MANISH: Let’s go Suketu to play baseball. It is a beautiful day.

SUKETU: I am too busy to go anywhere today.

MANISH: You don’t look busy to me.

SUKETU: I am busy. I’m pouting.

MANISH: Oh, that is baby stuff. Only babies pout.

SUKETU: I’m mad at my mother. I am just going to sit here and pout until my mother gives me some money to buy the candy I want to buy. Maybe if I keep on pouting, she will change her mind.

MANISH: The dentist told your mother to make you stop eating so much candy, and she is just trying to do what the dentist asked her.

SUKETU: Oh, why don’t you be quiet? You sound just like my mother. I like to pout, it works every time I want something.

MANISH: It just seems silly to me to just sit out here and pout. You are just sitting here in the hot sun, when you could be playing baseball with me.

SUKETU: You will see. It will all be worth it. Just wait and see.

Manish leaves.

(2 Hours Later)

MANISH: Suketu, are you still pouting? It is getting hotter out here in the sun. I think you might be getting sunburned. Your face sure is red.

SUKETU: Yes I know. I have waited 2 hours for my mother to change her mind and I still have no candy.

MANISH: You did eat lunch, didn’t you? Are you hungry?

SUKETU: I was too busy pouting during lunch today. I didn’t eat a thing. I just pouted.

MANISH: You should have been at practice. The coach took us to Mickey D’s to

eat. You should have come with us. I had a veggieburger and a cookie. It was so much fun.

SUKETU: Really? Mickey D’s.

MANISH: You sure missed out on a good treat.

SUKETU: Did you get a sundae with strawberries?

MANISH: No, I didn’t.


MANISH: I just got a sundae, I don’t care too much for strawberries.

SUKETU: Big fat toads, I missed out on a good thing. Didn’t I?

MANISH: You most certainly did. All you have to show for today is a sunburned nose and a growling tummy.

SUKETU: My stomach is not growling. Do you hear it?

(Noises heard offstage)

MANISH: What on earth is that noise?

SUKETU: I am really in for it now. That’s my dad. He just got home from work and I am really in for it now, just for sitting here and pouting all day. My mom is probably telling him now.

MANISH: Well, soon you will have more than a sunburned face, a growling stomach, and a growling dad. Something else will happen real soon.

SUKETU: What on earth are you talking about, Manish?


MANISH: Soon you will be in trouble. I hope you have learned a lesson.

SUKETU: There isn’t any use in pouting. It doesn’t work.

MANISH: This must be a big lesson. Your dad is very upset. I’m hitting the road Suketu. I don’t want any part of this.

SUKETU: My dad is mad, because I have been a bad boy. After he talks to me, I’ll be sad!

(Dad’s voice off-stage)

DAD: Suketu you get yourself over here right now. I have a thing or two to talk to you about.

SUKETU: (in his mind) Why oh why, do I have to learn my lesson the hard way?

DAD: Suketu!

SUKETU: Listen to this advice. Pouting doesn’t pay. I am learning that now. Instead, you should always obey your parents, and obey them fast.