Santoshopari Vidhyapatinrup

In this world who take shelter of the heavy big stone named hoarding Parigrah get drowned in the sea of the worldliness but the wise souls with a weapon of satisfaction break the big stone in to pieces and cross the said sea.

There was a venturesome monarch named Shoor in the city named potan. There was a master named Vidyapati. He had a favorite wife named Shrungarsundari.

Once upon a time at night Laxmi in dream said to the master, “Son ! on the tenth day I shall go away from here and see you again after a long period.

On rising the master thought, “What should I do after Laxmi’s disappearance ?” He got worried and told the whole dream to his wife Shrungarsundari.

Then pious minded Shrungar sundari said, “If it happens so we shall deliver all the wealth to
the needy and deserving because whether we spend it or not it is sure to clear up.

Then the master began to spend all money but as he was spending the wealth, it was on the
contrary increasing instead of decreasing like water being withdrawn from the well would rise
higher and higher.

Inspite of spending – Using Saraswati’s treasure is in creasing the same way the wealth spent up from the Master’s treasure was increasing ceaselessly.

The couple before the Lord Jineshwar took a vow of non-hoarding.

The vows included the worship of Lord Jineshwar thrice, Pratikraman twice, meals after alms,
wearing the two clothes only and having Shrungarsundari only as a wife.

Both of us will practise a good conduct and celibacy at least twenty days out of a month. We shall wear only one simple and neat cloth and possess only one vessel. We shall take meals only once a day, conduct Paushadh during festivals – Parvakaal. We shall avoid all the four
types of food strictly at night.

We both of us will have with us only a hundred coins. We shall keep the quantity of the corn only for one month. We shall not hoard it any more. We shall have servants, cattle etc quite limited. We shall have only one manager and reliese the rest. We shall utilise all the instruments of worship. Thus taking twelve vows for realisation Master and Mistress both left the temple of Lord Jineshwar and went home where they began to spend the wealth proportionately.

After having given all the wealth in donation the master without any worry was taking rest at night during that time Goddess Laxmiji appeared in a dream and said, “Dear son ! now I shall remain here in your house only.”

I have been chained with you divine deeds so I can not go else where. Your obstacles also have been melted and moved following the effect of your divine deeds.

Kindness is like a chain and Laxmi is like a cow, chained with it she cannot go elsewhere.

Then some day the pions and religious master gave up that Laxmi- Wealth also to the needy and deserving. He called his relatives and left his home for ever. He placed on his head a box containing the worship materials for Lord Jineshwar.

The master came out on the way mean while Niputrik the king of the city died.

Here in the city the officials including the minister prepared five divinities divays. They approached the master and handed over the reign to him. thus the master became an emperor.

The master said, “I do not deserve for the kingship so do not crown me. At that time the speech from the space was heard, “Oh ! you are indeed very lucky.”

“You are very luck so do not refuse it. It happens inevitably which is destined. It can not be stopped. Then the master also said, “If it is so, hear me out.”

First crown the idol of Lord Jineshwar then me, On hearing the words of the master they are pleased and they did as per his instructions.

After coronation the ladies of the city made a tilak on his forehead and showed a respect through Arti. Then the master with his family dignified the palace.

The ruler and the master established an idol of Lord Jineshwar on the throne. He himself used to sit beside the fact of Lord Jineshwar and got the royal duties well done.

Then the best gods of divine vision raines gems the king also ruled under the only banner of Lord Jineshwar.

The king made the public free from taxations and led to the moral deeds. He got the Jainism implemented every where – because as the king is the subject is so.

That ruler got five hundred Jain temples built and placed the idols made up of gold and diamonds.

That king never breaching the behest of Lord Jineshwar ceaselessly practised pooja – worship three times and prayers Pratikraman twice a day and ruled with blessing of Lord for a long period.

Thus the ruler tolerating the fortunes gained an eternal bliss. If you too want to be happy restrict your requirements.