Dharmaruchi Muni

In a certain city named Rohitak, those used to be ab old whose named rohimi. As these was no there means to earn a livelihood, she began preparing food for the society .

Once rohini prepared a kind of goud and added spices in ti to make if all the more tastier. And in order to taste the cotests, she put a small drop of it, into her mouth.

She found the cooked ground to eb excessively biter so in order to keep her self away from the slander of the society, she prepared another and a better dish of good for the second time.

The whold society had their fill and had left. Then monk named Dhrameruchi who had done a fast of a month arrived there to accept some food in order to break his fast.

Rohini served the monk some ground so that it shall not go to waste. acceting this novel treat,
the monk went to his spiritual unstructor and congessed this incident to him.

The spiritual instructor at once wared him that the dish was utterly poisonous and he would have to emulrace death if he would have it so the monk Dharmerchi atonce set off to go to the forest to get rid of that vegetable.

When he was leaving the versel on the grond he accidentally, touched the contents of the vessel. The aroma of the dish attracted many ants and they all had to embrace death as soon as. they tasted the contents.

He then felt that many beings would have to suffer because of this dish so it would be best to punish himself and thus sacrifice himself and save these small beings so having thought thus padelen of the Mupati and then standing in one critising place and the dish the gulped it all  down his throat this made him to experience extreme physical pain and thus he had to embrace death as he couldn’t bear the agony he thus had the chance to venerate the laxmi of salvation.