Maahaatmyagreatness; importance
MaanaEgo; Mind; Internal organ; Pride
Maana-stambhaVanity subduing pillar
MaangalikaInvocation (prayer) of the blessings to Lord
MaanikyanandiHe was there probably in 10th century and his principle creation is pariskha mukh scripture.
Maanogna-amanogna-sparsa- samabhavaAccording similar treatment to agreeable and disagreeable touch etc.
Maanshoriginal thing,
Maapmeasure (of length, breadth, weight, capacity); limit, capacity; weight, importance; measurements.
Maar pitbeating and buffeting
MaaranaKilling; Beating
MaardavaHumility;  Softness; Gentleness; Modestly.
Maarganaa sthaanliving beings are classified with 14 marganaa sthaan. They are: 1: gati realms of existence, 2: Indriyaa, senses, 3: kaaya physical body, 4: yog mind speech and action 5: ved sex, male female neuter 6: kashaya toxic emotions, 7: gyaan knowledge 8: sanyam restraints 9: darshan observation 10: leshya, intensity of toxic emotions, 11: bhavyatva capacity of obtaining liberation 12: samyaktva enlightenment 13: sangyaa instinct. and 14: aahaar food.
Maashઅડદ માષ adad, kind of pulse, black beans, phaseolus radiatus
Maaticlay, earth mud
MaatiMud; Clay
Maatraaoblique stroke above letter; unit of time in poetry and music; medicinal preparation of metals and minerals; calx; measure, proportion; degree; matter; the material, visible, world.
Maatsaryajealousy, envy, one knows the knowledge but out of jealousy he does not want to share with others.
MaayaIllusion; Deception; Intrigue; Deceit
Maaya kriyaDeceitful activity
Maayaaillusion by virtue of which one considers the unreal universe as really existent and as distinct from the supreme Spirit; Prakriti as directly responsible for creation; avidya; the material world; worldly ties; deceit; jugglery; affection, attachment; kindness; any object of one's attachment; wealth, riches; bhang, (drink prepared from) hemp; Lakshmi; Buddha's mother.
MaayaajaalaDeluding creed
Madaintoxication; pride, arrogance; passion, madness; liquid running from elephant's temple when in rut, rut.
MadaPride; Puff
Madhukari vrattiBee-like begging
Madhursweet; melodious; beloved, dear; beautiful, lovely; entertaining; graceful; gentle, silent.
MadhvasravaHoney-like speech
Madhya lokaMiddle universe
Madhya pradesaImmobile eight central space point of soul
Madhya-loka:Middle of terrestrial world
Madhyama-kumbhaA measure; eight adhakas.
Madhyama-parinaamaMedium degree transformation
MadhyasthaBalanced and just toward all; Tatastha; Impartial; Impartiality; Neutrality; Equanimity; Indifference
Madhyastha bhaavanaato have contemplation of indifference of the worldly obstacles and thereby to get engrossed in the real nature of the self.
Madhyasthya:Tolerance or indifference to those who are uncivil or ill-behaved.
Madhysthtaequanimity state.
Magnabsorbed or engrossed (in); pleased, delighted, submerged, drown, overwhelmed,
Magnalmayauspicious; promoting well being.
MahaGreat Ceremony;  Sacrifice; Ceremonial festival
Mahaa sachivsecretary general
Mahaa sattatotal existence, universal strength or power. It is spreaded in to the whole. It is also spread in to infinite modes, sarva padarth samuh maa vyaapnaari ane saadrashya astitva ne suchavanaari mahaa satta (niyamsaar gatha 34, panchaastikaay gaathaa 8), Every substance has eternal existence attribute. From this consideration, one tells about the existence of all the substances together is mahaa sattaa. Every thing is there is mahaa sattaa.
MahaalayaBig  palace
Mahaasatta(1) Universal is-ness; (2) The great existence or existence of universe (3) The laws of nature including spiritual laws
MahaavidehaName of a kshetra or region.  Twenty Tirthankaras currently exist there, deeming it the most sacred kshetra.
