant there or kill him ‘ So I gave it.’

The king persuaded all ineluding his son and nephew to realise their interest and advantage but the wise and well learned willing to renunciate all rejected his proposal.

All like the prince got detached to worldliness and so their sins-misdeeds burnt up immediately so they got initiated like Kshullkumar.

Oh blessed souls! on hearing the life record and report of Kshullkumar you too adopt a devotion for the rest of your life.