Vaachakword, speaker, one well versed in 12 angas.
Vaachak Vaachya sambandhRelation between word and its meaning
Vaachaka(1) Word; (2) Speaker; (3) One well versed in 12 angas;
 (4) Expressive; (5) Canonical teacher; (6) Scholarly position
VaachanaWords; Sermons; Statement; Reading; Speech voice
Vaachana balaVerbal strength/activity
Vaachana duspranidhanaImproper speech
Vaachana guptiSpeech/language guard
Vaachana yogaActivity of words, speech
meaning, expressible in words,intended, fit, to be spoken; that should be spoken to.

Vaachya(1) Meaning; (2) Expressible in words; (3) Expressible;
 (4) Vaachak – signifier and signified expressive and expressed
Vaachya vaachaksignifier and signified expressive and expressed
discussion; debate; interpretation of Scriptures; controversy; dispute; rivalry, competition; theory, argument, the discussion in which there is involvement of winning and loosing is involved is known as vaad.

Vaada(1) Describe; (2) Ism; (3) Theory, Disputation; Debate
expert in spiritual argument, the plaintiff, a complainant, exponent, disputant, proponent,

(1) Expert in spiritual argument; (2) Speaker or sayer believer in a particular theory; (3) The plantiff a complainant; (4) Principal note of a mode of music; (5) Rival ; (6) Complainant; (7) Plaintiff; (7) Snake charmer

Vaadi prativaadi nyaay nirnaydetermination of right between disputant and opposition
Vaaditva riddhiDiscoursal super-attainment.
enclosure, compound, behind house; pen or fold for sheep and goats; street; latrine; party, faction.

Vaadvivaaddebate, discussion; disputation.
VaadyaMusical instruments
VaagyogaActivity; Vocal activity
VaakyopayogaTo repeat same sentence over and over again
VaanchanaStudy or reading
Vaanchhaawish, desire.
vocal speech, voice, language, speech; language; words; organ of speech, tongue; note; Saraswati, goddess of speech

VaaniVoice; Vocal speech; Language
Vaansaloadze, axe
VaartikaLogical commentary; Explainatory
wish, desire, inclination; impression on the mid of past actions which produces pleasure or pain; smell; odor, instinct, sentiments, wrong motive, wrong intention, wrong meaning ,wrong opinion; wrong purpose, wrong intention,wrong intended meaning

Vaastavikreal, true; proper, parmaarth,
Vaastuhouse, place to stay, shelter, refuge, support, swa dravya kshetra kaal bhaav
Vaastu shilparchitectural
Vaastvikataareality, true fact; propriety.
VaasupoojyaTwelth Tirthankar
road, path; waiting; wick (of lamp); wick (inserted in wound to drain it); iron band or tyre of wheel.

Fraternity towards coreligionists, joy and affection towards the right path and those following the path and propagation of true path, attitude of love and devotion, affection, tenderness,

Dis-interested/selfless affection (love); Fraternity towards coreligionists; The love of a mother towards children.

Vaatsalya swamiAffection for co-religionists
Vaavavuplanting, sowing.
VaayukayikaAir bodied
Vacatespeaker; eloquent speaker, orator.
Vachanspeech, voice
Vachan agocharimperceptible by spoken words.
VachanaachaaryaCanonical teacher; Scholarly position
Vachanaatitbeyond spoken words, indescribable
Vacya-vacaka-bhava:Relationship of the word and its meaning
Vaddark half of lunar month, banyan tree,
Vada:Legitimate discourse
Vadara Nigoda Shunya-Vargana:Gross common-body-indiffrent-molecule
Vadara Nigoda-Vargana:Gross common-body-molecule
Vadeeneeti means go to toilet for solid excretion activity while laghuneeti is to go for urinating activity

Vadvaanalfabulous sub marine fire.
Vaggupti:Preservation of speech.
VahaA measure, 800 Adhakas
Vaibhaavik bhaavpassionate feelings contrary to the real nature of soul.
Vaibhaavik kriyaapassionate activities contrary to the real nature of soul
Vaibhaavik shakti
interactive capacity, power causing passionate feelings contrary to the real nature of soul.

Vaibhavglory, grandeur; wealth.
VaibhavaGlory; Grandeur; Wealth
VaidhamyopanitaKnowledge through dissimilarity
Vaidharmya udaaharanaIllustration-in-difference
Vaihaysika maranaDeath by hanging
VaikalikaBeyond time
Vaikalika:[Texts studied] beyond the prescribed hours
VaikalyaAudible sound
Vaikriya (sharira)
Fluid (body); Other four body forms are (1) audarika (gross); (2) aharaka (assimilative); (3) taijasa (caloric); and (4) karman (made of karma particles).

Vaikriya sharirfluid body.
Vaikriya sharir kaa samay prabaddhto accept the material particle suitable for fluid body in one samay.
VaikriyakaSuper natural power of creation
Vaikriyaka misraFluid body associated with karmic body
Vaikriyaka samudghaataTransformational extrication
Vaikriyaka sarira
Transformational body; Protean body; Fluid body; Fluid body of assuming various forms, usually Gods in heaven or hellish being in hell possess.

Vaikriyika-mishra:Fluid with karmic.
Vaikriyika:Fluid,the body of hellish and celestial beings, which they can change at will.
VaimaanikaCelestials; Empyreans
Vainayik mithyatvawrong belief pertaining to pay equal respect to all deities and all religions
Vainayika mithyaatva
Perversity due to indeterminate opinion. wrong belief pertaining to pay equal respect to all deities and all religions

Vainayika-mithyatva:Mithyatva due to indiscriminate openmindedness
Vaineyika:Religion is identical with veneration of parents, king, etc., e.g., Confucianism.
indifference to the world, absence of worldly desires, asceticism, renunciation, aversion from worldly life, detachment from worldly life, non attachment.

(1) Detachment; (2) Non-attachment; (3) Indifference to body world and material gratification and indulgence of five senses; (4) Indifference to the world, absence of worldly desires, ascetism, renunciation, aversion from worldly life, detachment from worldly life, non attachment;
 (5) Giving up or reducing the raaga towards sansaar

Vairaagya bhaavanaemotions of aversion from worldly life
a particular time after midnight, A time of 48 minutes past midnight till 48 minutes prior to sun rise. This is the time for monk to do swaadhyaay. (see kaalaachaar for further details). It is also known as apar raatri.