Mahaavira or Mahaaveera or Mahavir(1) Twenth-fourth Tirthankara in this ara of the time cycle. His name means 'The most courageous one.' Mahavir was an actual historical figure who lived some time between 599-527 BCE. He was a contemporary of another great spiritual teacher–Gautama Sakyamuni–who would come to be known in history as Buddha. According to most accounts, Mahavira was also a high-born member of a warrior caste who
 renounced the world when he was thirty to pursue a life as an ascetic. His moment of enlightenment came after twelve years of spiritual pursuit. He then gathered twelve disciples around him, and it is through these disciples that his teachings were eventually documented and disseminated.  (2) Twenty-fourth tirthankara of the Jainas, a senior contemporary of Gautama
Mahaavrata(1) A vow that is much stricter than an Anuvrat.  Only those who take diksha will take on these vows (i.e. sadhus and
 sadhvis).  There are five mahaavrats- namely ahimsa, anekantvaad, aparigraha, asteya and brahmacharya; (2)
 Major vows; Monk-vows; Great vows
MahaavratiNaked possessionless saint observing five great vows Mahaavrattas; Great vows conduct observed by saints
MahadevaSiva i.e. the destroyer-god of the hindu pantheon
Mahana:Prakrit for Sanskrit brahmana
Maharaaja saahebaKing, sir'.  A title used for sadhus, to indicate respect.
MahardhikaGreat prosperity; Greatly attained
MahaskandhaLargest aggregate
MahattaraakaarDuring a resolution pacchakhaan: If there is going to be more shedding of karma in certain act, then one breaks the resolution earlier with permission from Guru
Mahavira-jayanti:Birth anniversary of Mahavira
Mahavrata:The five great vows of a mendicant
Mahima ruddhia type of super natural power.
Mahima ruddhiA type of super natural power.
Mahimaagreatness, power, grandeur, high rank, glory, majesty; magnitude; exalted rank or position; importance; significance. f. one of the eight siddhis (accomplishments) of yoga, which enables one to enlarge one's size.
Mahimaa(1) Greatness, power, grandeur, high rank, greatness; (2) Glory, majesty; magnitude; exalted rank or position; (3) Importance; (4) Significance
Mahimaaavaanpossessing greatness etc.
Mahodayahigh, souled, magnanimous, person; sir.
Mahora gold coin; guinea; stamp, seal.
Mahor chhaapimpress, imprint; stamp or seal; clear impress of printing impression created on the mind, stamp of approval
Maithuncopulation, sexual intercourse, adultery, unchastity; lapse from duty
Maithun Sangnaasexual impulse, coition animate feelings
MaithunaSex indulgence; Copulation
Maithuna sangnaSex instinct
Maitri bhaavanaanot to inflict pain to others is maitri bhaavanaa. friendship with others, not to have animosity to any living being.
Maitri bhaavanaaFriendliness feeling
Maitri:Benevolence for all living beings.
MalaDefect; Excretion; Karmic dust/filth
Mala parisahaExcretory affliction.
Malindirty, filthy; soiled; vicious;
MalinaDirty; Filthy; Soiled; Vicious
MalinaathaNineteenth Tirhtnakar
malinataaDirtiness; Depravity; Wickedness
Malintaadirtiness; depravity, wickedness., mechak, Mallinaath, was He woman? No, there are following four reasons: 1. Tirthankar when born is with three knowledges, Mati shrut and avadhi. And also is born with samyag darshan. The person who is getting born with samyag darshan is always a male. 2. Prior to be born as Tirthankar Mallinath, His soul descended from Apapraajit swarg. From there now He is born as Mallinath. In Aparaajit swarg all living beings are with samyag drati since  birth. There are no female.These devs are all males only. Therefore He was male in previous dev life also. Morever, every dev above graivyak dev lok like Anudish and Annuttar swarg devs are all were bhaav lingi muniraj in previous life. Therefore He was male bhaav lingi muni even third previous life. Therefore Mallinath, not only male in this life but since last three lives was male. 3. Tirthankar prakruti fruition occurs only in 13th Gunasthank. Woman cannot go beyond 5th Gunsthanak. So woman cannot have fruition of Tirthankar naam karma. 4. The living being going
Mamakaarto have ownership in alien object, ownership with body.
