Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

R is for Rosary

Rosary is used for meditation*.

Usually, we say the Navakar Mantra** in the morning and in the evening. Some people say it three to five times, and some people say it one hundred and eight times. It would be hard to count one hundred and eight times and meditate at the same time. This is when we use a rosary. One hundred and eight beads in the rosary represent total of one hundred and eight attributes of Arihants (12), Siddhas (8), Acharyas (36), Upadhyayas (25) , and Monks and Nuns (27). So in a way we are reminding ourselves that when would we get these one hundred and eight attributes ourselves.

To say the Navkar Mantra we should sit in the same quiet place everyday. We should forget everything else and concentrate on the 5 great souls in the Navakar Mantra. It can destroy our karmas*** and bring good thoughts into our minds.

This can be done by sing a Rosary.

* to pray deeply

** look under N

*** look under K