Vairagya:Aversion leading to renunciation, The non-attachment to sense pleasures.
VaisesikaAn Indian philosophy
Purity, nirmaltaa, vishadataa, clearness, brightness, freshness, distinctness, intelligibleness, vividness,

Vaisrasiak bandhaNatural bond
Vaisrasiknatural activity of the matter, sahaj jad ki kriyaa.
Vaisya:A member of the merchant caste
Vaitrushnyavitaraagataa is vaitrushnya., see also vitrushna.
Vaivahiki kriyaWedding activity
Vaivahiki-kriya:The wedding ceremony
VaiyaadhikaranyaLocus bifurcation
VaiyaarthyaRespectful and selfless service
VaiyaavachchVaiyavrutya, pious respectful service to saints.
VaiyaavachchhaTo serve and care the guru or teacher and old people
VaiyaavrattyaRespectful service to the holy saints in difficulty
Vaiyaavrutipious service to saints.
Vaiyavrittya-karana:Serving the meritorious..
Vaiyavritya:Service of the saints or worthy people–internal austerity.
Vaiyavrttya:Respectful service
VajraDiamond; Hard stubborn strong
Vajra Diamond:Adamantine
Vajra naracha sanhananaAdmantine ligatures; Strong Diamond like ties
Vajra vrasabha naracha samhananaPerfect bone-joints; Adamantine ligatures and bones
Vajra-naracha-Samhanana:Adamantine, joints and bones.
Vajra-rishabha-aracha-Samhanana:Adamantine, nerves, joints and bones.
Vajrapaatstroke of lighting; fall of thunder belt; sudden and terrific calamity.
Vakra gatiCurved motion; Zigzag motion
Valanbent or inclination of mind; bent, winding, curve;
ValanaCircular motion; Shame
Valana maranaDe-restraintal death
ValayaRing; Layer
Valaya:Layer of teh atmosphere
VamanaDwarf figure/configuration; Vomit
Vanforest, jungle
Van bhojandining in wood or garden; picnic.
Van charliving in a forest, wild. m. animal, man, living in forest; monkey.
Van devataasylvan deity
Van devisylvan deity
Van maalaagarland of wild flower; (ShriKrishna's) garland of flowers reaching up to knees.
Vanaprasth aashrama
Family and service to society. This is the third of four stages that a Jain shravak and shravika are recommended
 to pass through in his or her lifetime

VanasiForest dweller
VanaspatiPlant; Vegetable
Vanaspati-kaya:Plant beings
VanaspatikaayaFlora bodies; Vegetable bodies; Vegetable or plant kingdom
VanavaasiForest dweller
Vanavasi:Forest dweller
bowing, ceremonial and humble greeting of a spiritual teacher, obeisance, salutation, adoration, worship, reverence, praise, praise with the verbal words, vachan thi stuti karvi te. In namokar mantra pranaam as well as vandan are included.

(1) Act of bowing, or offering salutations; (2) Reverent salutation; (3) Bow or Salute with reverence; (4) Salutations of Sadhus or monks and reverent people; (5) Obeisance; (6) Pranaama; (7) Salute; (8) Ceremonial and humble greeting of a spiritual teacher, salutation,
adoration, worship, reverence, praise

Vandana:Reverent salutation
Vandhyaa sribarren woman, unproductive woman, infertile woman, sterile woman,
Vandyathe dark half of a lunar month, worthy of salutation.
Vandya vandank bhaav
to show the respect to the worthy one. It is present only up to six spiritual development stage only.

Vang:Movement by speech
VanipakaMiserial alms
Vanmaalishri krishna.
Vanraajking of forest, lion,
Vanraajilong line, grove, of trees; long tract of forest; forest track.
Vansapatra yoniPlane birthplace; Bambloo-leafal birthplace
Varaakaapoor, miserable, beggar,
VardhamaanaLord Mahavira
Vardhamana (Avadhi):Augmenting
category, group, square, bundle of potencies incorporated in a single indivisible atoms which forms the basis of karmic matter. potency of karmic dust particle is defined in terms of number of units of different attributes is known as avibhaag pratichchheda. A group with the same potency of these avibhaag pratichchheda is known as varga.

VargaAtomic potency of karmic matter; Category; Group; Square
Varga salakaSuper-variformal groping
type of karmic molecules constituted by a number of vargas or karmic atoms, name of molecule of infinite atoms, aggregate of same molecules of some matter., collection of varga is known as varganaa.

(1) Molecules or group of atoms; (2) Aggregatal grouping, variform.; (3) Aggregate of molecules of same kind or different kinds forming a worldy object of matters.

Varjandiscard, to give up,
color; letter of the alphabet; form, appearance; sort. m., f. any one of the four classes or divisions (varnas) of Hindu society; caste.

Varna (ળણય)(1) Caste, hierarchy, or class or society; (2) Color of skin;
 (3) A quality of matter
Varna vyavasthaaCaste system
Varna-vyavastha:Class/ caste system
Varna:Caste hierarchy/ class; color; a quality of matter, Letters
Ritual celebrating the establishment of a new household by a married son; Ritual by married son

Varnalabha:Ritual celebrating the establishment of a new household by a married son
Varnya samaIllustration for doubtful probandum
VarsaContinent; Year; Country
VarsavasaRainy season residence
VarsayogaRainy season residence
Vartanbehavior; manners.
VartanaBehavior; Conduct
પોતપોતાના પયkયની ઉFપિrમા+ Jવય+éવ (વતIમાન gવાિદ tuયો6 િનિમrde (eરણા કરવી H. instrumental cause. Vartanaa means minute transformation occurring in a substance which are not perceivable. in contrast, parinaam means the transformation which are perceptible.

VartanaaTo exist; Assisting in their continuity of being; Minute change; Perduration
behave, act; become; be; subsist. v. t. make out, guess; predict; [poet.] see; give according to usage.

Varuni dharanaMeditational conception with water element.
Varuni-dharana:A process of meditational “cleansing,” accompanied with the water element.
VasanaPredisposition; Impression; Latency; Sanskaara
Vasana:Memory impression, Trace
Vasarta maranaDeath due to overindulgence
VasatIncantational seed/Invocational word
subject to, under the control of; subdued, obedient; charmed, fascinated. m. control.

purnataa, completeness, one has completed the action of aahvahan, sthaapanam and sannidhikarana. Ek kriyaa ke baad purnataa hote par vashat shabd kaa upygo kiyaa jaata hai . This is “raudhik” shabd hai. Vashat is an avyay shabd.

object, thing, substance, matter, infinite attributes and modes residing in a substance is known as vastu, the one in which the attributes and modes reside.