Mamakaarinteresting one’s self above anything,
Mamataasense of ownership, attachment, unity with alien object
Mamataastate of ‘mine’, sense of ownership,self interest, egotism, pride, arrogance,
Mamatvasense of ownership, mine ness, sense of I and mine.
Mamatvafeeling of my and mine; love, affection; obstinacy, stubbornness. pertinacity; pride; attachment, “This is mine or I am the owner of this” is mamatva, to be attached to, to envy,
Mamatva(1) Attachment; (2) Sense of ownership; (3) Mineness; (4) Sense of I,  (5) Mine and possessiveness
Mamsa:Flesh; meat
Mamtaa uktafilled with selfishness, a miser, egotist,
Mana:Movement by mind, Pride
Manah paryaaptiMind completion
Manah paryah gnaanaTelepathical knowledge
Manah paryah gnantelepathy knowledge
Manah-paryaya (Jnana):Intuition of the modes of other minds Telepathy
Manah-paryaya-darsana:Intuition of the psychic mode
Manah-paryaya:Psychic mode
Manahparyaya-gnaanaA knowledge type; Telepathy
Manahparyaya-gnaanavaranaTelepathy-obscuring karma
Manahparyayajnana:Direct awareness of thought forms of others without the aid of mind or senses
Mananreflecting, reflection. meditation, process of repeated thinking
MananaDeep thinking; Reverence
Manasatva:Mental cognition
Manastambha:A characteristic Jaina pillar
MandaFoolish; Dull; Slow
MandakramaSlow order of succession
MandalakaA measure, 12 masas
Mandalika vayuDusty air
Mandandecoration; ornament; establishing, proving, (principle etc.).
Mandandecoration; ornament; establishing, proving, (principle etc.), pushti,
Mandappavilion, pendal.
Mandataaslowness; dullness, diminishing intensity,
Manduka-sikhandaHair-crest of frog
Mangalgood omen, benediction, prayer, any solemn ceremony on important occasion.
Mangalauspicious; (doing) good, beneficial. m. (planet) Mars; Tuesday. n. welfare, good; happiness; festive occasion; benedictory poem or song; praise of deity or prayer at the beginning of literary work.
Mangal mantraAuspicious/holy litany
Mangal murtiwhose sight is auspicious
Mangala(1) Good omen, benediction, prayer, any solemn ceremony on important occasion; (2) Auspicious; (doing) good,
 beneficial. (3) Mars planet; (4) Tuesday; (5) Welfare, good;
 happiness; festive occasion; benedictory poem or song; praise of deity; (6)  Destroyer of sins; (7) Auspicious (8) (1) That which destroys the sins(vice) and produces bliss and purity- such asright-belief right-knowledge right-conduct
Mangalaaacharaninvocation of deity at the commencement of work; commencement.
Mangalaacharaninvocation of deity at the commencement of work; commencement. There are six parts included in the mangal. They are : 1: Mangal for the scripture 2: Size parimaan 3: Name name of the scripture  4: writer’s name    "shaastra kartaa 5: Reason for writing"    "Shaastr hetu 6: Instrumetal cause for writing scripture"
MangalaacharanaDivine omenous verse; Benediction
Mangalaashtakset of eight benedictory verses recited at an auspicious occasion,.
MangalamaDestroyer of sins; Auspicious
Mangalkaaridoing good; auspicious.
Manglikinvocation of the blessings, to bring in the purity.
ManiGem;  A measure
Manmatta duritaMind as elephant
Manna paryah gnaantelepathy knowledge, direct apprehension of the mode of mind,
Mano Agrahya-Vargana:Mind-unreceivable-molecule
Mano varganaMental molecules
Mano-dusprani dhanaImproper mental act
ManobalaMental power
Manodravya:Mind substance
ManoguptiMind guare; Mental control
Manogupti:Preservation of mind.
Manohara-indriya-loka-varjanaRefraining from looking at beautiful senses/objects.
Manojanma:Born of mind
Manojanya:Born of mind
Manoramentertaining, interesting; pleasing.
