Laabha Gains
Laabhantaraya karma Gains-obstructing karma
Laakh sealing wax, one hundred thousands.
Laanchana Symbol; Cognizable
Laanchhan sign, chinh.
Laanchhana Emblem
Labdh buddhi one who has obtained intellect.
Labdha Quotient
Labdha paryaaptaka Absolutely non developable
Labdha paryaptak absolutely non developable
Labdhi 1– attainment, attainment of favorable time, attainment of supernatural powers, attainment of special austerities, consciousness in its dormancy is known as labdhi, dormant capacity of soul for knowledge, consciousness its state of dormancy, dormant capacity of soul for knowledge, Praapti, siddhi. Labdhi means capacity of the soul to know the meaning of a thing. arth grahan karneki shakti ko labdhi karate hai.
Labdhi ज्ञानावरण कमर् के क्षयोपशम को लिब्ध कहते है. और उसके निमत्त से उत्पन्न होने वाले पिरणाम को उपयोग कहते है.जीव को एक समय में एक ही ज्ञान का उपयोग होता है. किन्तु लिब्धरुप से एक समय में अनेक ज्ञान होते है (Ref: Gommatsaar Jiv kaand bhaashaa 794/965/3) पदाथर् की जानने की शिक्त को लिब्ध कहते है ज्ञानावरण कमर् के विशेष क्षयोपशम का नाम लिब्ध हैि विशष्ट तप के आश्रय से जो ऋिद्ध की प्रािप्त होती है उसे भी लिब्ध कहते है सम्यग दशर्न ज्ञान और चािरत्र के विषय में जो जिव का समागम होता है उसे लिब्ध कहते है (Ref: jain lakshanavali part 3 page 966).  ज्ञान की अमुक पयार्य को प्रकट न होने देना विविक्षत ज्ञानावरण के सवर् घाती स्पधर्कों के उदय का काम है. किन्तु जिस जीव के विविक्षत ज्ञानावरण का क्षयोपशम होता है उसके उस ज्ञानावरण के सवर् घाती स्पधर्कों का उदय न होनेसे   विविक्षत ज्ञान के प्रकाश में आनेकी योग्यता होती है और इसी योग्यता का नाम लिब्ध है। ऐसी योग्यता एक साथ सभी क्षायोपशिमक ज्ञानों की हो सकती है किन्तु उपयोग में एक काल में एक ज्ञान आता है। इसका अिभप्राय यह है कि क्षायोपशिमक ज्ञान की जानने को सन्मुख हुई पयार्य का नाम लिब्ध न होकर        क्षयोपशम विशेष का नाम लिब्ध है और उपयोग ज्ञान की उपयुक्त पयार्य का नाम है. यही कारण है कि लिब्ध एक साथ अनेक ज्ञानों की हो सकती है पर उपयोग एक काल में एक ही ज्ञान का होता है (Ref: Sarvarth siddhi Hindi, adhaay 2 sutra 18, page no. 128) For upyog please refer to “upyog” for further definition. Labdhi dana, labha, bhog, upbhod, virya attainment of contribution, gain, endurance, self attainment and power., panch labdhi attainment of contribution, gain, endurance, self attainment and power., panch labdhi five attainments.
Labdhi Attainment; Super-attainment; Attainment of favorable time; Attainment of supernatural powers; Attainment of special austerities; Consciousness in its dormancy is known as labdhi; Dormant capacity of soul for knowledge; Acquisition; Achievement; Result
Labdhi (Aksara-sruta): Potential auditory attainment
Labdhi (Indriya): Sense qua attainment
Labdhi aparyapta attainment undeveloped
Labdhi Sthana attainment station.
Labdhi- aparyaapta Dying within 48 minutes without completions; Timelly non-completioned.>
Labdhi-aksara Super-attainment of meanings
Labdhi-indriya A psychic sense
Labdhi-sanvega Pleasure in attainment
Labdhi-virya Dormant energy; Potential energy
Labdhi: Attainment
Labdhy Akshar Gnaan: लब्ध्य अक्षर ज्ञान Lowest level of knowledge. Paryaay Gnaan is the  lowest  form  of  knowledge.  Shout  Gnaan  is  divided  in  to  20  subtypes according  to  its  intensity. The  first  one  is  known  as  Paryaay  Gnaan. This knowledge  is  present  in  the  extremely  fine  lowest  form  of living  beings sukshmaa  nigodiyaa  Labdh  Paryaapt jiv    ".This  type  of    knowledge  is  without  any obstruction  from Shrut Gnaanaavarniyaa karma."
Labdhya paryaptak One who has not completed even one power paryaapti and who will be dead  in 1/18 part of the respiration श्वास के १८ में भाग is determined incapable of development (Labdhya paryaptak)
Labdhyaksara: Potential auditory attainment
Labha Antaraya: Gain-Obstructive.
Labha-anfaraya: Hindrance to the attainment of something
Labha: Attainment
Labhi indriya attainment sense
Lagani Love; Attraction; Moha
Laghava Lightness; Logical economy; Brevity
Laghima Super-natural Lightness; Levity>
Laghu Light; Small
Laghu: Light, loss
Laghuneeti To go for urinating activity while vadineeti means go to bathroom for solid excretion activity
Laghutaa smallness, littleness, levity, etc.; small, little; light, not heavy; easy; short. m, name of the three lunar houses or constellation.
Laksakarma Lac trade
Laksana-bhaasa Fallacious differentia; Apparent differentia; Faulty\ncharacteristic
Laksha attention, aim
Laksha Attention; Aim
Lakshana characteristics, symptoms.