VastuEntity; Real entity; Object; Thing; Substance
Vastu dharmaattribute of a thing
Vastu kaalaArchitecture; Civil engineering
VastuswarupaNature; Shape; Characateristic etc. of different six dravyas
nature of reality of any substance, reality, objectivity attribute, causal efficiency attribute

VastutvaFunctionality; Nature of reality of any substance; Reality; Objectivity
Vastutva:capacity by which a substance has a fuction, Functionality
VasudharaDivine shower of gold/gems
Vata rasanaNaked saints
Disinterested affection, Tender affection for one’s brother on the path of Liberation.

Vayah sthaviraSenior (above 70 years) sage/saints.
Ved kashayapassion of lust,
VedaSex desire; The Vedas scriptures of Hindus; Sexual feelings; Libido.
Veda:Sex-consciousness, Sexual feelings
Vedaksufferer of karmic results., one who experiences results of karma
Vedak bhaav
desire to experience certain inclinations, vedan karne vaalaa bhaav. (samaysaar stanza 216)

Vedak samyakdrastione with destructive right belief.
Vedak samyaktavadestructive substantial right belief.
Vedaka karmaEnjoyer; Experiencer
Vedaka samyaktvaDistruction-cum-subsidential right faith.
Vedaka-samyaktva:A synonym for ksayopasamika-samyaktva
experience, knowledge, to know and to experience is vedan., knowing, knowledge; experiencing; feeling. vedan nirvikalpa avasthaa maa chhe, Hu vedu chhu te savikalpa dasha thai. Gnaan apexa e nirvikalpa ane savikalpa ek j samaye chhe,

Vedana(1) To Feel or feeling; (2) Knowing or knowledge; (3) Experience of experiencing
Vedana samudghataExtrication of soul points due to intense pain
Vedanaaexperiencing pain.
VedanaaDestress; Tactile feeling; Suffering; Pain; Anguish;
 Misery; Knowing, knowledge; Experiencing; Feeling
Vedanaa bhayaone of the seven fears of bodily painful suffering.
Vedanaa bodhaExperience of distress
Vedanaa samudghataDistressal extrication
VedaniyaAn aghaatiya karma that determines mundane experience of pains and pleasures
Vedaniya karmaFeeling producing karma
Vedaniya-karma:Karma responsible for mundane experience of pain and pleasure
Vedaniya:Feeling Karma
Vedatrayatriplet of gender
Vedi suddhiritual of purification of altar of the temple.
Vedniyakarma causing the experience of pain and pleasure.
Vedya bhaav
the inclination which gets to be experienced, jis bhaav kaa vedan kiyaa jaataa hai, The desire of certain inclinations from the past is now getting experienced at this moment. (samaysaar stanza 216)

vedya vedak bhaav
soul has desire for certain inclination (vedak bhaav) and that inclination comes in experiencing state in the future mode.(vedya bhaav) Therefore they both are occurring at different samays. When desire is there, the experience is not there and vice versa. Both states are the deluding states of the soul. (samaysaar stanza 216)

(1) Power or strength; (2) Reproductive capacity; (3) Sperm; (4) Strength; (5) A pure soul has infinite strength;
 (6) Potency

Veetaraaga(1) Beyond attachment (räga) and aversion (dwesha); (2) Disinterestedness
VeetaraagataaState with no attachment and aversion
Veetaraagi JinOne who is beyond attachement and aversion
VeeyavachchaTo bow to guru with whole body on ground with face down
VegaFlow; Flow of bhaava
VeganaTrembling; Rotating
Verwreak vengeance
Vibhaagto differentiate, to separate.
VibhaagaDivisive/Conditional doctrine; Aspectism
VibhaasaOptionality; Special exposition
vishesh, common difference, specific, particularity, special, peculiar, particular, distinctive

Vibhaav arth paryaay
alienated substantive modification, e.g. modes of inclination of attachment and aversion. Ref: Jain siddhant Praveshika English Q. no. 46

Vibhaav gunaextrinsic qualities, contrary to the real nature,
Vibhaav guna paryaay
vibhaav arth paryaay, Delusive feelings in one caused due to some other matters, With alien substance as instrumental cause there occurs altered mode in the soul e.g. soul’s inclinations of attachment and aversion

Vibhaav shakti
vishesh shakti, special power present in soul and matter only. With this power soul and matter can have utpat vyay origination cessation in pure or impure form. Distinctive power of soul and matter.

Vibhaav vyanjan paryaay
alienated shape modification e.g. living being with shape of human, celestial, subhuman or infernal beings. Ref: Jain siddhant Praveshika English Q. no. 42

Vibhaavavishesh bhaav, apexit bhaav, inclination due to expectation or due to desire.
Disposition contrary to the natural qualities of soul; Real Defiled mode; Impure; Extrinsic modes; Tainted

Vibhaava bhaavapassionate feelings, contrary manifestation
Vibhaava bhaavaPassionate feelings; Contrary manifestation
Vibhaava kriyaThe activities contrary or opposite to natural soul i.e Lie vs Truth etc.
Vibhaava kriyaacontrary activity.
Vibhaava paryaaycontrary manifestation mode.
Vibhaava paryaayaExtrinsic mode
Vibhaktaseparate, different,
Vibhakta pradeshatvahaving different space points., bhinn pradeshatva.
there are eight. 1: prathamaa: Kartaa: Nominative 2: Dwitiyaa: karma: accusative
3: Trutiyaa: karan: instrumental 4: Chaturthi: Sampradan: dative 5: panchmai: apaadaan: ablative 6: shashti:Sambadh: Genitive
7: saptami: Adhikaran: locative 8: Sambodhan: vocative

differentiation from alien conditions, screened, separated, This is me and this is mine, I am the doer and the endurer of other substances to break this relationship is called differentiation of the alien condition

Differentiation from alien conditions, screened, separated; This is me and this is mine, I am the doer and the endurer of other substances to break this relationship is called differentiation of the alien condition vibhaktva, separate from passion, passionless

Vibhava:Defiled; impure
Vibhramamorous gestures; doubt; illusion; wandering; hurry; flurry.
omnipresent; eternal; motionless; powerful, mighty; great; best. m. God, boundless, all pervading, abundant, plentiful, powerful, excellent, bestowing, richly, possessing mighty treasure or wealth. .

