RAVI: Have you seen all my toys? I have a thousand toys, and the more I want, the more I get. Come and see my toys.

SUKETU: Ravi, you have toys all over your house and all over your backyard. You have more toys than anyone I know.

RAVI: But I still want more toys.

SUKETU: You can’t play with all those toys at once. You can only play with one toy at a time.

RAVI: So what? When I am in my bedroom, the toys make a pile so high that I can’t even see the door.

SUKETU: Boy! That’s what I call a lot of toys.

RAVI : I hope I get more toys at my birthday party. All I can think about is more and more toys. Whenever my mother takes me to the store I know if I throw a fit she will buy me anything I want.

SUKETU: I can’t believe your mother doesn’t just tell you no.

RAVI: Well, all I have to do is have a great big temper tantrum in the store in front of all the other people.

SUKETU: Ravi, how can you play with all of those toys?

RAVI: I don’t. I just like to spend hours looking at them and wishing that I had more of them in my room.

SUKETU: Oh, that’s terrible.

RAVI: Terrible? Are you jealous of me and all my toys? Don’t you ever wish for toys?

SUKETU: No, I don’t want so many toys. I have a little box filled with toys in my room and that’s enough for me.

RAVI: Is that all you have? Only one small box full!

SUKETU: Toys cost a lot of money. My parents need the money for food, not toys.

Some kids don’t have toys at all.

RAVI: You really mean that some kids don’t have any toys?

SUKETU: That’s right. Hey, why don’t you share some of your toys with the kids who don’t have any?

RAVI: I couldn’t do that. My toys mean much to me.

SUKETU: According to what we learn in Jain school, you should not be so attached to your toys.

RAVI: You know, you are right. I am sure glad that you are my friend and helped me understand how to be non-attached to material things. After all, I can only play with one toy at a time. I think I am going home and gather all my toys and give most of them to those who don’t have any.