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Akroshparishahe Kshapak

In a certain village there was a vivtuous hermit observiing a very difficult penance of Masakhaman etc.

Some goddess impressed with his virtues used to bow to him and wished that he might please order her to do something suitable for him and her also.

Once upon a time some brahmin called bad names and abused him on hearing which the hermit began to to quarrel with him angrily.

Then the strong brahmin felled him down on the ground by striking him the weakened by hunger with fist of fuvy.

That Brahmin begat to beat him brautally often and often and then let him go. That saint too came very painfully back to his place.

But that saint did not speak anythink to her then the goddess herself asked that silent saint thus.

Maharaj! what kind of offence have I committed ? why do you not speak to me ? At that point even though committed to silence he loudly uttered thus to her.

Oh goddess! some brahmin stroke me but you did not protect me nor you punished him who harassed me alot.

Therefore I donot speak anything to you showing respect only outwardly on hearing his such words she spoke with a smile.

Maharaj! when you were quarreling with each other I was there enjoying it. Both of you out of rage were found like so I could not single out and judge who was a brahmin and who was a monk.

I could not judge who was a monk and who was abrahmin between both of you. So I did not defend you nor I punished him. On hearing her words saint’s fuvy was appeased and he spoke as follows.

Then the goddess respectfully bowed to him and went to her place. Thus even a monk because of anger becomes a dunce and a fool like a child therefore a monk should not be angry even with the abuser person.