Vibhushitdecorated, adorned.
powerful, manifestation of might, great power, arisen, produced, great, mighty, abounding in glory.

splendor, dominion, prosperity, grandeur, 49 prominent luxuries of chakravarti, mighty, powerful, presiding over, plenty, abundance, manifestation of might

Splendor dominion; Prosperity; Grandeur; 49 prominent luxuries of chakravarti king

Vibhutvaall pervasiveness
Vicara:Shifting attention from one mode to another
Vichaarthoughts, reflection,consideration, opinion, notion, meditation, yoga.
VichaaraConcentration with conceptual activity, Thought, Shifting, Conceptual Meditation.
Vichaara dasaState of positive thought
VichaarakaDiscursive; Disquisitive
VichaksanaClever (hoshiyaar)
Vichalitunstable, shaking.moved from a place, moves away.
Vicharavugo, move about, travel.
VicharavuGo; move about; travel
VichayaContemplation; Reflection
Vichchhinnbroken, cut off, severed; interrupted.
VichchhinnaSeparated; Interrupted
VichikitsaWavering; Doubt; Digust
disgust, dislike, looking at monk who has not taken shower one gets disgust, aversion, antipathy, hatred.

Vidarana kriyaSplitting action
Vidarana-kriya:Proclaiming other’s sins.
VidehaDis-embodied; A region
prescribed rite; manner, method; scriptural injunction; act; service; remedy; sweet ball made for elephant; rule, regulation; law.

VidhaanaRitual; Classification; Predication
VidhaataaBrahma, the Creator, one who shows the pathway to liberation.
Vidhaayakconstructive; affirmative. m. organizer; maker; ordainer.
fit to be done or stated; obedient, under one's control. n. predicate; person on whom mesmerism is tried, establish, procurement, to be bestowed, To be practiced, compliant, submissive, submission, object to be accomplished.

Vidhey puranenlargement of predicate
Vidhey vardhakenlargement of predicate
Brahma; goddess of fortune, Destiny; order; sacred precept; sacred, purificatory, rite or ceremony. rite; procedure or method of performance.

Vidhi nishedh
prescripAon or prohibiAon; rules regarding what should be done and what is forbidden, affirmaAon and negaAon perspecAves,

Vidhi-sadhaka (Hetu):Positive, which proves something positive
Vidhikalpana:Positive aspect
Small Jain idol or image for ritual purposes made of bronze. This will prevent disturbing the Mulanaayaka or Large image

Vidhirupa (Hetu):Positive
VidhutakalpaFirm in austerity
VidhvansaDestroy; Go away
VidisaMis-direction; A city
angle between two direcAon like angle between east and north etc. northeast, northwest, southeast southwest. ishan,agni vaayavya and nairutya. sub direcAons, quarter parts of the four direcAons. area occupied by one space point is known as vidishaa.

VidyaKnowledge; Arts; Learning; Magical powers
Vidya charanaPower of desired movement
Vidya siddhaProficient in learning
Vidya:The arts
Vidyaalearning; knowledge; science or art of attaining it; science.
(1) A species of human beings. They were so called because they were in possession of certain vidyas, e.g.,
 flying through the sky, which were bestowed on them by the first tirthankara, Risabha.
 (2) A species of human beings who are in possession of some special arts, like flying

bhaav swarupi, in the modes of some attributes there is always some purity is known as anujivi gun. Pratijivi means either pure or impure.

Vidyamaanliving, existent; present.
VidyutaLightning; Electricity
Vighatanto dissipate
determinate cognition, consciousness, seed consciousness. cognition of object, cognition , supreme knowledge,

Vignaan ghana
solid cognition, solid supreme knowledge, ghan means three dimensional thing, vignaan ghan means one axis to be infinite time, second axis is innumerable space points of the soul and third dimension is the infinite attributes in a substance. Therefore vignaan ghan means solid state of the soul structure in which nothing out side thing can penetrate.

Thorough knowledge; Consciousness; Science; Extra or super knowledge of object is science.

Vigrahahindered, bent, not straight, war, fight; body; dissolution of a compound
Vigraha gatitransmigratory motion of soul, transit from one body to other.
Vigraha-gati:Movement of a soul to its new destiny
(1) Irregular movement; (2) Transmigratory motion; (3) Soul in transit from one body to another

VihaaraTravel; Movements
Vihaayogati naam karma
karma associated with the movement of the living being. They are of two types: graceful and awkward.

VihangavlokanOverall or Bird’s eye view
VihayogatiSpatial movement
Vihayogati:Movement; capacity of moving in space.
dissimilar, heterogeneous, belonging to another caste or tribe, different origin, different caste, different tribe.

Vijigishu kathaa
the argument occurring between plaintiff and defendant to establish their own theory is known as vijigishu kathaa.

Vijigisu kathaDisputant’s tale, Victory-desiring tales.
Vijigisu:Who wants victory
maladies, when thing actually appears as other, emotions, agitation, passion, change of mental condition, deviation from any natural state, alteration from natural state, agitation of mind, distortion in nature, altered state,

Vikaar parinatialien status
(1) Evilness; (2)The distorted nature of self or soul; (3) Vaibhaavika; (4) Swabhaav ni vikruti or Distorted nature of soul; (5) Fermented, Distortion, Denaturation; (6) Maladies, when thing actually appears as other, emotions, agitation, passion, change of mental condition, deviation
 from any natural state, alteration from natural state.

Vikaara parinatiAlien status
Vikaaridisturbing, distortion in nature, agitation of mind,change,
Vikaaryavyay, cessation.
VikaasatOverflowing; Growing
Vikaashbloom open, develop, widen,
deficient, inadequate, deprived of a part, with faults, dosh yukt, defective, deficient,

Vikal pratyaksha
self revealed knowledge without the aid of sense organs e.g. clairvoyance and telepathy knowledge.