ManovarganaMind variform
ManoyogaMental activity; Mental concentration
MansaFlesh; Meat
Mansahit sangniLife form with Mind as activity filed for senses i.e. indriya
Manthanchurning or being churned; upheaval; struggle.
Manthanchurning or being churned; upheaval; struggle, constantly thinking about, system of opinions, doctrines,religious persuasion.
Mantraspell, charm; incantation; secret consultation, chanting, recitation, enchantment, invocation,intonation.
Mantra(1) A prayer with spiritual powers; (2)  A prayer with strong psychological powers; (3) Mystic words; (4) Incantation; (5) Litany
Mantra:Holy litany
Manushya Anupurvi:Human–Migratory form.
Manushya Vyavahaarwhen one thinks of accepting or deserting the alien things and becomes the owner of that thought then it is known as manushya vyavahaar. It is the conventional wisdom of human being. It is conventional wisdom of wrong believer.
Manushyatvamanhood, humanity, of being in human mode, of being human.
Manushyayu:Human age.
Manusya-gati:Human destiny
Manusya:Human being
ManusyagatiHuman destinity
ManusyajatiHuman race
MaraCupid; Yama
Marana aashanshaDeath desire; Death-wish
Marana bhaavaTo live with vibhaava or kashaaya non-peacefuly continuously
Marana dravyaDeath or totally inactive body without self
MaranasansaDeath desire; Death-wish
Marga prabha-vanaGlorification of path
Marga prabhavana:Propagation of the path of Liberation.
Marga rucheFaith in path
MargachyavanaNon-deviation from path
MarganaInvestigation; Category of disquisition doors; Enquiry
Markata-bandhaWeak bone-joints
Marnantika-sanlekhanaFast unto death
Masa-ksamanaOne month-fasting
Masi-karmaAccountancy; Government service; Writing
Masi:Ink; writing
Mastakabhiseka:Head-anointing [ceremony]
Matopinion, judgement; sect, persuasion; advice; obstinacy, pertinacity. m. vote, sect,
MataDoctrine; View
Mataantaranother, different, opinion or sect.
Mataartha method of exposition of right scripture (aagam) by refuting the contradictory principles.
MatiThinking Power; Mind Instinct: Inteliect; Sensory
Mati (Jnana):Perceptual
Mati gnaancognitive knowledge, perceptual knowledge, perceptual cognition, sensory knowledge. perceptive knowledge. One gives up interest in alien things and with perception consciousness and with self introvetedness the illumination of knowledge of the self is known as matignaan. पराश्रय की बुिद्ध छोड़ कर दशर्न उपयोग पूवर्क स्व सन्मुखता से प्रगट होने वाले िनज आत्मा के ज्ञान को मित ज्ञान कहते है. मित ज्ञान में इिन्द्रयाँ और मन िनिमत होते है. paraashray ki buddhi chhodkar, darshan upyog purvak, swasanmukhtaa se pragat hone waale nij aatmaa ke gnaan ko mati gnaan kahate hai. Mati gnaan mein indriyaa and man nimit note hai. The senses and mind are the instrumental cause in this cognitive knowledge..(vitarag vignan pathmala 3 upyog chapter), sensual knowledge and super sensuous knowledge is cognitive knowledge. indriya gyaan and atindriya gyaan ko mati gyaan kahate hai. Mati gnaan: (also known as Abhinibodhik gnaan) *paraashray ki buddhi chhodkar पराश्रय की बुिद्ध छोड़ कर    "one giving up interest in alien things, *darshan upyog purvak"    दशर्न उपयोग
Mati gnaanaSensory Knowledge or  cognition; Perceptual Knowledge
Mati-agnaanaIgnorance derived from sensory knowledge; False sensory knowledge
Mati-gnanaSensory knowledge
Mati-gnanaarana karmaSensory knowledge obscuring karma
Matijana:Mind-based knowledge
MatraLimit; Measure.
MatrvahaA two-sensed creature
MatsaryaJealousy;  Envy;  Lack of earnestness in charity; Envy of another donator
Mattintoxicated; mad; furious, wild arrogant.
Maulahetu:Original cause
MaulikaOriginal; Fundamental; Mula
Maya-shalya:The thorn of deceit.
