O! blessed souls ? if you want to realise salvation, be retentive of firm Samyaktva in your mind. What is the need of external rites and rituals. Samyaktva can be realised after long period of crores of years of endless lives in the state of deeds- Karmas. Samyaktva is the guaranteed gate to the salvation. Why do you not accept it ?

Due to intensity a devotee (i.e. one having faith) is bestowed the sight of grace that is the sole mother yielding all types of pleasures. Did Lord Mahavira not practise that task for a farmer through holy Gautama ?

Once upon a time indulged in Vihara (moving) Lord Mahavira like a moving wish – fulfilling divine tree, told holy Gautama.

“Dear ! the poor farmer seen in front of us will get a great benefit from you. So go (to him) quickly.”

Gautama saying, “Okay” went there and asked the farmer, “O, good man ! Are you fine ?”

“Why are you committing sins ? Why do you cause to bear the plough uselessly ? These bullocks are poor and weak. Don’t trouble them.”

“Why are you pushing yourself into a disaster for this sinful family ? So cross the ocean of worldly existence by resorting to the boat in the form of penance.”

Thus like a tree burnt in a forest conflagration gets sprinkled (and blossoms). He became overjoyed by his nectar-like words, he said to holy Gautama.

“I am a very poor Brahmin, staying in the nearby village. I have seven daughters incarnated as it were the chains of sins.

“My wife is like a burning wood of kher (thorny tree). What should I burnt by her do ? What the foolish not do to fill up this stomach that is difficult to be filled ?”

“Hereafter, you yourself are my brother, mother and father. I will do as per your order. Your word will not turn in vain.”

Then, he who was offered the dress of a monk accepted it wholeheartedly. Taking him along,
Gautama started going towards Lord Mahavira.

Then, that Brahmin said, “Where are we going ?” Gautama said, “To my preceptor (Guru). Then he asked again, “Who is that venerable Guru whom you also respect ?

Then, Gautama told the qualities of an Arihanta (Lord) to that farmer. Hearing those qualities and specially viewing the greatness of Lord, that farmer monk attained absolute knowledge.

When he gradually saw Lord Mahavira, with the group of monks, he was possessed of extreme jealousy in his mind.

Gautama said to the monk, “Bow to Lord Mahavira. Then, that monk said to Gautama, “If this is
your preceptor, then I have nothing to do.”

“Take away my dress of a monk. I am going now, I am no more your disciple.” Thus saying, discarding the monk’s dress, he closed his fist and ran away from there.

On seeing his typical deed (of discarding the monk’s dress) all gods including Indra, began to mock at him, saying, “See what a great disciple Gautama has acquired !”

Gautama being ashamed a little in his mind, asked Lord Mahavira, “O Lord ! What is this you got done through me ? Tell me the truth.”

“O dear ! This man could break the knots of his ignorance through pondering over the spiritual
virtues of the Arihanta. That truly is a benefit to you. But listen to why this man was affected by jealousy towards me.”

“Formerly I was born as Triprstha Vasudeva the son of the king Prajapati in the town named Potanaka.”

At that time the king named Asvagriva was Pratyardha chakri : Once, some astrologer predicted that, “Asvagriva will die by the hands of Triprstha.”

“Then, he started envying Triprstha and planned some conspiracies to kill him. But all his efforts went in vain.”

“Once, a very mighty lion started to cause nuisance in the field of paddy of King Asvasena and,
nobody was capable of killing that lion.”

Then, on the king’s order the subordinate kings used to protect the field in turn. Once there was the turn of the king Prajapati.”

Triprstha, stopped his father king Prajapati from going and himself riding on a speedy chariot with his driver went to guard the field.

On being challenged by Triprstha that lion attacked him. How can bold beasts tolerate the challenge of man of this earth.

Strong and valiant Triprstha tearing off both mother-o-pearl like the jaws of the lion made him half dead.

Then, the tutelary deities in vicinity exclaimed cheers of triumph. But the lion started cursing himself, “O ! I am defeated by a man !” .

Then, the charioteer consoled the lion with sweet words, “This man who killed you, is not an ordinary man. He is to become Vasudeva.”

“Why do you lament when you are defeated by the best of men ? This one is a lion among men in the world of mortals and you are a lion among beasts.”

Hearing his words the lion was pleased and, died in meditation. Thereafter, all those three (Triprstha, the charioteer and the Lion) , after wandering in the world (in the form of ocean.) were re-born (as Mahavira, Gautama and the farmer) respectively.

(Lord Mahavira says to Gautama), “Mine is the soul of Triprstha. The soul of the lion is the farmer and you are the soul of the charioteer. Such is the drama of the cycle births.

You had satisfied this (farmer) with sweet words formerly, so he got affectionate towards you and I had killed him, so he became revengeful to me.

“This farmer attained absolute knowledge for an hour and a half from you and he also took initiation. This farmer will attain salvation during the middle period of Soul-transition.” Hearing this, gods including Indra got determined for absolute knowledge. So, O blessed souls ! you also hold the spiritual vision for the long period.