Sukoshal Muni

As Indra – a leader of gods – enjoys pleasures with his wife Indrani, the same way the king
Kirtidhar used to enjoy the pleasures with his queen Sahadevi.

Some day he became eager for asceticism. On this point his ministers advised him not to
adopt ascetisium up till he has issue.

Maharaj if you get initiated without your heir this world will be without a master, so stop and
wait up till you have a son.

Then the king remained as usual living his family life. After some period his wife Sahadevi born a child who was named Sukoshal.

Then the king came to know of it his queen thought of his asceticism and therefore she hide her child.

Kirtidhar the king know it because nothing can cover up the rising sun.

Then the king aware of his own interest crowned his prince Sukoshal and got initiated through
Vijaysen Acharya.

Once upon a time observing Maskhaman vigilance with a view to breaking fast came over to Ayodhya and wandered many places in a mid-day.

At that time Sahadevi his wife sitting in the balcony of the palace thought herself, “My husband left me behind taking initiation and so I am without my husband.”

Now on seeing him my son Sukoshal also will follow in his steps and I shall be sonless.

So even though he is faultless, after he is my husband observing a vigilance. Anyway he should be driven out for the sake of my son’s stability and firmness.

Thinking thus she drove him out along with other companions; really the people with unholyminds do not show discrimination.

Kirtidhar Swami dedicated to the vigilace had been driven out. On knowing it Sukoshal’s nourishing mother began to weep aloud.

Sukoshal asked her the reason of weeping. She then replied with deep sigh and sobs.

When you ware a child your father Kirtidhar crowning you got initiated. He had come up today here for alms.

On seeing your father as a monk your too may be a monk. Bearing this doubt in mind your mother Sahadevi drove him out of the city. So I am weeping.

On hearing her words he got dejected and approached his father bowing to him and asked for asceticism through him.

Sukoshal’s pregnant wife – Chitramala went to the ministers and said that his renunciation was not priper.

Raja Sukoshal too said, “I have crowned my son because an approaching plan is based on the past performance.”

Sukoshal saying thus to his wife and convincing all the concerned people got initiated through his father and began to observe penance very strictly.

Father and son both having been detached and sinless used to purify the soil by wandering together.

Sahadevi having been deserted and dejected by his son was reborn after her death as a tigress in a cave of the mountain.

Here both of them having been balanced, detached to even their physique, keen for study and meditation, with a firm figure – Kirtidhar and Sukoshal Mahamuni – stayed in a came of the mountain during the monsoon.

On the advent of Kartik-month both of them were proceeding further for breaking the fast. On the way they saw a tigress like a messenger of death.

The tigress began to run here and there with her open mouth; because coming forward of both the good and the wicked looks a like.

Though the tigress was rushing forward both of the munis under mutation stood firmly.

But the tigress jumped over first to Sukoshal like a lighthing with a severe stroke she fell upon him.

As a roamer in the desert drinks water to his heart’s content that wicked and crued tiger to me up his skin with her nails and drank his blood up to her heart’s satisfaction.

As a poor hungry woman eats up food and fruit in the same way that tiger finished his flesh fully.

As a female elephant crushes a him into pieces, in the same way she with her teeth cut up his bones to the powder and pieces.

Muni maharaj considering her as an instrument useful to diminish the deeds, did not get angry. On the contrary developed a shield covering a body.

Even though the tigress was busy eating and biting him he continued his holy contemplatation and immediately achieved the eternal knowledge and realised salvation.

Kirtidhar muni too achieving the eternal knowledge subsequently realised salvation.