Maya:Causes inflow of sub-human age karma, Cheating others, preaching the false doctrines, etc. Deceit.
Mayakriya:Deceitful disturbance of some one's right knowledge and faith.
Mechakmanifoldness, of various kinds or sorts, anekvidhpanu, dirtiness; depravity, wickedness, mechak, malintaa.
MedhaviSaint; Intelligent
Mehnakarsexual organs of men and women.
Metaphysicsmetaphysics is the branch of philosophy with deals with the first principles of things which includes abstract concepts such as being, knowing ,substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
MicchakaraBlaming for sins
MichchhaamiI wish
Michchhaami DukkadamSee Mithya mama Dusurtam (To appologize); Jain spiritual apology
MimaansaCritique; Examination; Disquisition
Mimaansaacogitation, contemplation,deep reflection, inquiry, examination, investigation; one of the systems of Indian Philosophy known as purva mimamsa (of Jaimini), teleology, hetu vaad, kaarya kaaran bhaav no siddhant.
MimaansadvaraDisquisition doors
Mishraname of the third gunshanank, a fault of food and hematite of saint, mixed or associated one
Mishra aahaarak kaay yogvibration in the soul’s space points during completion of aahaar sharir.
Mishra asadbhut vyavahar nayaa standpoint related to inappropriate mixing of matters
Mishra audaarik kaay yogvibration in the body due to karmic aid during completion of gross body.
Mishra bhaava kind of reflection related to both destruction and subsidence of karma
Mishra doshfault of food donation to jain saints
Mishra dravyamixed materials
Mishra kaalthe time period up to the completion of body.
Mishra paahudgift with animate or inanimate objects.
Mishra prakrutikarmic nature causing both right and wrong devotion.
Mishra shalyaa type of internal sting, one of the division of dravya shalya, to have affinity for sachet and achet types of both matters.
Mishra sharir kaalduration of growth time period of complete body formation.
Mishra upcharit asadbhut vyavahaar nayaa type of standpoint related to consideration of oneness with different objects as town state country etc.
Mishra vaikriya kaay yoga kind of karmic bondage for fluid body
Mishra yogvibration of the soul’s space points by aggregate of karmic molecules.
Mishra yonigenerating place with mixed forms.
Misra yoniMixed birth place
MisrabhaavaMixed disposition; Mixed volition
MisragunasthaanaThird spiritual stage; Mixed stage
MisramohaniyaMixed deluding karma
Mithya (Sruta):FALSE
Mithya anekantaFalse polyviewism
Mithya darsanaPerverted faith; Wrong faith
Mithya drastiWrong view; Wrong believer; Non-righteous, Wrong faithed/faith.
Mithya mamaduskrtamMay my sins be annulled
Mithya-drsti:Perverted vision
Mithya-shalya:The thorn of wrong-belief.
Mithyaanon real, useless, Asatya, fogat, vyarth, untrue, unreal, false; futile. adv. to no purpose, in vain.
Mithyaa aachaarhypocrisy; false conduct.
Mithyaa abhimaanvanity, false pride.
Mithyaa abhimaanivain, conceited.
Mithyaa ahankaarfalse pride
Mithyaa chaaritraWith conduct deluding karma’s fruition acting as instrumental cause, the soul is having toxic emotions kashaays is known as wrong conduct. He does not have activity directed to the eternal true nature of the soul and instead is directed towards alien objects. That thing never happens and as a result he has perplexity
Mithyaa charitrawrong conduct
Mithyaa charitraWrong conduct
Mithyaa Darshanwrong faith, perverted faith, believing contrary to the nature of a substance and not believing it in its reality form is known as fallacious determination. This misconception is known as wrong faith. ~m+ વJÖ '+ Jવdપ 9Hm+ ન માનm+ અ6 ~m+ Jવdપ નથી Hm+ માનm+ H'+ નામ િમÉયા દશIન 9  (mokshmarg prakashak 4th chapter) To believe that knowledge occurs due to presence of an object is known as wrong faith. If the thing exists then one can have faith for it. But if the thing can never exist then one can not have faith towards it. One can never believe that the flowers can bloom in the space, as it it impossible to have that thing happen.Üાન Üાન થી થાય 9 Hમ માનવા6 બદj Üાન oય થી થાય 9 Hમ માનm+ H િમÉયા દશIન 9. iáલા'+ àધાન થાય 9 ના iáલા'+ àxાન ના થાય. આકાશ મા+ âલ ઉä 9 H માનવામા+ જ ના આ? ãમ ã H વJÖ અશa 9
Mithyaa darshan kriyaathe approval of the activities of a wrong doer.
