There was a brahmin in a certain village after having sermons from his guru (guide) he started
obsertving continence along with his wife.

This brahmin couple began to perform penance they loved each other very much I am a brahmin woman thinking thus proudly the lady brahmin used to humiliate the lower caste people if they touched her.

Both of them died without any act of repentence and they were born in the heaven as a god and a godless here Ilavardhan city in Bhart came to be famous.

In this city lived a very famous goddess named Illa who had achieved a lot mistress desirous of having a son was worshpping her with a very great respect.

Brahmin’s soul deviated from the haven and was reincarnated into the mistress womb with a
very pompous celebration he was named Ilaputra.

Once Illaputra saw a lunkha girl dancing and out of attachment of the past birth he was attracted towards her.

Then the friends of Illautra put up a proposal of marriage before her relatives but they did not agree arguing that she was there asset and livelihood.

If this Illaputra learns dancing and wanders with us he can marry other wise he can not marry even against heap of gold equal to her exact weight.

Then out of the power of deeds he agreed to the condition made by them and set out with dancers group.

After having mastered the art of dancing he went to the city situated on the river banks with a purpose of winning wealth for wedding there he requested the king for dance demonstration.

The king granted his request and began to watch it with his queens and courtiers.

Illaputra exected a long bamboo pole ob the spot of demonstration he placed a plank on it he
then fixed two iron nailson both the sides of it.

Then holding a sword and a shield in his hands his stood in the central part of the plank and
then wore shoes with a hole in the bottol.

That Illaputra was cutting carefully the seven rays before us well us behind by jumping in the
above sky.

He was thrusting iron nails into the holes of the shoes through the bottom doing thus it was quite possible for him fall down with hundreds of pieces of his body.

All the audience was pleased and impressed with his performance and was eager to offer gift
and money but unless the king starts nobody would dare to start.

Then that lunkh girl started singing a song sweetly at that time on seeing her extreme and unrivalled beauty the king was sexually impressed.

The king said to Illaputra I have not seen your jumping so do it again therefore he jumped again two or four times.

At that time the king was thinking that he was loving her and he would fall down in her imagination and expire after his death I would marry her.

People having seen his art praised him very much but the king did not offer anything on this point began to think that no doubt the king fell in to her love and he waited for my death definitely.

Then standing on the pole he saw wealthy and beautiful women offering rice to muni maharajas.

But the monks were not attracted towards their beauty and wealth they were noticing at food only on seeing this scene his deeds were destroyed and he began to ponder.

Oh what great detachment of their monks even though Iam born in a noble family I feel my self
very mean what plight of mine? shame to me.

Standing on the bombbow pole Illaputra through meditation realised the exernal knowledge.

Thus the king the queen and the lunkh girl having been detached ultimately realised salvation.

Standing on the bamboo pole like a golden lotus Illaputra preached all the blessed the souls
gathered before him.