MOTHER: (Offstage voice) Ram! Where did you go young man? I want to talk to you right now!

RAM: Boy, I bet I am in a big trouble. I ate a big piece of that chocolate cake. I

just couldn’t help it.

MOTHER: (Offstage voice) Ram, where are you?

RAM: I am over here, mom.

(Mother enters)

MOTHER: I baked a nice big chocolate cake to take to the Jain Center today, and now it’s a mess.

RAM: What Mom?

MOTHER: Someone cut it in two pieces and ate a large piece of it. Somebody also

pocked their fingers in it and drew a smiley face on it.

RAM: Mother, that is awful. Anyone that is irresponsible would be in a lot of trouble.

MOTHER: You don’t know who did it?

RAM: I bet Tejal did it. She had chocolate all over her face and on her dress, too.

MOTHER: It sure sounds familiar. I am going to find her and ask her about it.

RAM: All that cake would make her sick. Maybe she gained seven pounds in one day.

MOTHER: I can always count on you. You are a real good boy. I don’t know when she will be more mature like you.

(Mother exits)

RAM: My mother always believes me. So, I will just let her think that Tejal did it and I won’t be in trouble. I will start blaming Tejal for everything. I wish I had another piece of that big delicious chocolate cake. The Jain Center won’t miss that cake. They will have other cakes. Here comes Tejal, the little stringy, green bean. This is going to be a real joke. Come over here, Tejal.

TEJAL: (Sobbing) Ram, I just got into trouble for eating the chocolate cake.

RAM: Well, that serves you right. You needed to be talked to.

TEJAL: (Still sobbing) But I didn’t eat the chocolate cake.

RAM: That’s no big deal. A little talk never hurts anyone.

TEJAL: (Sniff) Mom said that dad will also talk to me once he gets home.

RAM: Really? Do you mean that?

TEJAL: (Sobbing) I was supposed to go to Bina’s birthday party after school, but

now I am grounded.

RAM: You got grounded for one piece of cake?

TEJAL: And that’s not all. Mom said that I can’t go to the Girl Scout camp either. I already have my sleeping bag ready for that. I was going to earn a badge.

RAM: I have an idea! Let’s blame your dog. I bet he ate the cake.

TEJAL: The dog can’t cut the cake with a knife and what’s more ridiculous my dog can’t draw a smiley face.

RAM: What makes mom think you did it?

TEJAL: She told me, a little birdie told her about it. That bird didn’t tell the truth, and that makes things worse. Dad will be coming home soon.

RAM: Boy! Boy! Do I feel bad.

TEJAL: I feel worse. Who do you think ate the cake?

RAM: Maybe, Grandpa ate it.

TEJAL: He is not in town. So, how could he have done it?

RAM: I can’t figure it out. (He hangs his head and talking to himself.)

TEJAL: What are you doing? What are you saying?

RAM: I bet being grounded really hurts you.

TEJAL: Ram, you pray for me to get through this. I hear dad coming.

RAM: What do you want me to pray for?

TEJAL: You can pray that dad can’t find me and pray for people who don’t tell

the truth.

RAM: (In his mind) I feel awful. I feel so sorry for Tejal. I don’t want Tejal to get into anymore trouble for my actions. I am responsible for my own actions.

(Out loud)

Hey, Tejal, wait for me. There’s is something I need to tell mom and dad. I am the one who ate the cake and made the smiley face in the middle of it. Don’t be mad. I will never blame others for the things I do. Wait, Tejal, wait for me. I will tell dad what I did.