Vikal-nayaWrong standpoint
VikalaDeficient; Inadequate; Deprived of a part
Vikala pratyakshaSelf revealed knowledge without the aid of sense organs
 e.g. clairvoyance and telepathy knowledge; Deficient direct perception
Vikala-aadesaPartial statement
Vikala-pratyaksa:Partial perception
Vikalaadeshipartial form of a given substance
Vikaladesa:Partial reference
VikalatrayaDeficient triad (senses)
Vikalendriyamaimed senses, 2 4 sensed living beings, mutilated senses, crippled senses
VikalendriyaMaimed senses; 2-4 sensed living beings; Mutilated senses; Crippled senses
(1) Rambling(fickling) of mind (Upyoga) due to rise of passion; (2) Doubt; (3) Thought; (4) Question; (5)
 Abstraction, mental construction, rambling of mind due to rise of passion, option, uncertainty, ambiguity, contrary
 thoughts, different types of ambiguous thoughts arising in the mind vividh kalpanao nu man ma uthavu (6) Type, Alternative, thoughts or think over

Vikalpa gnaanaReflective thoughts
Vikalpa grahitadopted abstraction.
Vikalpa nirdeshanalytical judgement, pruthakkaranaatmak nirnay.
Vikalpa vyaapaarprocess of abstraction
Vikalpa-siddha:Optionally proved
Vikalpagamya:Optional knowledge
Vikalpatmika:Optional only
VikathaaIdeal talk; Non-religious tales/narrative
Viklav bhaav
fear, unhappiness,agitation, excitement; dread, fright; agony; anxiety; sorrow, disregard

VikratiDistorted Shape; The distorted self
Vikriya labdhiSuper-power of transformation
Vikrti parityaagaAbandonment of denatured (rich) food
Vikrti:Defiled modification
Vikrutchanged; diseased, spoiled; distorted, perverted.
Vikruti bhutvikaar bhut, of altered nature,
Viksepani kathaaReligious or righteousness tales
in and out state. some times in the subject and other time goes out of subject. Stays in present and also goes to past and future.

sport, pleasure; enjoyment of carnal pleasures; making merry; amorous or graceful gestures; amorous pastime or sport; coquetry, flirtatious behavior, bliss, aanand, having fun in the game.

Vilakshanaanomalous, varying in character, different, of different characteristics
VilakshanaAnomalous; Varying in character; Different
VilayaKarmic Cessation; Dissolution
Vilokiafter seeing.
VilunchanaaHand plucking of hairs from head
Vimaanaircraft., airplane; celestial self moving chariot; [Jain] God's place of residence.
VimaanaCelestial palace; Space vehicles; Temples
VimalanaathaThirteenth Teerthnakara
VimatraIndeterminate quality/quantity
Vimochitavasa:Residence in a deserted place.
Vimohaintense delusion, ignorance,
VimohaWrong knowledge; Allurement; Perversity
Vimohitengrossed in delusion, engrossed in ignorance.
VimoksaLiberation; Emancipation
Vimugdhone with infatuation, one with delusion, Mohi, Bhraant, one with the wrong notion
Vinaashakdestroyer, destructive.
Veneration; Reverence; Internal penance; Ethical code; Conduct; Modesty; Respect

Vinaya mithyaatvaVerential perversity; Modest misbelief
Vinaya paathaPoem expressing gratitude to the omniscient lord
Vinaya sampannataReverence; Modesty
Vinaya tapaAusterity of reverence
Vinaya-sampannata:Reverence for means of Liberation and for those who follow them.
Vinaya:Reverence to the elders Reverence–internal austerity, Veneration.
Vinayaachaarreverent attitude
Vinayaachaar Vinayrespect
VinischitarthaAscertained meanings
Vinischyaydetermination, strong determination, dradh nischya.
VipaakaRetribution; Fruition; Maturation
Vipaaka chintanaFruitional deliberation
Vipaaka nirjaraa karmicKarmic natural dissociation
Vipaaka-vichaya-dharmadhyanaRighteous Analytical
VipaakavichayaKarmic-fruition-oriented righteous meditation
Vipaka:Karmic retribution
Vipakavicaya:Meditation on karmic fruition
VipaksaHeterologous; Hetrologue; Rival
Vipaksa vyavrittiAbsence in heterologues
Vipaksabadhaka-pramana:Proof which obstructs the opponent’s view
Vipaksasattva:Presence in heterologous cases
counter proposition, of opposite; party; opposed. m. opponent; enemy. Saadhya ke vijaatiy dharm vaale dharmi ko vipakash kahate hai. presence of things to be proved saadhya ", to be absent in similar place is known as vipaksha. e.g. There is fire present on the hill. The fire present in the kitchen is the same as fire present on the hill. So the kitchen is sapaksha. But the pond becomes vipaksha as there is no presence of fire in the water. So kitchen is sapaksha and pond is vipaksha.
One who says something against the truth."

VipakshataaDisposition contrary to the natural qualities of soul
ViparayayaPerversity; Wrong or mixed up knowledge
VipareetaContrary; Opposite; Perverse
changed results, modification for raag, raag nu parinaman, vikaar parinaman, deluded state, mode which is opposite to the true nature of self.

ViparinaamaTransformation, Reflection
Viparinanamanchange or modification in state.
altered, perverted conviction, contrary attitude, erroneous, perverse, hostile; reverse; unfavorable. .

Viparit Abhiniveshperverse intentions.
Viparit bhaaavaltered form of modifications, altered form of inclinations.
Viparit mithyaatvabelief in wrong religious concepts
Viparita mithyaatvaContrary to truth misbelieve; Belief in wrong religious concepts
Viparita-mithatva:Perverted or incorrect view
Viparita:Contradictory, Perverse belief, e.g., animal sacrifices lead to heaven.
Viparitaropa:Contrary imposition
viparyay, contrariety, inversion; topsy turvy; upheaval; false knowledge; disorder, confusion; destruction; distortion.

ViparyasaContrariety; Contrast; Misrepresentation
antithesis, reversion, illusion, wrong faith, erroneous cognition. e.g to think that shell is silver., contrariety, inversion; topsy turvy; upheaval; false knowledge; disorder, confusion; destruction; distortion.

Opposite; False or erroneous cognition; Wrong knowledge; Antithesis; Reversion; Illusion

VipasyanaIntrospection; Buddhist meditation system
Vipattimisfortune, adversity, calamity; affliction; difficulty.
Vipinwood, forest
VipinWood: Forest
Viprakrushtfar away, staying far,
Vipratipattiwrong knowledge, wrong perception, wrong concept.
ViprayogaGetting rid of
VipulamatiComplex telepathy
Vipulamati:Ample intelligence
Vira-nirvanaBeginning of the Jaina era; Death anniversary of Lord
Vira-nirvana:Beginning of the Jaina era; death [anniversary] of Mahavira
ViraadhakaHeretic; Violator; Non sadhaka or in conflict with achievement for soul
Viraaga vichayaContemplation on detachment
Viraahita sanyamaNon-restrained
ViraasanaA posture
Viraktfree from desire, passion or worldly attachment.
Viraktilack or absence of attachment; displeasure, disgust.
Viraldetermined person, rare,
ViramanaAbstain; Abstinence
cessation; rest, pause; indifference to worldly attachments or pleasures, abstinence, refraining, desirelessness.