Mithyaa darshan vaakthe speech which leads to the false way or path.
Mithyaa ekaantone sided wrong belief.
Mithyaa ekaantTo know a particular thing from one aspect and at the same time to make other properties secondary is known as naya. Instead of making them secondary, if one ignores them completely then it is nayaabhaash. It is also known as mithyaa naya or mithyta ekaanta. e.g. atma is always eternal in nature. Here we are ignoring the fact that soul is also transient in nature from modal perspectives. Therefore this sentence is mithyaa ekaant or mithyaa naya, fallacy of view point, false views partial exposition,
Mithyaa gnaanwrong knowledge, Doubt sashay, illusion viparyay, and indecisiveness    anadhyavasaavy form of knowledge about the purposeful essential elements like soul, matter, inflow etc nine elements is termed wrong knowledge. (યોજનfત gવાિદ તFવોમા+ સ+શય િવપયIય અ6 અનPયાવસાય dપ ~ iણવામા+ આ? 9 H િમÉયા Üાન કEવાય 9 (mokshmarg prakashak 4th chapter) One’s consideration that the knowledge does not occur from self only but does occur due to the presence of the object. This is known as wrong knowledge    mithyaa gnaan. Üાન Üાન થી થાય 9 Hમ iણવા6 બદj Üાન oય થી થાય 9 Hમ iણm+ Hિ મÉયા Üાન 9 When knowledge mode is having “gney lubdhtaa” then it is known as wrong knowledge    mithyagnaan. (Gney lubdhataa    When one’s knowledge is greedy, covetous, enamored, infatuated with the object of knowledge is known as gney lubdhtaa.) Gneya pramaan    co extensive with the object of knowledge.
Mithyaa gnaanaWrong knowledge; Misleading knowledge
Mithyaa kartaa karma false belief believing one as doer of material karma.
Mithyaa matwrong persuasion or doctrines,
Mithyaa nayaTo know a particular thing from one aspect and at the same time to make other properties secondary is known as naya. Instead of making them secondary, if one ignores them completely then it is nayaabhaash. It is also known as mithyaa naya or mithyta ekaanta. e.g. atma is always eternal in nature. Here we are ignoring the fact that soul is also transient in nature from modal perspectives. Therefore this sentence is mithyaa ekaant or mithyaa naya, fallacy of view point,
Mithyaa shalyafalse concept of religious devotion
Mithyaa shrut gnaanfalse scriptural knowledge,
Mithyaa taapaswrong ascetic
Mithyaa tapfalse austerity
Mithyaa updeshfalse instruction to misguide others,
MithyaadarshanaSame as Mithyaatva
Mithyaadrastiwrong believer, false believer, unenlightened person,
Mithyaaropfalse allegation or charge.
Mithyaatvawrong concept, futility; falsity, unreality; illusion.
Mithyaatva(1) Non-righteousness; (2) Perversity; (3) A thorn; (4) Wrongness or wrong concept; (5) Misbelief or False faith;
 (6) Irrational activiaties; (6) Mithyaadarshana
Mithyaatva bhaavwrong inclinations.
Mithyaatva kriyaamisbelief, perverse attitude, false faith,
Mithyaatva mohniyarise of karma due to which soul has non belief in omniscient, scripture and six universal substances jis karmo ke uday hone se jiv ko apta agam aur padartho mein ashradhan.
Mithyaatva prakrutikarmic nature causing false faith,
Mithyaatva pratyayfalse motive or reason of karmic bondage
Mithyadarsana:Synonymous with mathyadrsti and mithyatva, wrong-belief
Mithyadrsti:Incorrect view of reality
Mithyatva-gunasthanaFirst spiritual stage; Wrong faith stage.
