Madhu: Honey
Madhura: Sweet.
Madhya-loka: Middle of terrestrial world
Madhyasthya: Tolerance or indifference to those who are uncivil or ill-behaved.
Madya: Alcohol
Maha-Skandha-Vargana: Great-molecule-molecule
Mahana: Prakrit for Sanskrit brahmana
Mahavira-jayanti: Birth anniversary of Mahavira
Mahavrata: The five great vows of a mendicant
Maitri: Benevolence for all living beings.
Mamsa: Flesh; meat
Mana: Movement by mind.
Manah-paryaya: Psychic mode
Manah-paryaya (Jnana): Intuition of the modes of other minds Telepathy
Manah-paryaya-darsana: Intuition of the psychic mode
Manahparyaya-jnanavarana: Mental-knowledge-obscuring.
Manahparyayajnana: Direct awareness of thought forms of others without the aid of mind or senses
Manas: Mind
Manasatva: Mental cognition
Manastambha: A characteristic Jaina pillar
Mano Agrahya-Vargana: Mind-unreceivable-molecule
Mano-Vargana: Mind-molecule
Manodravya: Mind substance
Manogupti: Preservation of mind.
Manojanma: Born of mind
Manojanya: Born of mind
Mantra: Holy litany
Manushya: Human.
Manushya Anupurvi: Human–Migratory form.
Manushya-Ayu: Human-age-karma
Manushyayu: Human age.
Manusya: Human being
Manusya-gati: Human destiny
Marga prabhavana: Propagation of the path of Liberation.
Masi: Ink; writing
Mastakabhiseka: Head-anointing [ceremony]
Mati (Jnana): Perceptual
Mati-jnanavarana: Sensitive-knowledge-obscuring.
Matijana: Mind-based knowledge
Maulahetu: Original cause
Maya: Causes inflow of sub-human age karma
Cheating others, preaching the false doctrines, etc. Deceit
Maya-shalya: The thorn of deceit.
Mayakriya: Deceitful disturbance of some one’s right knowledge and faith.
Mayavada: Illusionism
Mithya (Sruta): FALSE
Mithya-drsti: Perverted vision
Mithya-shalya: The thorn of wrong-belief.
Mithyadarsana: Synonymous with mathyadrsti and mithyatva
Mithyadrsti: Incorrect view of reality
Mithyatva: Lack of insight;
wrong belief.
synonymous with mithyadarsana
synonymous with mithyadrsti
Mithyatva-kriya: Action which strengthens wrong belief, e.g., superstition, etc.
Mohaniya: Deluding
Mohaniya-karma: Karma that prevents the true perception of reality and the purity of the soul; karma that defiles the bliss-quality of the soul
Moksa: Liberation
Salvation; emancipation from the cycle of birth and death
Moksa-marga: The path of salvation
Moksha: Liberation
The total separation of Soul from the bondage of all matter
Muh-patti: A small piece of cloth worn over the mouth by Sthanakavasi mendicants to protect airbodies from harm
Mukta: The Liberated Soul.
Mula Guna: a kind of production of the dependance relating to the non-soul, i.e., of the body, speech, mind and respiration.
Mulagunas: The eight basic restraints of a Jaina layman
Mulasutra: A group of texts belonging to the subsidiary canon
Muni: Mendicant; sage
Murccha: Delusion
Murtatva: Along with Achetanatva, is common to Matter.