Virodhopposition; hostility, enmity; inconsistency; contrariety; disagreement; quarrel.
Virodhiopposing; hostile, inimical; opposite. m. enemy, opponent.
Virodhi hinsaa
(1) Injury happening unavoidably in meeting the aggression in defense of one's person and property; (2)
 Opposition violence

Virodhi-himsa:Injury generated by standing in
Virodhi-himsa:opposition to an enemy
Virodhi-sanka:Doubt of the opponent
Viruddhopposite; adverse, unfavorable.
Viruddha dharmaContradictory attributes
Viruddha hetvabhasaContradictory fallacy
Viruddha sahacaranupalambha:Non-availability of the concomitant contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-dharmadhyasa:Which imposes the opposite quality
Viruddha-karyanupalambha:Non-availability of the effect contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-svabhavanupalambha:Non-availability of the nature contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-vyapakanupalambha:Non-availability of the determinant concomitant contradictory to the probandum
Viruddhakarananupalambha:Non-availability of the cause contradictory to the probandum
Viruddhanupalabdhi:Non-availability of the contradictory
Viruddhopalabdhi:Availability of the contradictory
Virudha rajyatikramaViolation of taxation regulation.
ViryaVitality, potency, spiritual power, creative power.
ViryaEnergy; Semen; Vitality; Potency
Virya Antaraya:obstructive of power of exercise of one’s capacities.
Virya-aachaaraEnergy-conduct particularly of soul
Virya-karanaKinetic energy
ViryaasravaDischarge of semen
Visadrashyataadifferent, no resemblance to each other, non resemblance.
Visam rasiinclination of attachment
deceiving, attracting by false promises, falsified, spoiled, false assertion, breaking one’s word, disappointing, contradiction,

VisamvaadaDeceiving; Attracting by false promises; Falsified; Spoiled
Wrangling, etc., wrong-belief, envy, back-biting, self-praise, censuring others, etc., and causes a bad-body-making karma.

Visani:An animal possessed of horns
Visaya sanrakananubadhiSensual safeguarding angeral meditation
Visesa-darsana:Particular observation
VisesadhikaSlightly more or less
Visesana visesyabhavaSubjective-adjective-relation
Visesavamarsa:Inference of the particular
Vishaaddejection, sadness; sorrow, grief; despair.
Vishaallarge, extensive, vast.
VishaalataBroad mindedness
Vishaanhorn of an animal. ivory of an elephant, haathi dant,
VishaaradaLearned; Educated
Vishadpure, nirmal, transparent, clear, distinct; easy (to understand); manifest.
objects of five senses,object of sense perception, object; object of enjoyment; sexual enjoyment; subject (of study); subject matter; point; region, province, country; aim, object.

Vishaya bhogenjoyment of sensual pleasures; sexual enjoyment.
Vishaya janyaObjects of five senses or sensual related
Vishaya ruchiattachment with sensual enjoyments, lust
Vishaya ruchiAttachment with sensual enjoyments; Lust
Vishaya sukhsensual, sexual, pleasure.
Vishaya tyaagrenunciation of sensual enjoyments.
Vishaya tyaagaRenunciation of sensual enjoyments
Vishaya vaashnaainstinct of enjoyment of sensual objects.
Vishaya viraagrenunciation of sensual enjoyments.
Vishaya viraagaRenunciation of sensual enjoyments
Vishayaabhilashintense lust for passion
VishayaadhinWorldly sensual pleasures ultimately causing trouble
Vishayaashaktlustful, attached to sensual objects or pleasures, passionate.
Vishayaashaktiattachment to sensual objects or pleasures; lust.
Vishayaatitsupreme bliss.
Vishayipassionate; sensual. m. sensualist, voluptuary.
Visheshacommon difference, specific, particularity, special, peculiar, particular, distinctive,
(1) Specific; (2) Special; (3) Particular; (4) Common difference, specific, particularity, special, peculiar,
 particular, distinctive

Vishesha-guna:Special Attributes
Visheshanadistinguishing, discriminative, qualifying, distinctive, adjective, adverb, predicate.
VishhayaObjects of five senses (touch, taste, smell, vision, and sound); Senusal
The feelings of soul or the knowlegable objects within soul by help of senses or indriyas.

Vishishtspeciality, highlights, characteristics, distinguished, distinct, peculiar,excellent,
VishnuThe Protector-god of the Hindu pantheon.
Vishtaafaeces, excrement(s); dung.
Vishuddhpure, genuine, unadulterated, true
Vishuddh parinam
passion free pure results, visuddh parinam makes one with bondage of auspicious karma.

Vishuddhatagenuineness, purity, sacredness,
perfect purity; holiness. state of lack of passions, auspicious inclinations of the soul, In Karan labdhi when vishuddhi word is used then it means that there is purity of tatva gnaan (knowledge of truth) and also of the faith and conduct (shraddhaa and conduct) and also there is fruition of the passions which are going to be disintegrated. In the absence of intense passions when milder passions occur then also is known as visuddhi. Vishuddhi word is used in having auspicious inclinations, as well as purity of the soul’s mode. It

Vishuddhi Labdhi
Feeble state of passions.And due to feeble rise of Moha (deluding karma) the evolution of mild passion form of thoughts takes place wherein the reflection on Tattvas (Tattvavichara) be possible; attainment of such capacity is called Vishuddhi Labdhi (feeble state of passions). (Moksha Marg Prakashak 7th chapter samyak sanmukh mithyadrasti)

Vishuddi sthaanmilder form of toxic emotions making soul restless.
VishudhdhiSelf purification
Vishudhi labdhi
virtue attainment. And due to feeble rise of Moha (deluding karma) the evolution of mild passion form of thoughts takes place wherein the reflection on Tattvas (Tattvavichara) be possible; attainment of such capacity is called Vishuddhi Labdhi (feeble state of passions). (Moksha Marg Prakashak 7th chapter samyak sanmukh mithyadrasti)

Vishudhi labdhiVirtue attainment
Vishwa brahmomniscient lord.
Vishwa samayomniscient lord.
Visistapratyaksa:Qualified direct perception
Viskambha suchiSpread number
VismaranForgetting; Forgetfulness
Vismaysurprise, astonishment; wonder.
VisrasaNatural aggregation
Vistaarbreadth, non sequential e.g. attributes.
Vistaar saamaanya samudaayindivisibility of infinite attributes in a given substance, substance.
Vistaar Visheshoattributes
Vitaraagnon attachment, detachment,
VitaraagaNon attachment; Passion free; One from whom
 attachment is gone for materials.
Vitaraaga sanyamaRestrained without attachment
VitaraagataThe attitude of dispassion
Total freedom from passions; Thoughts leading to life of incarnations; The attitude of dispassion

Vitaraagidispassionate, non attachment, anaasakti, detached,
Vitaraga:Free from passion; an epithet for an arhat
argument or conjecture following another argument; doubt, suspicion; deliberation, argumentation, imagination, doubt.