Mithyatva-kriya:Action which strengthens wrong belief, e.g., superstition, etc.
Mithyatva:Lack of insight; wrong belief, synonymous with mithyadarsana, synonymous with mithyadrsti
MithyopadesaFalse instruction
Mitraa drastiin Mitraa drasti saadak worshiper accumulates seeds for yog. He  has high regards for Tirthankaras and offers prayer to them.
MitranuraagaAffection for friend
Mityaatvaadikreasons or causes of karmic bondage.
Mlechcchabarbarian, member of non aryan race. Moha infatuation, obsession, fascination
MlechchhaNon-aryan; Non-cultured
MochanaLiberation; Salvation
MohaInfatuation; Obsession; Fascination; Delusion
Moha misritaIntermixed with delusion
MohaniyaA ghaatiya  karma that obstructs the capacity of soul to think properly; Delusive or deluding
Mohaniya karmaDelusion or deluding karma
Mohaniya-karma:Karma that prevents the true perception of reality and the purity of the soul; karma that defiles the bliss-quality of the soul
Mohniya karmadeluding karma
MokhsamaargaPath of Niravaana or Salvation or Liberation of Soul
MoksaLiberation; Salvation
Moksa vinayaPractices for salvation
Moksa-marga:The path of salvation
Moksa:Liberation, Salvation; emancipation from the cycle of birth and death
MoksabhimukhaDirected towards salvation
Mokshaliberation, salvation, emancipation, release from worldly existence, release from transmigration, eternal emancipation,
Moksha(1) The state of freedom, for a soul, from the cycle of birth and death; (2) Complete liberation of the soul from karmic bondage
Moksha:Liberation, The total separation of Soul from the bondage of all matter
MoortikaWith form
MrdangakaraTruncated biconical shape
Mrsanandi raudradhayanaFalsity-enjoying angeral imeditation
MrsavadaFalse word utterance; Untruism
Mrutikaadirt, mud, earth, clay.
Mrutikaa pindcollection of dirt, mitti kaa pind., hip of mud.
Mrutyunjaythat conquers death, immortal.
Mudhperplexed, stupefied, confused, stupid, foolish, dull, simple, foolish, dull; dumb founded, motionless; infatuated; vacant minded, lacking in discrimination.
MudhaIgnorant; Idiot; Perplexed; Stupefied; Confused; Stupid; Foolish; Dull; Simple
MudhabhavaSevility; Idiocy; Imbecility
MudhataIgnorant belief; Idiocy; Stupidities
Mudhataastupidities, ignorance.
Muditjoy, glad, satisfied.
MuditaAppreciative joy
Mudraastamp, print; seal, signet; signet ring; coin; figure or mark made on parts of body with or heated iron as religious symbol; ear ring worn by Gosais; facial features, face, countenance; certain movement of body in yogic practice; a mode of intertwining fingers practiced during morning and evening prayer or religious worship.
Muh-patti:A small piece of cloth worn over the mouth by Sthanakavasi mendicants to protect airbodies from harm
MuhapattiA clothe around mouth to block bacterial killing
Muhura48 minutes
Muhurta, antaraLess than 48 minutes; Under-muhurta
Muka-kevaliNonpractising omniscient
Mukha-pattiRectangular piece of cloth over mouth
Mukha-vastrikaMouth mask
MukhvaasAreca nut, betel leaf, etc. taken after meal to make mouth fragrant, mouth freshener
Mukhyaprimary, chief, principal; first; leading.
MukhyaMain; Primary
Mukhyatvemostly, chiefly.
MuktaReleased; Salvated; Liberated
Mukta jivaEmancipated being; Salvated being
Mukta:The Liberated Soul.
MuktiEmancipation; Liberation; Salvation
MuktishilaaThe topmost area of the universe, where the liberated soul resides, the area of freedom.  After death, a liberated soul rises to it, and never comes back into the cycle of birth and death.  Every soul that exists there is Kevalgnani, Kevaldarshi
 and has infinite dhariya, tapa and veerya.