Lakshana intrinsic property, features, definition, Among many things there is a sign to separate it from other thing is called lakshan. They are of two types: 1: Atmabhut : integral part of the substance e.g. warmth and fire.2: Anaatmabhut: One which is not an integral part of a thing e.g. the cane of a person.Lakshan is without following three faults: 1:Noncomprehensive fault "Avyapti.2:The fault of including what is not intended to be included within a proposition"    "Ativyapti, and.3:An improbable fault"    Ashambhav. Lakshanaabhaas    "differentia fallacy, faulty characteristicIt is of three types:1:Noncomprehensive fault"    "Avyapti. A particular characteristics remaining present only in a part of the object. e.g. a cow has white color.2:The fault of including what is not intended to be included within a proposition"    "Ativyapti. The characteristics seen in a given object as well as other objects too. e.g. Characteristics of a cow is tohave horns. he horn of a cow. It can also be found in other animals too.3:An improbable fault"    Ashambhav. The characteristcs can not be found in a particular object. e.g. soul has color.
Lakshana Characteristics; Symptoms; Intrinsic property; Features; Definition; Differentia>
Lakshya aim, target, worthy of attention; (sth.) to be, that can be, aimed at; that can be seen or know; fit to be seen. n. goal, ideal; sth. to be achieved; aim, object; target; meaning intended to be conveyed; thing aimed at; object to be defined,
Lakshya Aim; Target
Lamba-sanksetra Right prism
Langulika gatii Two-curved motion
Lank loin, flank,
Laukantika deva Celestial saints
Laukik temporal, secular, worldly, terrestrial,customary, popular; current among people; worldly. n. popular custom, prevailing practice
Laukika Mundane; Temporal; Secular; Worldly; Terrestrial; Customary
Laukika dristi Worldly or Popular standpoint
Laukika: Mundane
Lava Sevem stokas; A unit of time
Layana Shelter; Anthill; Rock-cut cave; Uttinga
Leenataa Absorbedness; Absorption
Lepaavu be besmeared or covered; become attached to or enamoured of.
LepaLepa Plastering; Anointing; Coating
Leshya coloration, complexion. The soul soiling tints, complex, thought paint, karmic stain
Leshyaa Coloration; Complexion; The soul soiling tints; Complex, thought paint; Shades of colors 2) Karmic stain, lustre, aura, (volitional) colouration; (3) A specific theory of the Jainas\nwhich says that the soul gets color due to radiation from various activities due to self feeling or bhaave
Lesya bhaava Psychic aura
Lesya dravya Physical colouration or aura
Lesya-visuddhi Aural purity
Lesya: Karmic stain, the color of which indicates a soul's degress of purity
Levada Sticky food
Liksa A measure; Eeight hairheads.
Lilaa sport, play; wonderful sport; work or exploits performed by an avatar; drama depicting these.
Limdo nimb tree
Linataa engrossment in the true nature of the self. Here the soul does come out of it. in sthirtaa one is permanently in the true nature of the self, Conduct, chaaritra,
Lindi pipar one kind of product of a very hot herbal medicinal plant.
Ling sex, sign, genitals, bodily mark, monastic equipment, that which causes the knowledge of hidden objects, gender, sense organs ( in ref. to aling 1grahan)
Linga Sign; Sex organ; Reason; Probans; Cause; Device; Middle term; Instrument
Linga apavaada Exceptional marks/garb.
Linga autsargika Natural marks/garb, Natural sex.
Linga bhaava Psychic marks/sex.
Linga drvaya Physical marks/sex.
Linga/hetu/sadhana Cause; Probans; Argument; Middle term
Linga: Gender
Lingi having a mark or sign; wearing an emblem of Shiva; pertaining to sex.
Lobh greed, affection, attachment. Lodhar, fatakadi, alum.
Lobha Greed; Avarice
Lobha pratyaakhyana Renunciation of greed
Lobha-pratyakhyana: Giving up greed.
Lobha: Greed
Logassa (Masters) of the entire universe
Loguttama Supreme
Lohaagni Like Iron and heat/fire looks inseparably intermingled
Lok people; masses; class; caste; each one of the different regions where beings are supposed to live or go after death according to their actions or karma common man; stranger, other people; the public, the populace, cosmos, universe, physical world
Lok pradipakaraa saints who are the illuminator of the cosmos.
Loka Sphere; Universe; Cosmos
Loka anupreksha: Universe. The nature of the Universe and its constituent elements in all thei vast varity proving the insignificance and miserable nothingness of man in time and space.
Loka bhaavanna Contemplation about universe
Loka dharma Popular religion
Loka mudhata False ritualistic beliefs; Popular idiocy
Loka pramaana Expansiveness of universe
Loka pravadaaLoka pravadaa Popular rumours
Loka rudhiLoka rudhi Popular convention
Loka sprista Touching the universe
Loka vyavahaara Worldly dealings
Loka vyavahar worldly dealings
Loka-agra Tip of universe, Apex of the cosmos, Cosmic apex.
Loka-akasa: The inhabited universe
Loka-mudhata: False beliefs pertaining to everyday religious practices
Loka: Universe
Lokaachaar practice or custom current among people.
Lokaakaasa Inhabited universe, Occupied space, Cosmic space.
Lokaalok universe and beyond
Lokaanta Universe end
Lokanadi Universe tunnel
Lokanali Universe tunnel
Lokanupreksaa Reflection on universe.
Lokayata Chaarvaka system; Materialist.
Lokottar uncommon, extraordinary; superhuman.
Lokottara Superwordly; Post-wordly; Extraordinary; Supra-mundane
Lokottarvaada Superamumdanism
Lolupataa covetousness, showing great desire to possess something.
Lomahara Soft-hairal intake; Diffusion intake; Pore eating; Absoptional\nintake;
Lonkamata Hall-dwellers; Non-idolator’s sect (founded by Lonka Sah).
Lubdhataa greediness, covetousness, ardent desire.