Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

U is for Upashraya

An Upashraya is a place where sadhus* or sadhvis* stay.

An upashraya is a very simple place with a big hall and a few rooms. It does not have air conditioner or any fans but has many windows. An Upashraya does not have any furniture except a few wooden beds for the sadhus or the sadhvis to sit and sleep. The place where the sadhus and the sadhvis stay is called an upashraya. Usually the sadhus or the sadhvis do not stay more than a few days at one place except during rainy season. the sadhus and the sadhvis do not stay together in the same upashraya at the same time. However the same upashraya can be used by either sadhus or sadhvis at different times.

An upashraya is also used by householders to study or perform samayika and other religious activities.

The sadhus and the sadhvis deliver their religious lectures in Upashraya.

* look under S