MukundaDrum-like musical instrument
Muloriginal; ancient; fundamental. price, value; cost, root of a tree, foundation, base, origin, root cause,
Mul gunaprimary virtues, basic virtues. Bhaav lingi muniraaj observes 28 primary virtues 28 mul guna. They are: 5: Great vows mahavrat, 5: carefulnesses    samiti, 6 essentials    shat aavashyaks, removal of hairs kesh loch, not to take bath snaanaabhaav, nakedness nagnataa, not to brush teeth    adant dhovan, to sleep on ground    bhumi shayan, to eat standing sthithi bhojan, to eat once a day only    ek vaaar aahaar grahan,
Mul gunaprimary virtues
Mul gunaPrimary virtues
Mula dravyaBasic reality; Fundamental reality
Mula Guna:a kind of production of the dependance relating to the non-soul, i.e., of the body, speech, mind and respiration.
Mula vrataBasic vows; Fundamental vows
Mula vujaRoot-seed
Mula-kriyaFundamental operation
Mula-nayaBasic standpoint
Mula-prakrtiPrimary nature; Basic karma  type; Primary karmic species
Mula-prakrti bandhaBasic karmic type/ configurational bond/bondage.
Mula-sutraA group of subsidiary canons
MulagunaBasic restraints/ virtues.
MulagunanirvartanaFormation of basic body organs
Mulagunas:The eight basic restraints of a Jaina layman
MulanaayakaThe large main idol or image in a Jain temple.
Mulasutra:A group of texts belonging to the subsidiary canon
Mumukshuthose desirous of salvation or liberation.
MumukshuThe one desirous of salvation or liberation or Moksha; Salvation desiring
MundaShorn of head hairs
Munh pattikaMouth mask
Munimonk. Five types: These monks are bhaav lingi monks The naked possessionless monks who have attained right belief. 1. Pulaak : He does not have affinity for secondary virtues. He also has not perfected the primary vows. It is like faded grains murzaae hue dhaanya jaisaa. This is bhaav lingi monk. 2: Bakush : one who is nirgranth taken out almost all his inclinations of attachments and aversions. He observes the vows completely. He is involved in maintaining dignity of his body and monastic outfit. sharir ane upkaran ni shobhaa vadhaarvaa ma rahe chhe. He expects prosperity and fame. yash ane ruddhi ni aashaa raakhe chhe. He has different types of infatuations. This is bhaav lingi monk 3: Kushil muni Two types: A: Pratisevanaa kushil muni : He has mastered the primary and secondary virtues, but occasionally he may fall through the secondary virtues. He still may have some affinity for maintaining his body and monastic outfits. B: Kashaay Kushil muni: He has won over three types of passions and has only forth one present which is perfect
Muni(1) Naked or white clad but otherwise possessionless saint Monk; (2) Monk; (3) Mendicant; (4) Ascetic;  (5) One who keeps maun or quiet or non-speech.  He only observes, without praising or complaining; (6) A Jaina monk; literally,
 one who keeps control of the tongue, taking a vow of non- speaking.
Muni subrataTwentieth tirthankara of the jainas
Muni-dharamaReligion of naked or white clad possessionless saint
Muni:Mendicant; sage
Munindragreat sage, great ascetic, great monk.
MurcchaaDelusion; Attachment; Infatuation; Greed; Moha
MurchastaraDelusional level
Murchhaagreed, attachment, infatuation, unconsciousness, delusion, attachment
MurmuraSparks in ashes
Murtacorporeal, with form, finite magnitude, concrete, incarnate, sensually, acceptable matter, tangible,
MurtaCorporeal; Material; Tangible; With form; Concrete; Finite Magnitude; Incarnate
Murtatvaperceptibility, corporeality, materiality, tangible.
MurtatvaCorporeality; Materiality; Tangibility;  Perceptibility
Murtatva:Along with Achetanatva, is common to Matter, Materiality
MurtiForm; Image; idol
Murtic padaarthtangible matters,
MurtipujaIdol worshipping
MurtipujakIdol worshipper
MusalaA measure unit; Kuksis
MyaanaThe housing for the sword