Dvimukha raja

In this very Bharatschetra there used to be a city named kampilyca Here a king named Jai was
born in the dan of a very noble personality named Hari. Jai proved to be as victorious and brave as his name.

This king Jai had a bride named gunmala whom he loved as much as he used to love auspicious qualities and necklaces he and his wife gunmala passed their days tasting the happiness of their kingdom.

Once the king, Jai happened to ask his ambassador as to what he did not possess and the other kings possessed the ambassador answered saying that they did not have a museum of

Then the king ordered his officials to construct such a museum then the officials at once started a gallery of painting because the order of a king should be followed up as soon as they are given.

When the people began to dig the land they found a crown with diamonds on the fifth day which was brighter than even the sun.

The diggers informed the king about the crown then the king asked the people to beat the drums and brought the crown out side from the land he then welcomed his workers.

Within a few days the drawing hall was ready on the auspicious moment the king entered the drawing hall with formality.

That prosperous king wore the divine crown on his head. It reflected his face so the people named him Dwimukh.

The king (Jaya) had seven sons. his wife gunamala having no daughter was very dejected mostly ladies like to have a daughter rather than a son.

Then the Queen vowed before Kamyaksh in her dream she saw the stem of the heavenly tree and bore a female baby.

With a great celebration she was named Madanmanjari like the growing moon she became young.

Here in Ujjaini a king named pradyot was ruling his messenger said to him in this way.

Your Majesty, because of the crown Jaya the king was named Dwinmukh on hearing it the king pradyot also was allured to have it.

The king Pradyot sent his messenger to the king Jaya he came and said to him, “Oh king, kindly give your crown to our master.

Our master only deserves this crown if you do not give it you will have to be ready for fighting on hearing his such words the king Dwimukh taking up the challenge said to him that the crown was quite favorite to him.

If your master gives me an elephant named Anilgiri a chariot named Agnibhiru a beloved named shiva and open Lohajangha then only I shall give him my crown.

All these things were precious assets. so the messenger came back and informed the king pradyot about everything. on hearing it he was very angry he then with his large army invaded the kingdom of Dwimukh.

Two lacs of elephants with many chariots, seven crores of infantry, fifty thousand horses were in his army, he without any stoppage he rushed to the border of panchal country and settled  there for a while.

Dwimukh also taking his army set out to the border and arranged his army in an eagle form.

A battle between the two armies took place. He became victorious because of the miraculous

Dwimukh”s army destroyed Pradyot’s army and arrested him and brought to the royal court in
the city.

Pradyot king was brought before Dwimukh and tied with fetters in the feet. Oh! shame upon slavery! once upon a time wandering here and there the king Pradyot happened to notice DwimuKh’s daughter named Madanmanjari.

On seeing her he was attracted towards her like a poor person he was mad after her on seeing him such the king Dwimukh enquired him.

Oh ! king why do you seen sorry ? He with a sigh said to him.

Oh King! in this world the licentious, the deased, drunkard and angry persons are always shameless.

On king if you wish me well get your daughter married to me other wise I shall enter into the fire and die.

On knowing his desire and decision the king Dwimukh got his daughter married to him (pradyotan) because the gentlemen always keep their promises.

The king Dwimukha called pradyotan the son in law and respected him vividly and sent him to
the proper place.

While he was ruling go d Indra’s celebration took place. The king then ordered the people to celebrate it pompously.

All the citizens prepared aflay from the long cloth with small ringing bells and then hoisted it with various pictures.

Donous offered alms, the singers sang various songs and the instrumentalists played various instruments.

Jugglers demonstrated various shows of magic, dancers were dancing thus it continued for a

Dwimukh the king continued until the fifteenth day of the month the worshipping with fruits flowers and clothes.

The flag after celebration fell dawn in to the dirt and was being crushed by the people. On seeing the kin Dwimukh began to think.

It is wonderful that in this world everything is transient and changing Infect all this pleasures are painful fie upon them.

Thinking thus he destroyed all the dirt of deeds and became Buddh and from the god he obtained the instruments of the monk like Rajoharn (holy broom) muhapatti ( a piece of cloth before the mouth) etc..and he got initiated.