Badara: Gross (body).
Badha: Depriving of vitality
Badhita-visaya: Subject being hindered
Bahiratman: (Perceiving) The self in externals
Bahirvyapti: External concomitance
Bahu (Matijnana): Many
Bahu-shruta-bhakti: Devotion to Upakhyayas or teaching Saints.
Bahuvidha (Matijnana): Multiplied
Bala tapa: austerities not based upon right knowledge
Balabhadra: A Jaina literary type; the hero and companion of narayana
Balatapa: Austerities not based upon right knowledge.
Bandah: Bound
Bandha: Attracted matter had actually become a part of our body, i.e., when it has become bound to the soul as the body is already bound to it.
Karmic bondage
The matter comes and binds the soul.
Bandhana: Bondage; molecular bondage.
Energy that brings about karmic influx
Bhagavan: Venerable
Bhaikshya-shuddhi: Purity of alms, according to the scriptures.
Bhajana: Option
Bhakti: Devotionalism
Bhanga: Infractions committed intentionally
One of the seven-fold ways of statement
Bhasa: Language
Bhasa-samiti: Care in speaking
Bhasha Agrahya-Vargana: Speech-unrecievable-molecule
Bhasha-Vargana: Speech-molecule
Bhasya: Commentary
Bhattaraka: Venerable ones; a class of Jaina clerics
Bhava: Function
Internal; states of a dravya; a synonym for paryaya
Bhava-jiva: Real symbol of soul
Bhava-puja: The internal aspect of a devotional practice
Bhava-samyaktva: The internal aspect of true insight
Bhavana: Meditation
Practice; a section of the Acaranga-sutra
Bhavanavasi: Those (gods) who reside in mansions
Bhavasruta: Real functioning knowledge
Bhavatmaka: Real
Bhavatva: Real
Bhavollasa: Aroused emotions
Bhavya: One who is capable of attaining moksa
Bhavyatva: Capability of attaining moksa
Bhaya: Fear
Bheda: Disjunction
Bheda-vivaksa: Desired difference
Bheda-vrtti: Attitude of difference
Bhedopacara: Secondary use of difference
Bhekta-pana: mixing up food and drink.
Bhiksu-pratima: Difficult asuterities recommended for a mendicant
Bhirutva-pratyakhyana: Giving up cowardice or fear.
Bhoga: Enjoyment;experience
Bhoga Antaraya: obstructive of Enjoyment, of non-comsumable things.
Bhoga-antaraya: Karma that restricts enjoyment
Bhoga-bhumi: Realm of enjoyment
Bhogopabhaga-parimanavrata: Restraint against practicing certain professions and partaking of certain foods+B832
Bhojana-Katha: Food
Bhumi: Realm
Bhuta-anukampa: compassion for all living beings.
Bhutacatustaya: Division of four matters
Bija: Seed
Bijapuraka-kataha: A seed-filled fruit, probably Aegle Marmelos, used for medicinal purposes
Bodhi: Enlightnenment
Bodhi durlabha anupreksha: Rarity of Right path. It is difficult to attain right-belief, knowledge and conduct.
Bodhi-durlabha: The rarity of enlightenment
Bodhisattva: One who follows the career of a Buddha
Bodiya: Naked
Brahma-charya: Celibacy.
Brahmacari: Celibate; one who has reached the seventh pratima
Brahmacarya-pratima: The seventh pratima, in which absolute continence is observed
Brahman: The unitary Absolute postualted by the Vedanta school
Brahmana (Brahman): A member of the priestly caste
Brahmavrata: Refraining from all illicit sexual activities