Labhopari Sagarsheth

The eneny named greed that obstructs a man of firm resolve who has reached the twelth step of virtues. Whom, like honourable merchant Sagara does this enemy named greed not haress
in this world and in the next ?

In the city named Srimandira, there was a master trader possessing eight crore gold coins, engrossed in earning only, but devoid of piety.

But master trader Sagara, the foremost of misers never spent money nor did he donate it. Mostly his doors were always closed.

While he stayed at home, nobody before him could eat, bath, and give anything. No mendicant visited his house.

Sagar’s wife Kamala, their son Devila and daughter-in-law Vimala – all of them were always afraid of him.

In that house both Mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law well versed in sorcery turned out wantons by their miraculous powers unrestrained.

Once in the absence of others a lady hermit came to Sagara’s mansion. At that time the mother in law and the daughter in law bowed and asked.

Lady hermit ! How did you enter into this house, even though the doors are closed ? Then she replied, “I have a miraculous power of flying in the sky together with my body.”

Both, having learnt the power and sitting on a hollow wood, used to go out at mid night for love sports to their desired place with the help of the miraculous power.

Once while all were sleeping, Devila – the son got up at midnight for toilette, he saw there somewhat astomishing.

Then at mid night both the mother-in-Law and the daughter-in-law got up with joy, making no noise of their feet and talked to each other- “Be quick, be quick.”

As he too turned his ears to hear them, the mother-in-law said to Vimala, “Hey you ! prepare this stick soon and go ahead.”

“We have to go far. So do not delay, saying thus both of them recited the formula and sat on the wood.”

Then both of them flew in the sky like two female spirits . On seeing this miracle, Devala began to think.

Thinking thus he remained awake until both came there back. Thereafter it dawned soon.

Just a preceptor instructing an expiatory rite, does not publicize one’s faults, he also did not disclose their incident.

Desirous of knowing he entered the big hollow wood before the dense darkness (prevailed.)

As usual both of them sat on it and went to their desired destination. On reaching there they kept the wood aside and began to play there love-sports.

There were other women, too. With those women both of them enjoyed fearlessly.

Devala too came out from the hollow of the wood and roaming here and there he saw a furnace full of golden bricks.

Devala being amazed began to think a, ‘Surely this must be the same golden Peninsula which is heard through the talks of the people.’

The poor people bearing even hardships are not able to see that even in a dream. Such a crores of golden peninsula has been effortlessly seen today by me. This is my great luck.

He being contented took up two or three best selected bricks out of those ones. There is no doubt that a spirited person, does not become greedy in spite of a bigger benefit.

Like a great ascetic Mahamuni during the monsoon stays with drawing his parts and limbs of body, also contracting his body stayed in the hollow of the wood.

Both of them also after playing for a long time came there without any fear, having seate as before they flew in the sky and came home.

Next morning Devala told his father the whole story and showed the gold. Then the father being astonished told him.

“Oh foolish ! Why did you take this much only ? Nobody abstains from the money effortlessly to the hand”.

Today I go there myself. I bring as many as I want and remove moneylessness. People like you are indeed careless.

Oh saying thus, he being allured by the blow of greed remained engrossed in thinking of bricks like a fish stuck up to the nook.

At night he entered in the hollow of the wood in the same way and reached to that place with both of them.

Then he came out and remembering the signs etc. told by his son, saw the furnace of the golden bricks looking like a mountain of riches.

He being pleased to that, yet being greedy filled the wood with the bricks in such a way that even he could remain hardly in the wood.

Then both the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law as usual proceeded to their city. When they reached over the sea the daughter-in-law said.

“Mother ! for some reason or other today the wood seems heavily therefore it does not proceed
further with speed”. Then the mother in law also said to her.

“Oh ! Leave this wood here only and take that piece of wood seen floating over water so that we may go to our city soon.”

At time the merchant being afraid said, “Do not throw me into the sea.” Then they recognized him and said “Oh ! how come you are here !”

Both of them being afraid of leaking their secret left him with the wood itself and went home.

One should not be too greedy and should not avoid it totally Since being obsessed of greed Sagara fell in the sea.

Gradully knowing the facts, the son also was afraid of both of them. He took initiation and became happy.

Thus the result of greed is very bad on considering it Oh swise people continue watering Be always satisfied never be greedy.