Once Satyavati was going to the school with her friend Manju. In the way the saw a crowd under a tree. When they reached near the tree, there were some naughty children who were throwing stones towards an old lady. She was weeping loudly and her head was bleeding. Satyavati came at once and rebuked all of them. At that time a boy said to Satyavati, “Oh my sister Satyavati, keep away your self from her other wise she will devour you”. Satyavati asked,” Why are you saying this? A mother cannot devour her children”. Then the boys went to their school. Satyavati dressed the woman with bandages. The old lady blessed her and said,” I don’t understand why the world troubles me like this. God had already given me so much misery”. Satyavati replied, “Oh mother, God does not give pains or misery to anybody. We blame God in our ignorance. We are suffering as a result of our sins, which we have committed in our previous life. For a good future life we should avoid these sins”.