Adoration of the God, the Scripture and the Monk

Pure soul is God Jinendra, His divine voice is the holy scripture,

Right conduct is the attribute of the monk, the trio destroys the karmas.


Oh omniscient detached Lord, I did not recognize you till now.

So I have to face the circle of births and deaths in the eighty-four lac places.

I regarded you as all-compassion and trusting that, did not do anything myself.

You will make me perfectly happy, with this hope I remained standing before you.

I never knew that you are indifferent to worldly attachments and immersed in thy own self.

I failed to understand that you have no desires and have nothing more to achieve.

Fundamentals have been expounded in the voice of the Lord omniscient,

Who has said time and again that the world is self-created.

I could not attune my faith accordingly and felt proud that I can change things.

I never accepted the reality and the ultimate Truth.


You have, Oh Lord, explained the fundamentals in your exhortions,

Wherein pure soul has been described as possessing countless attributes.

I did not listen to that, and wasted my time in vicious stories of the world.

My mind never felt enamoured of the soul, which I never attended to.

I could not exactly understand the preachings of the Divine Voice of the Lord,

Wherein have been exposed the fundamentals of Life and Death and the soul supreme.

Religion is all attachment and attachments are virtuous – were my understandings.

I have been holding that I shall attain spiritual heights with meritorious karmas.

I have realised today that religion lies in complete detachment and

It is wrong faith to accept that it also lies in meritorious karmas.

The Voice of the Omniscient always support detachments.

It shows us constantly the path to the liberation of our souls.


I bow to those monks of the Digamber Jain order who have

Expressed the innermost implications of the Voice of Lord Jinendra

They ponder over their souls and always discuss its attributes.

Their pure thoughts are reflected in their nude forms.

The nude, noble conscious monks are immersed in their souls.

They are engaged in psychic knowledge, thinking of their souls only,

and performing penances of the twelve kinds.

They are walking Siddhas, 1 bow to them with humility and reverence.

May I ever follow the footprints of such noble saints, that is my prayer.

My salutations to the Pure Soul, my salutations to the Divine Voice of Jindev.

And my salutations to the Monks, who regard all souls to be potential.

Deo brings us Right Faith, Scriptures Perfect Knowledge,

And Monks are treasures of Perfect Conduct; I bow to them all.


Dr. H.C. Bharill