Nemi and Rajul

Rajul was the daughter of Ugrasain, who was the king of Junagarh. When Rajul became young, it was decided that she should be married with Prince Nemi Kumar, who was the son of King Shamudra Vijay of Shauripur. On the fixed day the bridegroom Nemi Kumar reached Junagarh with his baraat. At that time Rajul was very happy and she was peeping from the palace.

When the baraat was entering in the city, Nemi Kumar saw the animals in a bara. They were crying very badly. Nemi Kumar asked to his charioteer about this sorrowful scene. The charioteer replied that these animals would be killed for the food of baraat. Hearing this, Nemi Kumar became sad and said to his charioteer, “Oh charioteer! Go back I will not marry now. I will go to Girnar for self-welfare. He became Digamber saint on the Girnar Mountain. Rajul also followed him and she became a lady saint. After penace Nemi Kumar got only knowledge and went to salvation.