Mahaveerashtak Stotra

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Just as substances in front of a mirror are reflected in it, in the same way all animate and inanimate objects with their origination, disappearance and permanence are at one and the same moment reflected in whose omniscience and who is the seer and knower of the world and illumines the path of spiritual perfection, just as the sun bestows its light on all the worldly paths, I implore that Lord Mahaveer to stay in the path of my vision.

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Both of whose lotus eyes, without glimmer and redness, expose to the humans the absence of external and internal passions like anger; whose appearance is utterly pure and calm, I implore thee, Oh Lord Mahaveer, to stay in the path of my vision.

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Both of whose lotus feet are illuminated with the brilliance of the gems of the crowns of the Lord of the heavenly beings, who pacifies the flames of the fire of agonies of the creatures of this world by his remembrance only like water, I implore that perfection, incarnate Lord Mahaveer to stay in the path of my vision.  

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When a frog, happy with the eagerness to worship whose lotus feet, was blessed with all the wath, bliss and comforts of heavenly life just in a moment, there is no wonder if his devotees achieve that all pervading happiness of the supreme state of our being, that is, they will certainly achieve that. I request you, Oh Lord, of the three worlds, to stay in the path of my vision.

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From the intinsic point of view, you who are just a mass of sentience and externally without physical frame, though possessing a shining pure gold like body; all the substance with their multifarious modifications are being reflected in whose sentience, as such who is one indivisible and many at one and the same time; who was unborn and yet was the son of Maharaj Siddhartha; who is devoid of all the attachments of the worldly existence, and yet is associated with perfect consciousness and the wealth and luxuries of the religious congregation that is called the Samosharan, I implore Thee, an abode of countless wonders Lord Mahaveer, to stay in the path of my vision.

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The Ganges of whose divine voice is perfectly pure on account of the surging waves of who always invites the living beings of this world to bathe in the fathomless stream of whose omniscience, with which all the swan-like learned souls are even now acquainted, I implore Thee Oh Lord of the Lords, Mahaveer, to stay in the path of my visions.

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Who is the selfless force alone, in his boyhood, conquered the god of passions, whose force is irresistible and who has won all the three worlds; consequently who has become the sovreign of eternal happiness and everlasting vitality, I implore Thee Oh Bhagwan Mahaveer to stay in the path of my vision.

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Who is a selfless physician to conquer the terrible disease of delusion, who is a selfless brother to all the living beings, the whole world is acquainted with whose grandeur, who is an instrument for the welfare of all without any distinction, who is a refuge to the monks, who are frightened with their wanderings of the worldly existence, that mass of all the good and great attributes of line, God Mahaveer, pray stay in the path of my vision.

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Whosoever recites or hears this Mahaveerashtak written with great reverence by Poet Bhagchand, attains supreme bliss.