Viraprabhu Purvamata Pita Sambandh

One fine day Lord Mahavir happened to reach a city named Bramhmankund as he was wandering. Here he settled himself in a garden named Bahushal.

The Gods prepared a place for the Lord , from where he could deliver his sermon. (Samavasaran). Then the twelive types of people (Parshda) arrived there for the ausplecous occasion. The a couple named devnanda and Rushabdutt also arrived there.

Rushabdutt took the blessings of Lord Maahavir and then took an approprate place. His wife Devenanda who was overcome with joy, took her appropriate seat at the back of her husband.

Manifesting the great one the Lady Devananda’s breasts began to overflow the milk. She began to manifest the Lord without flapping her eyelids as the Goddesses do. Seeing this magnificient sight, the curious disciple, Gautam questioned the Lord.

Just as the presence of the moon gaves ample of joy to the Chakor bird, in the same manner the Lord is shewered with respects and honour by the people of this earth on whom he showers happeness upon in return. He then asks the Lord the reason as to why is this brahmin woman is seen to receive more honour and respects as compared to others.

Gautam’s spitual instructor, the Lord Mahavir relied saying that he had been in her womb for
eighty two days. Therefore her love for him is naturally obvious.

Having heard the Lord’s words, Rishabdutt and Devananda began cuddling feelings, such as to where to they, the worldly parents stand compared to their worldly son who is now the parent of the whole world.

These parents of the Lord, began to overflow with utmost bliss and happiness. One cannot return back the favours our parents have bestowed upon us. Having said thus, the Lord gave his sermon.

In fact one can not realise the discretion about properness in the world. Without initiation attachment can not be cured completely.

Having heard the preachengs of the Lord, Reishabdutt and Devananda, again bowed down to the Lod in veneratish. Then they asked the Lord to help them to aboard the boat of Diksha, so that they can cross this worldly ocean.

Amen ! this was the Lord’s reply. Then the two went to the north-east corner and pulled out fistfuls of hair from their heads, five times. Then they took off all the ornament from their respective selves and bowing to the Lord in veneration asked him to help them to cross these worldly hurdles of burth, death and oldage. Then the Lord gave them the sacrament of Diksha.

Then the diksha Guru, the Lord Mahavir, after Rishabdutt and Devananda, then handed over Devananda and Rishabdutt to attain the knowledge of the Aagams (the holy seriptures) and to attain the knowledge of Sadhuacharya (the rules of a jain monk) to Chandanbala and the old intelligent monks respectively.

Having studied about the deven parts of the body and having controlled their vows relating to passion, both Devananda and Rishabadutt attained the sacrament of the ever eternal, salvation.