Labdhi: Attainment
Labdhi (Aksara-sruta): Potential auditory attainment
Labdhi (Indriya): Sense qua attainment
Labdhyaksara: Potential auditory attainment
Labha: Attainment
Labha Antaraya: Gain-Obstructive.
Labha-anfaraya: Hindrance to the attainment of something
Laghu: Light.
Light; loss
Laukika: Mundane
Lesya: Karmic stain, the color of which indicates a soul’s degress of purity
Linga: Gender
Lobha: Greed
Lobha-pratyakhyana: Giving up greed.
Loka: Universe
Loka anupreksha: Universe. The nature of the Universe and its constituent elements in all thei vast varity proving the insignificance and miserable nothingness of man in time and space.
Loka-akasa: The inhabited universe
Loka-mudhata: False beliefs pertaining to everyday religious practices