Father And Son

A father was seated holding his son on his lap. A crow came from the sky, and sat on the roof in front of them. The son asked, “Dad, what is this?” The Father replied, “This is crow”. The son asked again,” What was that?” Father replied again,” This is crow”. The son asked again and again what was that. Father said, with love, again and again that it was a crow.

After some years, the son became young and the father became old. One day, when some one came to their house to meet the son, the father asked who had come. The son told that it was his friend. After some time, another person came. The father asked again who had come. The son replied with anger, “Why don’t you keep quiet? It is no concern of yours who had come. Why do you keep on asking questions?” The father sighed and held his head with his hand in deep pain and said,” Oh my son, just asking the question a second time you have become so angry. While you used to asked me the same thing many times, I would reply patiently what it was”. The children who do not respect their parents are bad children. You should always think that your parents spent so much money on you and gave you so much love, you should also spend your money and love for your parents.