Naishedhikiparihe Karudattmaharshi

There was a son of a quite well to do gentle man named kurudatt sut in the city named Gajapur. He was Gracious.

Such an intelligent son being am ascetic accepted imitiation from the guru (precher) or priest. He studied Agams (Holy books) and some day accepted pratima (Image) of Ekaki vihar (lonely wanderings).

Then once upon a time wandering near saket city this Muni (asectic) having tolerance like a mountain stood in the state of statue – in kayostarga Meditation i.e. fourth paurushi.

After some time several thieves stole away the cows from some village and processed with cows through the adjacent path where Kurudattasat Muni was (standing).

People in search of cows came to Muniafter the thieves had gone away with cows. On seeing the bifurcation- two ways _ they asked him (kurudatta) sadhu) in this way.

Oh, respected Priest (sadhu Maharaj), Kindly tell us, by which way did the thieves pass with cows ? Even on hearing this all kurndatt did not answer them.

The wicked searchers of thieves , being not responded to by Kurudatta got angry and place a clay wet with water on the head of Muni.

Angry searchers of thieves filled the clay pot places on the head of Muni with burning coals and went away les where Muni’s began to burn with live coals but he began to think in this

Oh body (phsique) ? now tolerate the torture silently without any thinking oh soul (jeev) ? you have to bear a lot because of your have no control over it .

Thus thinking Kurudatta did not even slightly shake his head or mind and bore up the pain caused by burning coals and reached the heaven.

The most respected and balanced Monk -Muni like Kurudatt bore up all pains. Thus his lotus feet deserve to be worshipped. All monks – Munis like him, must tolerate such adversities.