Anathi Muni

Oh human blessed souls ! I bowing to the monks preach real and religious sermons, please hare.

Some day enjoying spiritual benefits the king Shrenik with a riew to training his horse went to the temple chaitya named Mandi-Kuxik for pleasures and prayers.

In the forest like a garden full of various trees he saw a highly enlightened ascetic looking like an incarnated religion under the tree.

On seeing the lustre of the monk brighter eron than the Sunlight he was astnoshied and inspired to pray to him with a crystal speech.

Oh what a wonderful lustre is on this respectable Muni, what a great physical figure and feature ? what a great tolerance and selflessness ! How detached he is to the worldly affairs !

The King – Shrenik bowed to the monk and took a holy round thrice . He stood neither too far not too near and asked him with folded hands.

Maharaj ! People mostly enjoy the temporal pleasures in youth but you accepted non attehment and initiation. What is the reason behind it ? I am keen to hear it from you.

Muni- Maharaj replied, “Swami ! I am an orphan. None in this world is to protect me. I have no friends. No body is found to show meroy upon me.”

On heaving the shelterless Monk’s words Shrenik the king of Magadh laughed and said, “Even though being rich with such a spiritual power how can you be helpless ?”

Maharj ! enjoy the pleasures with your family and friends. I shall protect you from fear, because the human life is a rarity.

Muni said, “Oh king Shrenik ! you yourself are unprotected how can you be my protector ?

On hearing his unprecedented words Shrenik – the king got illusioned and asked with cariosity.

Mahraj ! I possess elephants, horses, servants, queens and the powers. I enjoy all the possible pleasures. Mine is a great prosperity, than how can I be considered sheltevles ?

Oh Maharaj ! I am quite compertent to satiate my all dreams and desires. Inspite of this all how can be helpless ? Please, do not tell a lie.

Muni spoke, “Oh king ! you dont know the meaning of unprotected. How can a human being become a mastery. How I behaved, I tell you everything, hear me attentively.

Here lies a city named Kaushambi surpassing the old ones. My father lived here with best riches.

Oh King ! during my youth because of my misdeeds burns developed in my all limbs. So I was pained too much.

As a very sharp weapon pinches extremely into a body, or a furious foe pains one on all the four sides in the same way it pained me intolerably.

My brain and body experienced a pain excessively. Then I suffered too much like wounded with God – Indra’s main weapon – Vajra.

My preceptors who were expert in various therapies came to help and heal me.

These specialists treated with four types of therapy including vomiting, laxatives etc, but they could not heal me. The same is trouble with me.

My father disbursed and offered lots of wealth but I could not be cured. This is my helplessness.

My mother was weeping for me but she also could not relies me of the pain. The same is my helplessness.

My younger and elder brothers also could not help me. This is my helplessness.

My sisters also could not heal or help me. This is my orphanage.

My beloved and faithful wife could only weep for me but all in rain.

Moreover my wife in my presence or absence did not use food, water and cosmetics for this reason.

She was never for at last at all from me. In spite of this all she could not make me free from sufferings. The same is my helplessness.

Then I said, “”I can not tolerate my pain so if once only I get cared I would accept ascetism – initiation.

Oh King ! on saying thus I slept down. After the night was over I was realized from my pain.

On the next morning having been cared, healthy, to learn, controlled and detached I asked permission from my kiths and kin’s for accetision initiation.

After adopting ascetism I became the master of all the living beings on soul.

The soul itself painful like a river – Vaitarani and a tree – Kootshalmali. It is on the other hand like a heavenly cow – offering every thing desired and a garden of gods giving all the types of pleasures.

This soul it self is an experienced of both happiness and hardships. This soul is a friend if it is led to right path and an enemy if on the wrong one.

Oh king some timid people adopt ascetism but can not follow it fully. It is the second sort of shelterlessness. You please hear and realise it completely.

One who adopts the five types of great – main – muni does not observe them properly and gets absorbed into tasty pleasures can not untie the bonds of attachment and hatred completely.

If a monk can not refrain from the five types of vices like enemy, ambition etc can not succeed in leading a life demonstrated by the previous saints.

One who for long practices a penance but deviates later on from the right path gets corrupted ultimately. In spite of all penance he can not cross the world the sea of sufferings.

He proves himself to be useless like an empty fist and a bogus coin. As a piece of glass turns out of no value before the diamond – Vaiduryamani, he too be comes of no importance.

A man who keeps with him the symbols of asceticism and gets himself defined as an ascetic receives hell pains for a long period.

Oh King ! after hearing this speech blended with knowledge and power quit the path of the wicked. You should follow in the steps of the great saints.

The wise and virtuous monk observing the vigilance gets tree from evils, destroys the deeds done in the past and ultimately realises the study position of salvation.

This very prudent and proficient monk preached the king Shrenik detail according to the holy scriptures by detached monks.

On hearing the proper inter predation of helplessness Shrenik – the emperor was convinced and agreed with folded hands saying, “You explained me nicely the real helplessness.”

Oh Maharishi ! well you are incarnated as a man well you received luster, power and coolness. On the path to the truth you only are shielded and sheltered.

Maharishi ! you only are the saviour of the shelterless souls. You only are the protector of all beings. I agree and accept you advice, Muni !

aharishi, very frequently asking about your past life I have disturbed your meditation and alluved you to enjoy the temporal pleasures. You kindly pardon my all offences.

Shrenik like a lion among all kings praised Shrman sangh with a deep devotion and took a holy round of the monk with his queens, kiths and kin and went home.

Then the virtuous penancer protected with three types of gupti’s and void of three kinds of punishment Dand Anath – shelterless – sarint having been free like a bird began to wander willingly on the earth place.