Nimitta Kathaka Muni

A woman whose husband had gone abroad came to muni maharaj and asked when her husband would come back.

Muni through the knowledge of astrology said to her that her husband would come back within
five days.

She having been down pleased cooked a very nice menu with varieties. She wore ornaments
and began to prepare for reception. Waiting for him she loitered in the compound frequently.

According to the Muni’s words her husband was back home on the fixed day. On seeing him
she received welcome him with devotion.

On seeing her such he doubted her to be prishinete. Generally people are misled.

ut for examination he remained silent. That lady having been happy was waiting for muni’s arrivel.

When muni came she offered him tasty and nice food, on seeing it her husband confirmed her
being a whone.

He having drawn a sword asked his yourg wife,”Oh whore ! of what sort your relation is with this monk, tall me the truth.”

The wonder struck wife told him everything professed by the monk.

But he did not believe it. With anger and centempt he asked muni, “Maharaj will the make give birth to the filly or colt ?” He replied that she would bear a filly.

Then the wicked man just to test muni’s words killed an horse with a sword and both the mother horse and her tilly died. The muni thinking this all sad story simply became of him started fisting.

The wise muni should profess only after thinking amply about the results – good or bad otherwise a disaster takes place.