VitarkaMeditation with verbal activity
VitastiA length unit
VitataStretched/stringed instrument sounds.
Vitraag kathaa
the discussion between the student and his teacher about the nature of the spirituality is known as vitraag kathaa.

VitraagaOne from whom attachment is gone for materials
Vitraaga vignaanaRight knowledge with no infatuation; Passionless right knowledge
Vitrag vignaan
right knowledge with no infatuation, passionless right knowledge, gnaan chetnaa, cognitive consciousness.

One who is without any desires, Monk with without raag and dwesh and having complete conduct is known as vitrushna. Vitrushna ke bhaav ko vaitrushnya kahate hai

Vivaaddebate, discussion; controversy; quarrel; difference of opinion.
VivaadaPolemic i.e. involving dispute and controversy
Vivaksa:Aspect emphasized by a speaker
VivakshaMain; Priority; Pradhanta; Importance; Primary; Desired as[ect
desire to speak; import, speaker's intention, opinion, when one makes particular thing as principle thing and makes rest as secondary then it is known as vivakshaa. The secondary thing is known as avivakshit.

VivakshakrutaAn imaginary story to explain the truth
Vivakshitimplied, implication.
Vivaktbhinn, rahit, different,
Vivart rupnature of changing, palataa rup.
VivartavaadaTheory of illusion
Vivartavada:The theory of illusory causation in monistic Vedanta
Vivashadependent, enslaved; helpless; agitated.
Vivechanexplanation; exposition, criticism.
discriminative,discrimination; judgement; discretion; politeness; modesty; etiquette; thrift, awareness,

VivekaDiscriminative; Conscience
Viveka gnanaOmniscience
Viveka pratimaModel stage of renouncing possessions.
VivekabuddhiCapable of making and expressing fine distinctions and careful judgments
Vividishudesire to know, Jignaashaa,
Vivikshaadesire to enter,
Viviktseparated, lonely place, isolation, Viyog separated
Vivikta jiviReclusively living
Vivikta shayyaashanaLonely habitation or sleeping in a lonely place
Vivikta-sayyasana:Solitary place of rest
Vivikta-shayyasana:Sitting and sleeping in a lonely place, devoid of animate beings–external austerity.
VivksitaDesired aspect
Viyog buddhiperceivable separable state, not to have unity, not to have associative state.
VoracityRavenousness i.e. excessive desire to eat
Vraj rushabh naaraaj sanhananstrong body
Vraj rushabh naraj sanhananStrong body
Vrashsun of sankraanti, sun of summer time.
Vratabstinence, vow, resolution, religious vow,
VratVow; Solemn pledge
VrataVow; Abstinence; Resolution; Solemn Pledge
Vrata-anaticharaNon-transgression in vows
Vrata-pratima:The second stage where a layman assumes the anuvratas
Vrata:Vow, Restraint
 (2) Five Great Vows (mahavratas) are:
 1. Ahimsa (not to kill)
 2. Amrisa (not to tell a lie)
 3. Achaurya (not to steal)
 4. Amaithuna (not to indulge in sexual behavior)
 5. Aparigraha (not to have attachments/possessions)
 These are to be followed in their most rigorous form, and without lapse, by the monks and nuns. The same five, when prescribed for members of the lay order, become somewhat lenient. These are called Lesser Vows (anuvratas), and then they take the following names:
 1. Pranatipata viramana (to desist from killing)
 2. Mirsavada viramana (to desist from telling lies)
 3. Adattadana viramana (not to accept when not rightly bestowed)
 4. Maithuna viramana (to desist from sexual behavior)
 5. Parigraha parimana (to fix the size of acquisition)
 To illustrate, a householder is permitted to cook food even though this may mean some slaughter of minute animals. A householder is permitted to indulge in sexual behavior with his wife, but not with any other woman. And so on. This is a restricted form of the vow for the lay followers, consistent with the fulfillment of their responsibility as householders. but to atone for these relaxations, seven more vows have been added for the followers as follows:
1. Bhogopabhoga parimana or limiting objects to be used.
2. Dik parimana or limiting the sphere/direction of movement.
3. Anartha-danda viramana or not to indulge in sinful acts not necessary for the maintenance of oneself or one's family.
4. Samayika or concentrating for a duration of 48
minutes on spiritual themes, which may be repeated several times a day.
5. Desavahasika or setting new limits every day within
the limits already imposed, thereby restricting further and further one's free life.
6. Pausadha or living for a day like a monk, or even for a day and night, raising the restricted vow to the level of total vows.
7. Atithi-sambibhaga or serving monks, nuns, and other dese rving guests.
Of these seven, the first three are called guna- vratas because they intensify the five anuvratas, and the last four are siksavratas, because they are preliminary disciplines for entering into the life of a monk.
 Apart from observing the five Great Vows, the monks are
 required to practice ten virtues, specifically mentioned, and practice elaborate meditation.

VrateeVower; Votary; Votarist
Vrativotary, devout,
(1) Votary, or vower or votarist i.e. One bound by vows to
 a religion or life of worship or service; (2) Samyagdrasti (right believer) who has taken vow of shraavaka; (3) Behavior of Passion

VrattisankshepaControl, suppress or shorten the desires
Vratyanukampa:Compassion for the vowers.
Vrishyeshta rasa-tyaga:Renouncing of exciting and aphrodisiac food or drinks.
Vritta sansthanaCircular configuration
Vritti parisamkhyaanaLimiting Requirements; Special restriction for begging food
Taking a mental vow to accept food from a house-holder, only if a certain dition is fulfilled, without letting anyone know about the vow–external austerity.

Vrsyesta rasaAphrodisiac drinks
Vrtti-parisamkhyana:Limiting the extent of one’s begging rounds
Vruddhi haaniincreasing and decreasing.
Vrukshatvastate of being tree.
Vrutt khandsegment (of circle)
disposition, proclivity, thought arising in mind; working of mind; tendency, inclination, of mind; nature; conduct, parinati ( kanjiswami samaysar 19th lect stanza 204), existence (pravachansar gatha 99)

Vrutti parisankhyaan
special restriction for accepting alms. self special restriction consisting in limitation of number of houses etc for accepting alms. this is to overcome desires.

Vruttyanshdivisions of modes.
Vugnaana madaIntellect puff
Vyaadhiphysical sufferings.
Painfulness of disease (Aadhi – mental worry, Vyadhi – suffering from disease and Upadhi – problem of old age)

Vyaaghaatobstacle, hindrance; resistance; opposition, pratibandh,
VyaakhyaanaReligious address or discourse to the audience
Vyaapak dharmaproperty of determinant.
VyaapakaPervasive, pervader, all encompassing, enveloping, determinate; All pervasive
Vyaapandiffusion, vyaapti,
Vyaapanaaspreading through, pervading, penetration, covering, filling,
Vyaapavufelaai javu, prasari javu, to get diffused. to get spread over.
concomitant, afflicted, sarvatva felaelu, vyaapelu, afflicted, spread through, pervaded, extended, thoroughly occupied, having invariably inherent property, invariably pervaded, e.g. smoke is invariably attended by fire, pervaded; occupied

VyaaptaPervaded; Concomitant; Afflicted; Spread out; Full
It is a foundational principle of inference. It refers to the universal relation between the middle term and the major

Vyaapti dosh
During logic one may have fault in necessary connection, tark ma kareli vyaapti maa dekhaato dosh,

Vyaapti gnaan
tark, logic, from a specific experience one refers to the general thing, vyakti thi saamaanya no nirdesh thavo te tark kahevay chhe

permeable, penetrable, capable of being attended by any inherent characteristics, sign or middle term of an inference, proof, reason, cause, saadhan, hetu, the state of being pervaded, pervaded, determinate concomitant, one which occupies only part of the area is known as vyaapya, kaaran na pramaan ma kaarya no raheto naano pradesh, felaai jaay tevu, probans, Vyaapti ke vishay ko vyaapya kahate hai. The subject vishay of vyaapti is known as vyaapya. Wherever there is fire, there is smoke. Here smoke is vyaapya. One which remains

VyaapyaPervaded; Determinate; Concomitant.
Vyaapya dharmaproperty of the determinate concomitant.
Vyaapya vyaapaka sambandha
relationship of determinate concomitant and determinant concomitant, kartaa karm sambandh, doer deed relationship. Doer kartaa vyaapak is substance and deed karm vyaapya is its mode. (samaysaar kartaa karma adhikaar) According to Samaysaar 181 183 Stanza, vyaapak is mode and vyaapya means substance. There is different view point expressed. As the knowledge of the substance occurs in mode only and therefore mode is kartaa, vyaapak and it knows the substance so it becomes karm vyaapya.

Vyaavrut pratyay
modal knowledge. distinctness of knowledge. This is white cow and that is black cow. This type of specific knowledge is known as vyaavrut pratyay, distinctive knowledge

negation, absence of one in to other, distinctness, discrimination, turn away, free from, mode, parinaam, bhed.

Vyabhicarin:One who contradicts
adulteration, going away or deviating from the right course; adultery, unchastity; lapse from duty; anomaly; [logic] absence of invariable concomitance.

Vyabhichaar dosh
reason is there but its cause is not there is known as vyabhichaar dosh. hetu rahane par saadhya ke naa rahane ko vyabhichaar dosh kahate hai. (Pariksha mukh chapter 2 sutra 11)

Vyabhichaariniadulterous woman, adulteress.
Vyabhichaaritviolated, adultery, transgression, violation.
manifestation, expression, distinct,expressed; evident, open; manifest; revealed, external, baahya, manifest, perceptible, apparent, distinct, visible.

VyaktaManifest or Manifestation; Expression; Perceptible Apparent; Distinct; Visible
Vyaktiindividual; person; expression, manifestation.
Vyaktigatrelating to individual; personal, individual.
Vyaktitvacountenance, person’s facial expression
Vyaktitvapersonality; individuality.
indistinct things, consonant; spot, mark; limb; private part; sauce, vegetable; fan; fanning.

Vyanjana (Aksarasruta):Consonant
Vyanjana:That which manifests
Vyanjanaksara (Sruta):Alphabet
Vyanjanaparyaya:Manifest modes
Vyanjanavagraha (Mati):Contact-awareness
Vyantaravasi:The peripatetic gods
Vyapaka:Determinant concomitant
Vyapakanupalabdhi:Non-av of the determinant concomitant
Vyapti:Necessary concomitance
Vyaptigraha:Cognition of the concomitance
Vyaptigrahana:Cognition of the concomitance
Vyaptijnana:Knowledge of necessary concomitance
Vyapya (Hetu):Determinate concomitant
Vyapya:Determinate concomitant
Vyapyopalabdhi:Availability of concomitant
VyasanaEvil pursuits like drinking wine gambling womanizing etc.
VyateetaTo pass e.g. time
Vyatikara dosha
Reciprocal fault, living mixing with matter and vice versa, blending together, combination.

Vyatikrama:Disturbed order
VyavahaaraConventional; Empirical; Practical; Apparent; Relative
Vyavahaara gyaanaThe knowledge active in thinking of non-self (not soul)
Vyavahaara kaalaApparent or relative time
Vyavahaara nayaEmpirical point of view; Conventional stand point; Analytical point of view
VyavahaaraabhaasaFallacy of conventional point of view
VyavahaarabhaPerceived conventional point of view
VyavahaaramaargaPractical path
VyavahaarikaPractical point of view
Vyavahara (Naya):Empirical
Vyavahara:Convention; appropriate proceedings Practical
Vyavaharabhasa:False empirical point of view
VyayaDestruction; Decay; Disappearance
Vyaya:Decay, Goes out of existance, Loss; disappearance
Vyuparatakriya-anivartin:Absolute nonmotion
VyutpattiEtymology; Meaning of words
VyutsargaGiving up all sorts of attachments and belongings; Renunciation of pride and ego
Vyutsarga samitiCarefulness in disposal of excretes
Giving up attachment to the body, etc.–internal austerity, Renunciation of egoistic thoughts